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Before reading the info below, I want to remind everyone that Fresno is at the core of the valley’s water scam. As I have stated all along, secret replacement of the water system is NOT being done legitimately or with permits or inspections. Ongoing discharging of raw sewage, leaving a trail of illness, respiratory, infections, even death ~ all being covered up by the City of Fresno (risk analysts.) Public records are being altered to cover up the evidence of this operation, leaving victims without help or recourse.

If you do a “Google search for, “whooping cough, + sewage” you may be shocked to learn of the connection as well as how contagious it is.

By KSEE News
Story Published: Apr 13, 2010 at 5:29 PM EDT

Pertussis, or whooping cough as it is commonly known, is on the rise in Fresno County. Officials say they’ve seen more than four times the number of cases in the first four months of the year than that of last year during the same period. Tonight on KSEE 24 News, we’ll look at ways to keep you and your family clear of an infection.

Being informed of how Pertussis spreads is the key to avoiding it. For help on how to do this, check these links:

Whooping Cough Resources for Children
Mayo Clinic: Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough Cases Up 4x in Fresno County 4/13/10


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According to “America’s Watchdog” this is the “worst environmental disaster in US history.” For the sake of your family members and yourself, have your home inspected. Prompt action is advised due to many builders and developers filing for bankruptcy protection or closing their doors.

Although this is taking place across the nation, CA Central Valley (listed in articles as one of the problem areas) will likely find this to be a double-whammy. Because in addition to new homes (built 2003-07), older homes throughout the central valley have been altered/reconstructed in-between sales or under the guise of “renovations” without permits or inspections, behind secret replacement of the water system. Using the cheapest of materials and workmanship, structures are now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines. Imagine this toxic Chinese drywall in conjunction with what you see below.

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With public records altered to cover up this operation, former Mayor Alan Autry had his risk analysts commit perjury to discredit my reports. Presenting a copy of this unaltered sewer layout, which verifies the truth, resulted in death threats if I continue to expose this.

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A few of the many results from a Google search:

CLICK: Toxic Drywall Claims Could Be Next Large

Wave of Construction Litigation

CLICK: Americas Watchdog Demands Massive Federal

Response To Toxic Drywall In 100,000’s Of US Homes

CLICK: Florida Class Action Lawsuit

CLICK: Is Toxic Chinese Drywall in your home?

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

“You cannot replace sewer or water lines without destroying the connecting properties!”  Per City of Fresno’s water division.

No argument from me.  That is why a Restraining Order was issued against me – because I stand behind official city records!  The ones that verify exactly what is taking place throughout Fresno, CA – it is my understanding that this is taking place throughout the central valley.

Below is a copy of a sewer layout, including what happened when the street was widened 8′ and water and sewer lines were secretly replaced down the alley i.e., major reconstruction, altered property lines, relocation of storm drains, utility poles, etc.

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Sewer and water lines on private properties are now clamped.

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You will find no record for this.  No permits, inspections, nothing.  The effort is put into covering up the evidence i.e., altered parcel maps, altered aerial views, altered directories, online archives altered, etc.  That way, your city officials avoid taking responsibility for the massive destruction, code violations, mold, and medical crises that accompany this operation i.e., trail of asthma, respiratory, cellulitis, amputation, death follow this nightmare.

No safety precautions, resulting in ongoing sewage discharges as this continues.  So keep in mind that sewage pollution is one of the deadliest toxins known to man. Arson in Fresno is over 4.5 x the national average, also adding to the pollution as this continues. Our soil, air, and tap water are contaminated with more than we are being told.

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1 in 6 school children carry inhalers. Our tap water is so nasty that pregnant women are advised not to drink it. MRSA is being spread.

What are your officials doing about it? Lying and covering up records so you don’t learn the truth. In some cases, they are deliberately discharging raw sewage onto private and city property and paying their risk analyst to lie about the cause. Property owners are then told that unless they sign a “release” the raw sewage will not be cleaned up – that release is then used by the city to avoid responsibility for the ensuing theft, damages, illnesses and deaths. How is that for a set-up.

Fresno, CA – the city with the highest asthma rate in the nation. Asthma and heart disease – Fresno’s worst 2 heatlh crisies. Coincidence? Sewage pollution is linked to asthma and heart disease. People are DYING as a result of these diseases. Yet instead of offering help, the public is lied to as it continues!

Always pointing fingers, blaming others and misguiding the focus, this is the latest classic – blaming it on outdoor grilling! 

      “When your burger cooks on the grill, grease drips down and sizzles, sparking flame and spewing smoke. That smoke and other vapors contain dangerous particles that often escape into the atmosphere.”

For complete article: http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090308/A_NEWS/90308003 “Valley’s air police want a word with your burger” 3/8/09

No one sees, suspects or questions anything as the public is being laughed at for being so gullible and oblivious. According to the ringleader, upcoming water diversion. The joke is that the public will never figure this out. See my blog regarding Valley Sewage Pollution is Deadly. http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/fresnos-sewage-pollution-is-deadly/

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

By Margot Kim   March 15, 2007

You may have heard of toxic mold and sick building syndrome. Could your home also make you sick?

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates indoor air quality is two- to five-times more polluted than the air we breathe outside.  

“Living in a home that is polluted with mold can cause all sorts of respiratory problems,” Neil Schachter, M.D., tells Ivanhoe. That’s a great concern to homeowner Scott Lerman, who has a 4-year-old child.

“We want to make sure that our house is as healthy as it can be so that my son can be as healthy as he can be,” says Lerman, who agreed to let Dr. Schachter, a lung specialist from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, inspect his home.

During the inspection, Dr. Schachter found water damage was causing mold to grow in Lerman’s shower. He advises the Lermans and anyone with a similar problem to clean moldy showers with chlorinated wipes and avoid spraying any chemicals that might irritate the lungs.

Because dust can also cause respiratory problems like allergies and asthma, Dr. Schachter recommends putting clean area rugs over dusty carpets and getting rid of dust ruffles. He also says not to store items beneath the bed and to be aware that clutter stored in the basement can collect dust. Pollutants can also come from outside, so to keep them out, Dr. Schachter suggests installing a window filter.

“You assume your house is healthy until you get someone to point these things out,” says Lerman, who is now committed to eliminating more than just dust in an effort to keep his family healthy.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You cannot turn a city inside out as done to Fresno, CA without major repercussions.  Secretly altering the city’s sewer/water system without permits, inspections, or safety precautions has created massive health problems.  SEWAGE POLLUTION is deadly.  Asthma, respiratory, illness, infections, amputations, death.

Structures rebuilt without permits or inspections – massive building, environmental, safety and health code violations.  Look at the clamped sewer/water lines on each property – no record for it because it is tied into the city’s secret operation.  Mold, termites, leaks, illness, ongoing repairs.  I urge families with asthma and lung disease to purchase mold-testing kits. 

The Natural Resources Defense Council web site states that not only do old pipes break, they can allow bacteria and other contaminants into the water supply, making people sick, they can leach contaminants and breed bacteria in drinking water.

Look what was done to my family’s properties without our knowledge or consent – sewer and water lines not only altered but replaced with corroded trash – can you imagine the bacteria that comes from these nasty pipes.  How long will they last before breaking / leaking.  This is what Public Works has done to us while reminding unsuspecting property owners that they are responsible to maintain such a nightmare.  



Beneath "new" floor in tool shedlet3"New" floor in tool shed

Instead of warning or giving residents a chance to protect their family members or belongings from the toxic, disease-carrying, raw sewage that floods property when sewer/water lines are cut in preparation for the lines being totally replaced, the city risk analyst is sent out AFTER these events to lie about the cause.  Pesticides are later used to eradicate sewer roaches and sewer rats; mosquito infestations.  This is what the survivors are breathing; children are playing in it.


A reminder that laws, rules, codes, guidelines pertaining to the altering or sewer lines were put into effect for a reason – the safety of ALL of us.  Only licensed, experienced and competent contractors are allowed to handle such a job, following strict rules and regulations.  Prior to any work, licenses and permits are required to ensure health and safety regulations are met.  Permits are not issued until the applicant has filed a layout plan showing the location of existing service connection, house location and route of sewer service, and said layout has been approved by the Superintendent.  Contractors are required to have a bond.  Compliance issues must be met.  Initial and final inspections are necessary.  Public safety is of great concern when altering sewer lines and must follow OSHA guidelines as well as abide by the CA Health and Safety Code. Unfortunately, the City / County of Fresno do not feel they are obligated to follow such rules and guidelines – not even discussing any of this with the property owner!  They even have a fake work crew to help carry this out – a group that is not even authorized or licensed for such alterations.  

Below is a copy of the sewer layout, which verifies what they did to our properties.  After suspected homicide of my family members, poisoning and attempted murder of me in order to pull this off, the City called me a “liar” and filed a Restraining Order against me.  My neighbors cannot argue or testify about what took place – some are dead; other/s never seen again after being lied to by the risk analyst – we were all set up.  Forged/fraudulent legal documents that follow this barbaric operation are being covered up – reporting that is considered a crime as well.


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