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William Wyatt Polzin, 47 yrs old, murdered when he stepped outside his home one evening in 1994.
Names, motive and more are linked to several suspected homicides, forged and fraudulent legal documents 100 ft to the east. 
City of Fresno, CA is covering this up.  Former Mayor Alan Autry went as far as having sr. risk analyst commit perjury to have a Restraining Order issued against me for reporting what they and their fake work crew are doing to innocent property owners in order to seize control of properties so they can tear them apart to secretly replace sewer and water lines for upcoming water diversion, followed by altered parcel maps and aerial views to cover up the evidence. Death threats followed if I continue to expose this.
WGS, former employee of the City of Fresno is the ringleader behind the secret water diversion, which he claims 50 yrs.  I have much more information that would lead to a successful prosecution.
KERRY TROST, SENIOR RISK MANAGER FOR CITY OF FRESNO COMMITTED PERJURY TO COVER UP THE ATROCITIES THAT TOOK PLACE ON MY FAMILY’S AND NEIGHBOR’S PROPERTIES – including suspected homicide, attempted murder and facts behind an unsolved murder.  The nightmare has never ended.


I made countless reports about my entire family being set up for elimination/annihilation by the fake work crew that accompanies Public Works.  The City’s risk analyst conspired with them in having us wiped out.  I reported suspected homicide of my family members and attempted murder of me; suspected homicide of my neighbor (Perez) to the east as this was done to him.  https://missmarla.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/was-my-neighbor-executed-too-fresno-ca/  I reported never-before-known facts behind an unsolved murder across the street when this took place on his property.  http://fresnorealestatefraudtheft.blogspot.com/2008/09/unsolved-murder-puzzle-fresno-ca.html  I reported the links, motive, and people who intertwined throughout all of this – the same people I was reporting from the very beginning!  All reports were disregarded.  
My family’s properties were located along the trail this group was clearing out in order to secretly widen the street and alter overhead and underground utilities. We were lied to and set up for annihilation.   

I was prohibited from ever filing a report for anything that was done to us – from suspected homicide, poisoning and attempted murder, being run off our properties as Public Works and their fake work crew tore them apart to install/alter overhead and underground utilities, insurance fraud, real estate fraud, poisoning, burglary, VIN altering, to killing pets, and more.  It was ME who was deemed the criminal – a “danger” to the very risk analyst who lied and set us up.  She was the last person seen speaking to my neighbor (Perez) – lying and setting him up as well.  His property was then torn apart and rebuilt as ours were.  Reporting this woman as a “danger to the public” resulted in a threatening reminder from the City of Fresno that I am not allowed to report her to anyone other than the senior risk analyst who committed perjury to cover up what she did to us.  Despite the city’s own sewer layout, which verifies exactly what took place, the senior risk analyst had the audacity to call ME a “liar” about the UNAUTHORIZED replacement of sewer and water lines, which destroyed our properties and MORE!  Death threats followed the Restraining Order.    

Olive Ave.

Olive Ave.



Before and After

Before and After

No one knows the horrible effects of the chemicals this group administers to their victims better than I do.  Or the sneaky and ruthless methods used to carry it out.  I KNOW THAT MY SIBLINGS WERE/ARE BEING POISONED!  Turned against me in a manner that is no less dangerous than those at the core of this – similar to my behavior while being poisoned.  Like I was, my siblings are too far gone to understand what was done to our family – they are filled with hate and revenge.  They are being poisoned just like others were.  Such as Dee, who got away and pleaded for help, saying she had been poisoned with intent to kill – deceased at age 39.  There are others.  Believe me when I say, MY SIBLINGS ARE/WERE BEING POISONED!  I use the term “were” because I don’t know if they are still alive.   
It was recently implied that 1 of my 2 sisters is dead.  In the past I read online that rats were eating my dead brother’s body.  I don’t know if this is true but I do know that these are the 2 of my 3 siblings whose names can be linked to members among the group who set out to annihilate ALL OF US – my siblings are so far gone that they believe/d these people to be their “friends.” 
Severing ties is how this works – that way, one does not know if the other is alive or dead. They do not know of the fraudulent documents or forged signatures. Jeffry Winslow told me about the technique – it was used on his former wife, Lora.  Check this out – look at ALL the signatures:  http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/from-rags-to-riches-real-estate-theft-in-fresno/ 
Same cast, same technique, same motive.  In fact, it was Mr. Winslow who boldly announced that HE would be taking over my family’s properties as well as the Perez’s Laundromat across the alley.  Fraudulent legal documents had already been prepared for my family’s properties, appointing his associate Wilbert G. Swieso, “Successor Trustee” – despite an Irrevocable Trust.  A fraudulent life insurance policy prepared – appointing Swieso “beneficiary.”  Winslow told me that I would be meeting the others, including his former wife, “IN ANOTHER WORLD!”  Perez was never seen again; signature on the deed looks like the one I saw Swieso forge (trace) on an insurance application – same misspelling that he laughed no one would ever notice.  New owner to the Perez Laundromat lives NEXT DOOR TO WINSLOW!  When does it become obvious that MY SIBLINGS ARE/WERE IN NO LESS DANGER THAN I AM?!?  Our entire family was targeted to be wiped out.  With ID theft rampant behind this operation, no one would know if they were dead or alive – they have spent years surrounded by the same mob that I was.  For instance, in my search for Lora, I found 3 different women claiming to be her.  There is no help – killing and taking property and ID has never been easier!
Winslow is the owner of a nearby resort.  In fact, that is where he met his former wife, who has not been seen in years.  He refers to himself as a “predator” who films with hidden cameras and burglarizes guests.  Can you imagine that he is allowed to continue without any kind of investigation?!?  Once again, reporting him turned out to be no less of a crime than reporting what was done to my family, our properties and me.  
I need help.  How am I going to find out if my siblings are dead or alive?  How much longer do any of us have?  Our own Mayor Alan Autry, who claims to have compassion and family values, turned his back and slammed the door.  Odd, since what I reported, accompanies the citywide upgrade he wants recognition for.  Clearly, he does not give a damn about anyone, dead or alive.  Help me.  Please. 
February 17, 1994

Fresno police say they have no explanation for the shooting death of antique store owner William Polzin, whose body was found behind his Olive Avenue shop Wednesday morning.



March 30, 1994

Fresno Area Crime Stoppers is seeking information on a homicide Feb. 15 of William “Bill” Polzin, an antique dealer and gun shop proprietor. 


March 4, 1996
The murder of an antique furniture store owner gunned down in an alley two years ago continues to baffle authorities.

After chasing dead-end leads and minimal telephone tips, Fresno Police detectives are retracing their investigation in hopes of picking up new clues to the Feb. 15, 1994, murder of Bill Polzin. The case was odd from the very beginning, Fresno Police detective Solomon Wells said.

“It wasn’t one of the regular, run-of-the-mill cases because there [con’t]


This murder has remained unsolved because of the motive and people behind it.  Including the CITY OF FRESNO!  THEY WON’T ALLOW THE FACTS BEHIND THIS MURDER TO BE EXPOSED! 

The City has a fake work crew run by WGS (former employee of the City of Fresno) comprised of self-proclaimed murderers (I have names and trail of ID theft, forged deeds of people never seen again, more.)  They do the “vacating” of various properties so Public Works can continue their “secret” altering of the city water system and in this case – WIDENING OF OLIVE AVE.  The City even PAYS their employee/s to conspire with this group in lying to residents and setting them up for annihilation.  Property is then torn apart so Public Works can carry out the major work on city property – fake work crew steps back in to reconstruct the property, which is then re-sold as “original.”  Hence, the trail of altered legal documents, forged deeds of people never seen again, illegal conversion of assets, bank fraud, insurance fraud, suspected arson, VIN altering, more.  Plat/parcel maps altered to cover up the evidence of these alterations. 

After this was done to my neighbor on the east of me, same neighbors who claim that nothing like this took place on the Polzin property, said the same thing about my neighbor’s property.  Because it was also being done on THEIR property.  Check out the signatures of my neighbor who was never seen after being targeted: 

How do I know all of this?  My family’s properties were in-between these properties.  My family was annihilated; properties torn apart and haphazardly patched back together; loss of our properties; poisoning and attempted murder of me; fraudulent legal documents; fraudulent insurance policy; told I would be meeting the others “in another world.”  Polzin’s neighbors moved around the corner and said that nothing took place on our 3 properties either – because once again, it was taking place on THEIRS!   They have trails of this – public records show the intertwining as this operation is carried out.  The City is using “planted” tenants and neighbors as the “credible witnesses” that nothing took place because their own UNALTERED records verify the TRUTH.  And the TRUTH is the one thing not allowed – just ask Mayor Alan Autry, who had the very person who set my family and me up for annihilation, issue a Restraining Order against ME!  Turning the tables, deeming ME the criminal – I am considered a “danger to THEIR lives.”  With all the other fraudulent lawsuits and Restraining Order issued by “planted” tenants involved in this operation – to an outsider I could not appear worse. Once a person’s credibility is destroyed ….  

Olive Ave.

Olive Ave.

It was an accident I got away before they finished me off.  Without being poisoned, I was finally able to put the pieces together – I have much more information pertaining to this operation.  In the meantime, old, unaltered plat/parcel maps would verify the alterations to the Polzin property after his murder – no record for any of it.  Residential street on the east was also widened – front lawns cut back; alley narrowed to compensate.  Or tear up the sidewalk and find the sewer/water line alterations – connected to the neighbors who claimed that nothing took place.  Or tear up the street median and take a look – that is where it was all headed.  Or look at the sewer layout below to see the massive alterations along Olive Ave., which the City of Fresno has the audacity to deny.  (Their altered plat/parcel maps verify that things no longer line up.)  Or simply ask WGS or JCW to take a lie-detector test stating they are not involved in foul play – or look into the forgeries behind their “secret sideline” and investigate those.  My neighbor, Perez, would be the ideal place to start – forgeries on property entailing felony alterations, leading to the next property where more fraud and felony alterations took place, etc.  Look at the earlier signatures of Perez – they don’t match.  WGS was the insurance agent at that time – another clue?  Possibly linked to another nearby tragedy?  It seems to all come full circle.


Before and After

Before and After

The alterations down Olive Ave. were not carried out at one time.  In Polzin’s case, it was 1994 when street work was being carried out in front of his property.  Storm drains and fire hydrant on that block were relocated.  (I remember because they damaged our water lines.)  Fire hydrant used to be on Olive – it was moved around the corner.  City of Fresno, City Fire Dept. nor Fresno Flood Control have any record for ANY of these alterations.  Carried out without authorization, permits or inspections – secret altering of the city water system.  According to WGS and his associate – water diversion. 

Interesting facts that tie even more together:
 – The estate attorney for Bill Polzin is linked to WGS; his office was located next door to WGS!  Not only did they “share” clients, they conspired in the preparation of fraudulent legal documents for my family’s properties – appointing WGS in charge “should something happen to me.”   
 – Coincidence or not, when this operation began to be uncovered, the attorney secretly closed his office, never to be seen again.  Since disbarred with several cases pending against him. 
 – When Bill’s mother died 3 yrs ago, one of the self-proclaimed murderers was helping the “auction people” go through her belongings – smirking that no one ever figured out who murdered Bill Polzin.
 – “Auction people” are linked to WGS and the neighbors who lied about the facts behind the Polzin murder.
 – The last signature of Jennie Perez (above) looks like the one I saw WGS forge (trace) on an insurance application – he laughed when I pointed out the misspelling of “Jennei.”  He said no one would ever notice.
 – In addition to other surrounding neighbors being used as “credible witnesses”, Polzin’s neighbors are linked to others involved in this operation i.e., former property owners and roommates – 1 roommate, an “auction person.”

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