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Back in 1938, widening Olive Ave. (Tower District) a mere 2’ was front-page news!
Olive Ave. remained a tight, narrow, 2-lane street.  Traffic was slow through Fresno’s “historic” Tower District but the thought of widening the street again was absurd.  The streets were lined with store-front properties – the destruction it would cause was unthinkable, the public (let alone property owners) would never agree.
So how it is possible that Olive Ave. now has a middle lane?
Actually, countless people saw it being widened 1 block at a time over the past several decades.  But it was done so slowly, it did not call attention to what was taking place – the fires, reconstruction, the annihilations / takeovers.  Below – do you remember all these fires?  Keep in mind this does not include all the fires down the residential streets as parcels were being rebuilt on top of the revised underground infrastructures.
As the fires and reconstruction continued, property lines were being shifted in a “ripple affect.”  Below – this is not to scale, just an idea of what one block looked like “Before and After.”  Including Olive Ave. widened; side streets widened; relocation of utility poles, storm drains, etc.
It had been going on for decades when, in 1991, the City of Fresno wanted to RE-ASSURE the public that Olive Ave. would never be widened.
And here, in 2006, you see Mayor Alan Autry backing up perjury to deny the annihilation of several property owners (including my family and me) in order to tear the properties apart  and rebuild with trash on top of cross-connected gas lines for another Olive Ave. fire, followed by illegal takeovers – then have me threatened if I ever contacted or pled for help again.
Upon exposing trails of dead victims, pawns and participants, including evidence behind so many fires, murders and deaths that followed victims being deliberately exposed to deadly sewage (timed and deliberate) – fraudulent and forged legal documents / insurance papers of dead victims – corrupt insurance agents, attorneys and title companies behind illegal takeovers – multi-million dollar cover-up of evidence behind the fires and murders ensued.
The City of Fresno then had more records altered, “historic” aerial views altered, photos discarded or scanned/altered to the current layout as “proof” that Olive Ave. was never widened.
NOTE:  Although this is taking place FAR beyond Fresno’s “Historic” Tower District – stay tuned, this area (and beyond) is also being taken over for the high-speed rail project.  Killings, properties turned over to participants, then the City can step in with more imminent domain takeovers at little cost, without any protest. That would also explain why exposing the atrocities was treated as the biggest crime of all!

Before even reading this – look at this article from 1991 – as the City was still in the midst of widening Olive Ave.!!!  Right under everyone’s noses (see pic below.)  This is behind a string of murders and illegal takeovers – INCLUDING ROLF!  That is why reports / evidence were / are prohibited – even the Mayor (Alan Autry) behind perjury and having me threatened for exposing this!  Rolf’s murder ties into countless others annihilated behind the water scam.

OLIVE AVE. IS NO LONGER A TIGHT, 2-LANE STREET.  Widened 1 block at a time over the course of several decades.  Records / historic aerial views altered to match / show the new property lines as well as making it appear Olive Ave. was always this wide.

 Fresno’s Historic Tower District property owners (nor most residents) would not have allowed the area to be torn apart in order to widen Olive Ave.   Quaint area, one-of-a-kind amenities, structures built to last forever.  Olive Ave. was a tight, one-way street.  It would be virtually impossible to widen the street without major reconstruction of all the street-lined properties.

Below is the article, FRONT PAGE NEWS, when Olive Ave. was widened 2′ in 1938.

CLICK ===>  1938 Olive Ave. Widened!

The water scam began later – early 60s – every structure on every block to be rebuilt on top of the secretly-replaced underground utilities.  Fulton Mall was one of the first major areas completely torn up under the guise of “remodeling.”  

1968 Documentary of Fresno’s  Fulton Mall (U-Tube)

Tower District was right behind.  As the area was being secretly taken over, properties rebuilt, the street was being widened 1 block at a time.

CLICK ===> Olive Ave. – Clearing the Path; 20+ Fires within 1-1/2 Mi. Radius 

Tree pulling, street widening, relocation of storm drains, street lights, utility poles, as entire city(s) rebuilt on top of the new water system.  Parcel by parcel, block-by-clock, areas “planted” with participants – after each parcel completed, title companies altering the deeds and plot maps to match the new layouts. 

What you see in the above diagram has been going on for 60+ yrs.  Commercial and residential areas.  City and public properties. Replacing / relocating / re-directing the underground utilities.  Per Wilbert G. Swieso, self-proclaimed co-creator with 60+/- yrs into this, it is the Bonadelle / City of Fresno’s “secret water operation.” 

Since the City is not allowed to alter private properties, participants are “planted” to participate.  The City has records and aerial views altered to match the new layouts – participants are used as “witnesses” that nothing happened.  The more properties turned over, the more reward$.  The City does not care how the properties are cleared – all reports of accompanying crimes i.e., poisoning, burglary, utility theft (overhead / underground), real estate theft, killing, talk of baby-selling are prohibited. 

This Note focuses on Olive Ave., since what you read above is behind the deaths/murders of my family and neighbors as well as attempted murder of me – the City of Fresno’s participation and ensuing perjury, Restraining Order against me, sexual harassment and threatening me if I ever contacted or pled for help again. 




The first attempt to have us eliminated from our properties was in the early 60s.  Prominent City official targeted my parents – while victimizing my mother, my father ended up hospitalized due to alleged poisoning. 

My grandmother was next on the menu – facts liked to some of my reports that were kicked aside.

Chemicals kept us oblivious (and worse) to what was taking place on our own properties – all in preparation for what was coming.  Annihilation and illegal takeovers.

CLICK ===>  Passing the Torch – Beginning in the 60s 

My family was being eliminated 1 x 1.  Once the first 3 were out of the way (facts not allowed). the City zeroed in on Rolf and me.  Deluging our properties in sewage while lying about the cause – claiming it was the result of “negligence in sewer maintenance” – when in fact our properties were being torn apart, rebuilt, on top of more secretly replaced underground utilities; relocated and cross-connected for an upcoming fire.  We were located in the middle of all the other fires – targeted as far back as the 60s.

A portion of damages the City of Fresno paid for.  Sewage continued being discharged, far more than the 3 events on record.

As if the City of Fresno does not know the dangers of sewage?  Not only discharging it while lying about the cause – watching the ensuing infections, amputations, and deaths – even refusing to test the soil as this continued.  Same method / technique I saw while employed by Wilbert Swieso who was then seen forging and altering the dead victims’ papers while smirking, “You can’t live for the dead” – exactly as he did with Rolf.  “No one will ever figure it out” he often boasted.  Including me, until it was too late.

CLICK ===>  Murder by Sewage

CLICK ===>  City of Fresno had Down’s syndrome man annihilated so properties could be seized by fraud!

After the first risk analyst (Rose Miranda) was caught lying about the sewage and reconstruction, Senior risk analyst Kerry Trost stepped into the picture – I showed him the property line had been moved 8′ when Olive Ave. was widened; the sewer vent went from 2′ to 10′ from the fence – along with the water meter in the alley.  Sewer manholes were moved.  He yelled at me, “That is YOUR problem, it is YOUR property!”  I explained I do not

own the alley nor maintain the city water system, let alone IN THE ALLEY!  The evidence verified exactly what took place – so he slammed the phone on me.


Kerry Trost not only accompanied the first risk analyst to call ME a “liar” about what took place, he smirked, “You will never prove it.” It was when I presented a copy of the unaltered sewer layout, the death threats ensued.


CITY OF FRESNO NOT ONLY CONTINUES TO DENY OLIVE AVE. WAS WIDENED – A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COVER UP ENSUED TO RECTIFY THE UNDERGROUND UTILITIES IN THE ENTIRE AREA – ALL RECORDS UPDATED TO MAKE IT APPEAR THAT NOTHING EVER TOOK PLACE. Throughout the years, books / directories / maps reprinted.  Online archives blacked out.  The City uses the altered records to continue the lies.  As Wilbert Swieso laughs, “The public believes whatever they are told.” The truth would expose nothing less than a free-for-all burglary, murder, property theft operation.  The dead do not expose them.</p>






How low will they stoop for “evidence” nothing took place:

Pic: Sidewalk and driveway in front of my home.  After the trees removed, street widened, front lawns cut back – property extended into the alley (alley cut back several feet) – my initials in the original sidewalk – 1967 – were RE-ENGRAVED as “proof” that nothing changed!?!  And this is the original sidewalk?!?  Really?

The structures were being torn apart, property lines moved – can it be any more obvious what took place here?




CLICK ===>  9/9/2013 City of Fresno – Altering Records?!?(Told ya so!)  Copy of Brians Post 6/17/2013

CLICK ===>  5/25/2013 Horrors Behind Plans for UpcomingHigh-Speed Rail (3 blks west, Tower Dist.)

CLICK ===>  2/3/2011 My Brief Meeting with Fresno  Planning Dept. (Mike Sanchez)

CLICK ===>  02/2013 Three more witnesses!

CLICK ===>  01/2011 Per Mayor Autry: “It is an act of  domestic terror!”

BONUS!  Not only was the torch passed to Wilbert Swieso to zero in on my family back in 1982, his trail and links prior to that go back to when my father ended up hospitalized for alleged poisoining by one of Mr. Swieso’s associates at the City of Fresno!  (Mr. Swieso is linked to atrocities in the entire area.)

CLICK ===>  Wilbert Swieso’s Trail Comes Full Circle 


Attorney General 11/06

Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/QopR6MF.jpg


Gov. Schwarzenegger 12/06

Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/KmBP2Ut.jpg


Grand Jury 12/06

Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/SXfxnQd.jpg


EPA 05/07

Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/FqICttO.jpg


FEMA 09/07 

Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/V4yRZEC.jpg


Gov. Schwarzenegger 01/08

Exact SAME form letter from 2006!!

Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/YWXJWCx.jpg





City of Fresno, between being raped  Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/f8ZUGsP.jpg

Jeffry C. Winslow Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/KehTWUR.jpg

Sheriff Re: Winslow evidence ===> http://i.picoodle.com/66dj1vwl 

Attorney Referral Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/32p0ngG.jpg

Jason / Secret Service ===> http://tinyurl.com/p2hn2n

Principal Ins re: Swieso fraud, susp homicides

 Pic ===>  http://i.imgur.com/eC2GS63.jpg

My Feet after the sewage (Rolf & neighbors left DEAD)

Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/ae8p66A.jpg


Portion of my RX’s / poisoning & infections from ongoing sewage spills

Pic ===>  http://i.imgur.com/laarcY6.jpg

Secret Service http://tinyurl.com/p2hn2n

Attorney Fraud http://tinyurl.com/bkmtexj

Winslow: Boston Finney Fraud http://tinyurl.com/bl7lhyr

Home Health Fraud http://tinyurl.com/6uo4see

DiBuduo & DeFendis Ins. http://tinyurl.com/mshuhwe

Real Estate Fraud  http://tinyurl.com/p9tgzzf 

Eberwein Auto Repair http://tinyurl.com/yjuamu8

Local Alarm Companies http://tinyurl.com/lfmtywx

Local Moving Van & Storage http://tinyurl.com/3hgeruw

Lanny http://tinyurl.com/qxfqzfk

Larry Gibson Painting / Remodel

Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/ksg64bv

Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/bjgx9hj

Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/bvm9oee


“Unsolved” murder 2 doors west http://tinyurl.com/3shkncr 

Perez disappearance 1 door east http://tinyurl.com/86r9mff

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

The years of chemicals not only kept my family and I oblivious to the area being burned down, torn apart and rebuilt (done very slowly so it did not call attention) – we had no idea we were on the path and would end up as so many others did.  In addition to Rolf’s murder, it was my behavior while poisoned that was used to sever ties and justify having me robbed, raped, catheterized while incapacitated during reconstruction on top of cross-connected underground utilities with plans of massive fire- then called a “liar” that anything took place, and thrown out like garbage in order for this

group to take control of our properties.  Fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent life ins policy on me, told I would meet the others “in another world.”  No one would ever know the truth.  Or how the evidence ties into what was done to my earlier family members as well.

Needless to say, my escape turned out to be the crime – City of Fresno / Mayor Alan Autry had my insurance claims denied, further retaliating against me with perjury, Restraining Order, sexual harassment and threatening me if I ever contacted or pled for help again.

Needless to say, my escape turned out to be the crime – City of Fresno / Mayor Alan Autry had my insurance claims denied, further retaliating against me with perjury, Restraining Order, sexual harassment and threatening me if I ever contacted or pled for help again.  Because I uncovered the evidence dating back to the 60s, including what was done to my family and properties THAT FAR BACK!

CLICK ===> Walnut Tree (1960s)

One of the longest-staying next door neighbors “planted” and rewarded to participate – ongoing horrors as family being eliminated; properties torn apart.  Utility theft, burglary, more.  Once this group served their purposes, City targeted the husband for elimination.  Widow continues to deny all knowledge – because the truth would backfire and expose the truth about what they did to my family while being poisoned!  .

CLICK ===> Neighbors From Hell

Meet some more of the cast (next link below) – some dating back to childhood as described in the above link.  With the foundation laid, setting me up over the years as the torch continued being passed, even framing me for killing my own family.  In addition to my behavior while poisoned, this is how they recruited my siblings to help them wipe us ALL OUT!   Should it come as a surprise to learn that these SAME people deny anything took place on these properties?  With Mayor Alan Autry hammering the final nail in my coffin so the truth about HIS participation would not be exposed.  My life has been destroyed on every level – I am far too outnumbered to survive this – leaving the truth behind. 

Behind all the chaos, lies, and deaths of victims AND participants, the truth is behind the smokescreen.  And trails of THESE VERY PEOPLE!.

CLICK ===>  Accusing me of murdering my own family!

CLICK ===>  Real Estate Fraud

CLICK ===>  Utility Theft

My other uncle died.  Making sure the truth about what took place was never exposed, Mayor Alan Autry hammered the final nail in my coffin.  Not only stripped of a means of survival, severed from everyone in my life, 24/7 terror – no way to survive this  hell.

CLICK ===> Uncle Bill



My comment became too long so I am turning it into a Note and making it even longer.  Out of order rambling but you get the idea.  Was previously inserted under: 




CLICK ===>  Its Called Digging Your Own Grave 




In other words: We poisoned while killing your family, overrode your legal documents, took your properties, had you raped, robbed of everything you owned.  Catheterized while incapacitated during more theft and reconstruction of the properties, then had your photos scanned /altered and called you a “liar.” We conspired with Eberwein Auto Repair in the VIN altering – same time your other vehicle (pride-and-joy) was stripped, never to run again.  We prohibited reports, which allowed us to get by with the same thing on your next vehicle.  After all, no matter what you say or what evidence you provide, YOU are the “liar.” Haaaaa!!!  




Why did the vehicles have to be switched?  Same reason the trailer cut down 2 times.  The property lines were moved; driveways narrowed.  With reports prohibited and your final departure being planned, no one would know what these people are running or how their victims are stripped of assets. 




Pic ===>  http://tinyurl.com/mjzu8uh 


Pic ===>  http://tinyurl.com/kdbjgmb 


Pic ===>  http://tinyurl.com/lgydu9a


Pic ===>  http://tinyurl.com/kphtzv4 


We killed your dog, Jett, so we could get back in. (A dirty, ruthless, underhanded technique that still leaves you reeling.)  Recruited 3 alarm companies to conspire with us, all those reports were prohibited as well. Your efforts to save anything by having the local Moving & Storage Co. haul your belongings to THEM was another joke – the faster we stole from there, your photos, hard drive, thumb drives and even digital camera cards were altered to make it appear that nothing was touched – not even your house!  Valuables totally removed from the photos – now prove they ever existed. Haaaaa!!! Even stole your gun so you had no protection.




Painting and Restoration? Who better than Larry Gibson!  Another of our participants who claim your house was not altered – walls cut back and/or replaced with trash.    




Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/ksg64bv


Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/bvm9oee




ONE week after the death of your mother, you were told EXACTLY what would happen to your father and the properties. You were told 1 yr in advance EXACTLY how your next-door neighbor would die. You were told 1 yr in advance of Diane’s upcoming death. Lance. And all the others. We never lied to you. You CHOSE not to believe us and when it happened, you still remained oblivious. At least for awhile.  Then you began putting the pieces together – including behind your mother’s death.  With you at work (still being administered chemicals to keep you oblivious), neighbors planted, the alterations could continue.  That is what your father was trying to tell you – but like your siblings told you, you told him he was “imaging it.” He also tried to tell you what was being done to him while alone trying to keep things going – he was not lying. You folks were the laughing stock – especially since your siblings were involved!  From “allegedly” having (Orville) to cut down / reupholster furniture, to switching throughout all properties.  Your siblings were as easy as you – kept so busy they did not see that this began long before that – let alone what we did to your other family members.  Nor are they interested. 


NOTHING you say means anything – we had your credibility destroyed while you were being poisoned!  As long as we keep you pinned down, unable to get appropriate help, you remain the scapegoat that allowed us to get by with EVERYTHING.  Except the initial portion back in the 60s, which is behind the current multi-million dollar cover-up.  It verifies what you have been saying.  It is a shame you did not end up dead when initially planned.  Oh well, as long as we keep you from getting past us, we continue covering up the evidence in order so YOU remain the “crazy liar!”  Don’t forget – Mayor Alan Autry backed that up – including having YOU deemed a “Danger to HIM and his risk analyst who set up you and Rolf for annihilation – because you got away and exposed the atrocities!  Good God, we cannot have the truth about our born-again Christian exposed – after all, he is a “hero” to many – he is Bubba Skinner! 




How many of you “friends” also died after helping to set you up – or used as bait in the plot to eliminate YOU.  As far back as 1972, Steve C., from Easton. It continued throughout the years – death upon death as the torch was being passed.  With the help and support of Managers Rod Thornton and Bill Griffith from Principal Insurance – Mr. Swieso recruited Manager Jon – Jon recruited Diane – then they both ended up dead after serving their purposes!  Their reputations destroyed so once again, no one cared or questioned anything.  Their families remain as oblivious as all the others!  (Insert – Diane recruited Maggie of Principal Ins. – JCW [Swieso’s accomplice who I reported for poisoning me with intent to kill] told me they would both end up dead, only the husband did.)


Your siblings are no different or oblivious than anyone else we recruit – as long as we led them to believe they knew everything taking place, we seized control of far more than they ever dreamed possible whi behind their backs, told you exactly how 2 of the 3 will die.  The groundwork was laid long ago – but you spilled the beans so things were put on *hold.*  No problem – like you, the longer it continues, the more legitimate it will appear.  



The widow who lost her husband (next door) after being set up not only continues to lie and deny what took place – members of family imply he deserved to die.  Horrible things being said. (Sound familiar?  Haaaa!!!!  No one gives a damn about him either.)


We had your computer networked to Swieso’s office – as if the insanity was not enough while the chemicals continued, after deleting / altering portions of it we had it printed out and distributed far and wide.  You continued being filmed and exploited via hidden cameras while poisoned, also distributed – totally destroying your life, credibility, dignity. You know the technique – you saw how we destroyed the legacy of others after serving their purposes, which left no one caring or questioning their deaths or disappearances.  Haaaaa!!!  Should forgeries of our victims be discovered, we simply lie and prohibit reports.


You, on the other hand, escaped several murder attempts (so far.) Still, we annihilated you so horrifically while keeping you pinned down for so many years – no one believes or cares what you say. 


Your behavior and treatment of Rolf was unforgivable ~ haaaa!!!!   You HAD TO BE PUNISHED FOR THAT.  Not to mention the bookkeeping!  No one suspected poison let alone what we were doing to Rolf or the properties – more proof of how far gone you were not to see any of this. Then we altered – then stole the bookkeeping as well as Rolf’s medical records after framing you for MORE!  (If only we finished you off before you slipped out of our hands to expose this.  Better yet – if only Hank had done a better job.  But not to worry – we are still in full control.)




Once we robbed and tore your properties apart, we had to make sure you were prevented from filing insurance claims.  After the water lines were relocated, we loosened the one on Rolf’s property, then “planted” the tenant who had cement poured on top of it so nothing you did, no matter how much money you spent, resolved the problem.  We bled you for a new roof, 2 brand new central heating/air units that we switched with trash, same with the other building – awnings, windows, painting, etc.  As long as the risk analyst continued to lie about those sewage spills that were killing Rolf, etc. – you kept busy taking care of him – oblivious to what we were doing.  Rolf HAD to die so we could take the properties.  Haaaaa!!!   




We had you POURING money into Rolf’s properties – little did you know what was coming.  Such as DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance conspiring with Wilbert Swieso in cancellation of coverage for BOTH of Rof’s properties on Olive Ave!  The tenant in the building with all the mold was going to sue the HELL out of you – and end up owning at no charge, as your previous tenant said she had done to her previous Landlord.  You slipped through our hands again.  Nonetheless, we nailed you – and ended up with the properties. 


You finally solved the electric theft on your property – then you discovered the cross-connected water and gas lines.  Brave – by keeping you monitored, we simply cover / alter evidence and deem YOU a “liar.”  So what about the electric theft next door, while your parents were alive? To this day, the rates remain similar.  That’s right, outsiders do not know the lines are cross-connected to the other structure that was taken from you by fraud.  You see how much electrity being used there – made to appear it is being used on the corner lot when your parents were still alive.  Haaaaa!!!!  Where was it tied into when your parents were alive?  Who else’s utilities were your parents paying for?  Perhaps your siblings could help solve that mystery.  If not, Wilbert Swieso can.  (Including what happened to that participant – with all reports prohibited to protect Wilbert Swieso.)




As for robbing and tearing your home apart behind the 2 properties on Olive Ave., Mayor Alan Autry had his risk analyst (the one who set up Rolf and the others for elimination) conspire with your property insurance adjuster in denial of all claims. As we returned to steal and tear up more, we then had you called a “liar” about your home’s central heating and air conditioning unit being relocaed and switched with trash.  Including how it had been rigged for an explosion after the other attemts to blow up the properties failed. 


You see, there could be no claims on file – nothing to reflect what took place.  And with the fraudulent legal documents Wilbert Swieso conspired with David A. Silva, atty in preparing – once you were dead, a massive insurance claim could be filed.  Of course that is what all the cross-connected underground utilities were about – your 3 properties tied into the neighbors’ properties.  Alan Autry then stepped in to finish clearing the path leaving more people annihilated – see who ended up owning the properties.  The insurance claims would pay for everything that was switched with trash as well as the restaurant Jeffry C. Winslow said was being planned. No one would ever question anything – not even the trail of this done to so many others during 60+/- yrs of rebuilding this City (and far beyond) on top of the water scam.  Even if they did – so what.  Reports and evidence are not allowed.




We kept you monitored, discredited, so no one (not even your siblings) would ever find out how long ago we began violating your family with intent to pull this off – your siblings allowed us to finish what we began back in the 60s!!! All we had to do was feed them bullshit and hang the carrots ($$$) in front of them – promise them you would die before Rolf – they were excellent puppets. Now look – from the surface, everything links to them instead of us!!! That is why they helped cover up the evidence of what took place – they don’t have a clue of what we did before recruiting them. That is the way it works. Hank appreciates it – we appreciate it. Best of all, your siblings never figured out the connection between Hank and Swieso let alone your parents’ “friends” (yes, inc their detective “friend.”) You never stood a chance.




Not only did we make sure you would never be employed again, cut off from both inheritances due to your “behavior”, we destroyed everything you did in your endeavor to become self-sufficient. 




It does not matter that you are telling the truth.  You have been destroyed so horrifically on every level, from every angle, for so many years, no one cares what you say, what you do or where you end up.  That includes Alan Autry, America’s heroic BUBBA SKINNER who was recruited to finish off you and your neighbors (Swieso’s accomplices all these years) – he went as far as to back up perjury to call YOU a “liar.”  Once again, regardless of the evidence or witnesses who know Bubba backed perjury, had evidence behind murders altered / covered up – it is YOU who must remain the horrific person in everyone’s eyes – to make it appear you deserved what was done to you.   




As you were informed long ago, “You made it further than any of the others, but you will not make it out alive.”  Bubba hammered the final nail in your coffin.  No one will ever see beyond the smokescreen.  


So as your siblings continue to laugh at you, proud of what they participated in doing, so do we. Problem is, you were supposed to be dead by now – you are still on the final property we already consider OURS. We just finished the final round of covering up the evidence (dating back to the 60s which proves what we did to your family and these properties that long ago.) So now, just as you predicted, after cutting down the amount of funding that kept you alive while we finished covering up the evidence – the time has come. 


You were recently given an option if you choose to survive.  Since outsiders cannot see how this works or can instantly backfire (or surrounded by the same group you reported for poisoning and attempted murder behind the annihilations and destruction of your family and properties – as well as others left dead after serving their purposes) it makes YOU look like a fool for not accepting.  In short, we will get by with everything just as we always have. 



How many times have I mentioned the widening of Olive Ave. – which the City  of Fresno denies.  Why have so many of my earlier postings (inc photos and  “historic” information / evidence) on other web sites been removed?  Including  the article written in 1938 – Fresno Bee, front page – Olive had been widened.   Too much information?  Facts and descriptions that PROVE what has taken place?  Including how Rolf was eliminated to pull this off.  As well as the accomplices whose trails (and evidence) of this are ALSO being covered up!


Further  verification of what I have been exposing.  Other blogs have been altered – so  much information removed.  Hundreds of dollars spent on recorded documents wiped  off my hard drive.  Countless photos (evidence) removed from my hard drive as  well.  Once again – stripping me of a means to prove what took place here, the  accompanying fraud from this mob, or even defend myself – as the City of Fresno  and their participants continue claiming that Olive Ave. was not widened, our  properties were not torn apart and rebuilt with trash, the property lines were  not changed.  Psssst …. the evidence is still here for anyone who is capable  of seeing beyond the smokescreen – beyond the lies and altered records.    


Not sure this will open from here – if not, will try to update:


CLICK ===>  http://tinyurl.com/c2sgcoy>1938  Widening of Olive Ave. (Pic)  


Although the operation I have been describing (victims annihilated; illegal  takeover of properties; entire city rebuilt on top of secretly-replaced,  relocated water system) goes far beyond Olive Ave. (and far beyond Fresno), I am  focusing on Olive Ave., where I lived my entire life.  The City of Fresno did  not anticipate me still being alive – the ongoing effort to discredit and cover  up what they did to us and our properties is incredible.  Below: Current picture  of Olive Ave.  




According to Mayor Alan Autry and the risk analyst who set us up for  elimination, none of this took place, including widening of Olive Ave.  Further  attempts to seek help resulted in a threatening letter if I contacted the City  again regarding what they did to my family, our properties and me.  




Click Pic ===>  Entrapment, passed from one risk analyst to the next   


Prior to this, Olive was a tight, narrow 2-lane street.  No middle lane.   Lots of long-time family-owned, store-front properties lined the street – such  as ours.  To widen Olive Ave. would have entailed cutting the fronts off these  street-lined properties and major reconstruction, which of course the owners  would have protested.  The public would have also protested.    


So it was done secretly – one block at a time, beginning several decades  ago.  One by one, family-owned businesses ended.  Murders remain “unsolved”  (because the surrounding facts are not allowed.)  Deaths.  Fires.  Fraudulent  legal documents.  As structures were being “vacated”, what better way to avoid  complaints or reports of the street widening or major reconstruction than to  have following occupants “planted.”  In fact to this day, they insist nothing  changed – not even the widening of Olive Ave.  


KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN READING THE END OF THIS NOTE ===>  Of course as  each block was widened, street lights, utility poles, storm drains, etc. were  also relocated. 


It was all done so slowly that it did not call attention.      Outsiders did not realize what was taking place.  By the time it was over,  most of the old-timers had died.  Records had been altered to match the new  layouts.  Aerial views altered.  Books and directories were reprinted with  updated photos.  Maps and “vintage” photos altered.  No one connected the dots.     


For some reason, this blog was NOT removed:  


CLICK ===> 20+ Fires Within 2-Mi. Radius / Olive Ave.


Another blog showing examples of the rebuilt structures.  No record for any  of this – only altered records and “historic” aerial views to make it appear  that things were always this way.    


Click ===>  Tower District Property


So you see, it was our turn to be wiped out so this could continue down  Olive Ave. as well as my home behind them.  Surrounded by the participants as my  family was being eliminated one by one.  The tenants on Rolf’s 2 properties  (Olive Ave.) were “planted” as the destruction and fraudulent lawsuits against  ME ensued.  I was poisoned, raped, repeatedly taken out of town (Swieso &  Winslow), catheterized during long durations as reconstruction continued.  Kept  so sick – sometimes appearing out of my mind while being exploited as “crazy” –  that way no one would believe anything I said.  Nor would anyone come looking  for me once I “vanished.”  Told I was going to meet the others, “in another  world.”  Fraudulent legal documents.  Fraudulent insurance policy on me.    


With the risk analyst continuing to lie and the ongoing destruction of  Rolf’s 2 properties on Olive, I mortgaged my home to continue paying the ongoing  destruction as well as Rolf’s medical bills – never realizing what was taking  place.  Insurance fraud (Swieso / DiBuduo & DeFendis Ins.) – cancellation of  property insurance on Rolf’s properties as the “planted” tenant was preparing to  sue and own all.  Realtor fraud – cheated in excess of $1 million.  Attorney  fraud.  I was being ambushed from every direction – once Rolf died they came  after my home, also robbed and torn apart, left a horrific shambles.    


The City of Fresno risk analyst who set up Rolf and me for annihilation had  to have known how far gone I was being kept as she told me I “imagined” all of  this.  Including the widening of Olive Ave.  Because obviously, it was  impossible to widen without tearing our properties apart!!!  Since records had  been altered to match the new layout – they could NOT have any of my reports  documented, so they turned the tables and made ME the criminal.    


Afer recruiting senior risk analyst, Kerry Trost, to participate in wiping me out a Restraining Order was issued  against me – calling me a “liar” and “crazy.”  Even accusing ME of being a  “Danger to THEM!”  Because I got away before they finished me off too?  Or  because they had been caught.  Senior risk analyst smirked, “You will never  prove it.”  My photos had been stolen, others scanned/altered.  All my old  documents were missing.  Surrounded by neighbors who were rewarded to  participate, all of them claiming no knowledge.    


Suddenly it began making sense.  This was being the cross-connected  underground utilities – water and gas lines.  Utility theft.  This explained the  upcoming fire I was told about – including one of the “planted” tenants  attempting to blow the corner building up, then threaten to sue ME.  (Naturally,  Mr. Swieso was on hand to “help” with repairs again.)  Another attempt via my  central heating/air unit that had been torn apart and rebuilt (rigged) in a  manner that would blow things up.  This explained why the structures were  rebuilt with such trash – they were going to go down in flames like all the  others mentioned in the above link!  No one would know it was set up.    


We were setting in the middle of fires and murder cover-ups, of course all  my reports were disregarded!!!  Of course Mayor Alan Autry prohibited reports  and backed up perjury to deny that any of this took place – including the  widening of Olive Ave!!!!     


This also explained why the risk analyst sabotaged my homeowners property  insurance so there would be no recourse for the massive theft and destruction –  called a “liar” that any of this took place.  Jeffry C. Winslow told me that  there would be no claim until I had been eliminated – when HE (and Swieso) took  the properties over.  No one would know that all the valuable heirlooms and  jewelry had been switched with trash – imagine the insurance claim, the one Mr.  Winslow said would take place after my elimination – a fire, with insurance  paying for construction of a restaurant being planned on these properties!   Including the Laundromat next door, where the owner was never seen after being  set up by the same risk analyst!!  


Once I reported the clamped, cross-connected underground utilities, the  hell ensued to the next round.  The only way to cover up the evidence would be  to rectify all the underground utilities, which meant all structures would have  to be torn apart again.  The lines down the alley – which is when the water  meter behind my house was returned to it’s original location – however, the  other tie-in to the garage was not put back.  Walls cut back further as the  lines were rectified.  Sidewalks and surrounding cement replaced AGAIN.  Storm  drains.  Gas lines.  It was all being rectified, followed by more altered /  updated records to match the current layouts.     


Mayor Alan Autry successfully pinned me down so the horrors could  continue.  As long as I continued being monitored, sabotaged, prohibited from  help, restitution or even filing a report, these people were free to continue  the horrors – and cover up what was done to my family.  Because if the truth had  ever been allowed to be documented – it would be found that this is behind  countless others who were victimized in the same manner – including the  “unsolved” murders I was not allowed to provide information.    


Updating Gas Line Records (Pic) ===>  http://tinyurl.com/bpx69xc  


To this day, anything I say is met with being told I am “crazy” or “liar”  or I “imagined” all of this.  Really?  But others are not “liars” or “crazy?”  I am the ONLY person being accused of imagining all of this?!?


CLICK ===>  Three More Witnesses


There are countless witnesses to Olive Ave. being widened – not everyone is  dead yet.  They also saw it being done 1 block at a time.  Including my family’s properties  properties – during Mayor Autry’s so-called “water infrastructure upgrade.”   Therefore, the underground utilities would be as chopped up as it continued,  with code violations as I have been stating all along.  All of this is the evidence behind the risk analyst’s lies regarding the sewage spills / murder of Rolf.   Death and amputations of neighbors also set up for annihilation.  With a trail  of this being done to others – naturally, this group wants the evidence altered  in order to continue calling me a “liar.”    


So all the lines have been rectified in the area – not only beneath these structures, down the alley, but also including down Olive  Ave.   More new cement, more altered storm drains, etc.  With the City of Fresno  STILL denying the street was widened.  Did they alter all of this in a manner to make it appear that none of this took place – so they can continue denying all of this while pointing the finger  to ME of being a “liar” and “crazy?”  With so many witnesses to the truth, they have ultimately MAGNIFIED the operation, lies, and massive amount of effort and money invested into the cover-up. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to handle this discreetly –  along with having me sign a gag order as it has been implied done with countless  others?    


Not accusing, just wondering about all the street lights down Olive Ave.   Wouldn’t they have been removed / altered again?  Is it a coincidence they all  shut off?  Blamed on copper wire theft.  The City indicates they will not be  repairing them for several more months – no doubt.    


I am too far outnumbered to survive this much longer.  Lost my  family, my means of survival, everything I owned, even the deed to my house  while being set up by the City of Fresno.  A friend is temporarily funding me  but the City of Fresno and their group still need me off this final property.   Clearly, I am being set up for the next chapter.    


CLICK ===>  Ongoing  Cover-Up Behind Rolf’s Murder  


Craig, the “paralegal” who prepared a fraudulent Trust – demanding  I sign, claiming to be my “best friend” while behind my back, telling people I  killed my own family members and deserved what was done to me!

CLICK ===>  Years of chemicals and setting up for annihilation 


CLICK ===>  Wilbert Swieso / DiBuduo & DeFendis

CLICK ===> Old blog re:  Swieso – full circle  

CLICK ===>  Swieso /  David A. Silva, atty FRAUD

CLICK ===>  Jason at Fresno’s Secret Service   


Refused help, I posted online. Kept  monitored, City of Fresno responded to my blog with sexual harassment. I took it  to another risk analyst, Kevin Watkins, who insisted the City was innocent – he  implied that I posted it to MYSELF! (City always blaming and pointing  elsewhere.) The ISP verifies exactly where this came from.


Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/46z9d3n   .Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/4t3jy6e   .Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/4mvoczt    .




Principal  Ins re: Swieso fraud, susp homicides  ===> http://tinyurl.com/4syw9cm

“Unsolved” murder 2 doors west http://tinyurl.com/3shkncr

Perez disappearance 1 door east http://tinyurl.com/86r9mff

Sheriff Re: Winslow evidence ===>  http://i.picoodle.com/66dj1vwl

City, between being raped http://tinyurl.com/46z9d3n

Attorney Fraud http://tinyurl.com/bkmtexj

Home Health Fraud http://tinyurl.com/6uo4see

Eberwein Auto  Repair http://tinyurl.com/yjuamu8

Ongoing horrors, deaths, disappearances http://tinyurl.com/8yppw38


Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/3f3hg97

Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/4lmf9t8

Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/7tfgy7r




Free Image Hosting


Former Mayor Alan Autry’s performances include:

Informing the public that until the State’s water-shortage issue is handled in a manner that met with his approval, he would not pay taxes! (He even mentions a “conspiracy!”)

Will Bad Bubba really refuse to pay his income taxes?

He carried on that he would not wear a coat and tie until a water deal in Sacramento was made!

Mayor Autry has new protest that’ll bring ’em to their knees

He is seen at the end of this U-Tube video carrying on with a grandiose performance of anger of the injustices taking place.

U-Tube: Obama promises 3.5 billion to African farmers so they can export food to America


Free Image Hosting

CA central valley water shortage is no accident. 50 yrs in the making – secret replacement of the water system, tied into the “infrastructure upgrade.”

Take a good look around – entire cities have been torn apart and rebuilt on top of this mess. Alan Autry’s group is LAUGHING at the public for being so stupid. LAUGHING HOW “OBLIVIOUS” WE ARE. LAUGHING THAT NO ONE WILL EVER FIGURE THIS OUT! Friends, we are SITTING on top of the evidence!


Innocent residents of Fresno are losing their property so this mob can take over and secretly replace the water system. Some people are being robbed, raped, KILLED. Reports are prohibited.

In my case, the City of Fresno conspired with Wilbert G. Swieso in annihilation of my family and neighbors to take our properties by fraud. My family and neighbors on 3 sides of me were left dead as this took place. Attempted murder of me. Properties were torn apart and haphazardly rebuilt on top of the new water system, which the public is not to know about. Property lines were changed; public records altered to line up to further deceive the public, as though things were always this way. Tied into the “infrastructure upgrade.”


Upon being caught, former Mayor Alan Autry had his risk analysts issue a Restraining Order against me – calling ME a “liar” followed by death threats and sexual harassment. The City’s own sewer layout verifies exactly what they did – it is being carried out throughout the cities.

Loss of income properties; my home stripped and left a shambles; insurance sabotaged so I could not file a claim for ANYTHING as the City has the audacity to call ME a “liar.” They are not done with me – stripped of human and civil rights, left unemployable, pinned into a corner – they do not stop until their victim are OUT. Evidenced by the threats and trail of this done to others.

Autry’s ringleader told me about this operation for 20 yrs but I did not believe it until personally being targeted / victimized. This explains the countless sewage back spills followed by deaths, forged deeds, fraudulent insurance policies, more. This is what Alan Autry promotes behind his so-called “concern” about our water shortage.

In reality, our water is being diverted.

See my page for more information. CLICK: Marla

Free Image Hosting
Fresno, CA Mayor Alan Autry 2000-2008
aka: Bubba Skinner “Heat of the Night” 1988-1995


Back in 1938, widening Olive Ave. was front-page news. CLICK: Olive Ave., Fresno’s Tower Dist.

How to get around widening it again, in order to secretly replace the city’s water system, without the public’s knowledge – it would entail altering of every structure – one by one. Impossible? Not when done right under everyone’s noses.

How about a few fires to remove various structures; reconstruction on top of the new water system?

Just a few off the top of my head within a 2-mile stretch:

1. SW corner of Palm + Olive (60s?)
2. The original Lucky Boy Hamburger on south side prior to relocating to north side of Olive (60/70s?)
3. The bar (Lyn’s 7 Sons) on the NW corner of Olive and Fruit (70s?)
4. First home south of Olive, on Adoline (70s?)
5. Traffic School, Olive, near Fruit burned/rebuilt (70s)
6. Turpins Furniture, Fulton off Olive (70/80s)
7. Jackie’s Costumes, north side of Olive burned, prior to relocating to south side of Olive (70/80s)
8. Dead end at San Pablo + Olive (70/80s)
9. Perkos Restaurant, on the north side of Olive, just south of Wishon (80s.)
10. Tire shop on NW corner of Blackstone + Olive burned and re-built (80/90s)
11. The thrift store on the NE corner of Palm + Olive (80/90s?)
12. The 2 homes across the street (NE corner Olive + Ferger); both lots are now parking for the furniture store
13. NW corner of Safford + Olive burned down prior to the martial arts occupying the building (90s?)
14. The Landmark – formerly Carnation restaurant, SW corner of Broadway + Olive (90s)
15. 2 blks east of tire shop, on south side of Olive, upholstery shop (90s)
16. A & M Carpet, Olive, north of Fruit Ave. – (80s?)
17. Tiny’s Olive Branch, Olive, next to Roeding Park (80s?)
18. The old Herb Bauer’s building, Olive, between Tiny’s & Roeding Park (80s?)

Free Image Hosting

Murders by gun within 1 mile:

Book store owner
William Polzin / Stonehenge Antiques
Gun shop owner

Still think nothing unusual is taking place? It appears that I am the sole survivor after my family and neighbors were targeted for annihilation in order for the City of Fresno and their fake work crew (run by Wilbert G. Swieso) to take our 3 properties and property next door by fraud in order to carry this out.

With years of poisoning, severing ties, suspected homicides and preparations behind this:

Free Image Hosting
Free Image Hosting

With the street lined with people linked to this operation, to serve as “credible witnesses” that none of this took place, the City of Fresno has the audacity to say that Olive Ave. was NOT widened?!? How do they explain the middle lane that miraculously appeared? They don’t. Instead, parcel maps and aerial views were altered to make it appear that things were always this way. They committed perjury to call me a “liar” about all the above – their own sewer layout verifies exactly what I reported. Including the sewer vent in my back yard going from 2′ to 10′ from the fence/property line!

Free Image Hosting

The risk analyst, who was lying about the cause of repeated sewage back spills told me that all the newly-clamped sewer and water lines were from the previous owner. Hello? My family owned these properties for generations. Look at this mess – who the hell would pay to have their property rebuilt on top of rotten, corroded sewer and water lines as shown here. Who authorized this? Where are the building permits and inspections? It was done portion at a time, the majority during the citywide upgrade in front of these properties, when the heavy equipment remained here for days.

Free Image Hosting

As a matter of interest, clamped lines are sometimes deliberately loosened, covered with cement, as mold consumes the structure. Mold climbs the walls and reaches the roof, making it appear to be a roof problem, which no amount of money can repair. This is how various structures are condemned and removed; no one questions anything. Isn’t it ironic that the City of Fresno would repeatedly remind property owners that they are responsible for the sewer and water lines on their property, as they conspire in something as heinous as this -in some cases, having property insurance agents conspire in more fraud so owner loses everything. Coincidence? Mr. Swieso is a long-time insurance agent / estate planner. Forging, altering legal documents, pitting family members against one another, conspiring with various home health personnel; much more – this man has created some gruesome techniques.

Neighbor to the north of me left dead after repeated exposure of raw sewage discharges as sewer lines were being cut, altered and clamped together; neighbor to the east never seen again after the risk analyst lied to him – property also rebuilt on top of secretly replaced water system without permits or inspections. The Polzin murder, to the west, remains “unsolved” because the City of Fresno will not allow the facts to be exposed. There are others, not mentioned here.

Streets widened; property lines changed; relocation of fire hydrants, storm drains, street lights, utility poles, etc.

BONUS: I heard about this operation for 20 yrs from the ringleader, himself, Wilbert G. Swieso. Of course I did not believe him until he and Public Works were caught in action. Mr. Swieso is a former employee of the City of Fresno, who boasts of 50 yrs behind this nightmare – laughing that the public will never figure it out. OUR WATER IS BEING RE-DIRECTED AKA: “WATER SHORTAGE.” The evidence is beneath the reconstruction, new streets and new sidewalks. Yes, our new sidewalks with all the ADA violations, forcing wheel chair users into the street:

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

How far has this operation taken place? Look at Mr. Swieso’s business card – a map of CA with the area highlighted. In the meantime, look in your own back yard – those clamped lines are not all from “repairs” or “upgrades.” See how far they go, beneath the structure, and then go to City Hall and see for yourself that there are no permits or inspections for the major reconstruction.

Free Image Hosting


The City of Fresno’s secret replacement of the water system is described on my page. CLICK: Marla This is an operation that has been going on for 50 yrs behind our backs, yet right under our noses. Replacement of the water system entails reconstruction of every parcel, so unless done in-between sales or under the guise of “renovations”, property owners are annihilated. The trail of burglaries, ID theft, forged and fraudulent legal documents, suspected homicide, unsolved murders speaks for itself.

Once targeted, there is no way out. By the time it is over, nothing is standing as it was when originally built. Hence the murders and altered pubic records ~ new deeds must be prepared. Records and aerial views are altered to make it appear that things have always been as they are now.

My family’s properties were on Olive Ave., where excavating and tie-ins to the main line would one day take place, therefore the monitoring, planning and plotting began decades earlier. This link shows the same thing being done down the entire street, through Fresno’s historic Tower Dist., which explains the loss of businesses and why the area became such a shambles. CLICK: End of Tower Dist. – a clue?

My family’s so-called “friends” throughout the years were not our “friends” ~ they were/are linked to this operation. Knowing that I would one day be left as “Successor Trustee” of my family’s properties, other blogs explain how the torch was being passed throughout the years, in setting me up for the ultimate destruction, theft, and horrors that took place. Naturally, after the “suspected” homicide of my family members, I was scheduled for elimination next. The years of planning and plotting to wipe me and the properties out entailed poisoning, which resulted in a horrible mouth and behavior, being filmed with hidden cameras/hidden recorders – what better way to sever ties and convince people of what a horrible person I was. Setting me up in countless ways; even “planting” things in my home to make me appear as a thief, which ultimately resulted in opening my home to the public to be stripped ~ everything replaced with inferior look-alike trash. Everything was stolen; photographs included ~ the few photographs that remained were scanned and altered to leave me without proof of the theft. It also covered up what was at the core of all this – clearing everything out as the structure was being entirely rebuilt on top of the city’s secretly replaced water system. With the focus on me, and stealing everything I owned, those who were recruited never suspected what was behind the smokescreen. It was not intended I would still be alive ~ with altered records and “planted” neighbors to claim nothing went on, a newcomer would never suspect what took place.

The fact that my siblings were recruited does not make any of this acceptable; they were set up no less than I was. They make those at the core of this appear legitimate at the same time they were not only being used and swindled, they are now set up in the “rotation process.” (It has been implied that 2 of the 3 are now dead. I have no idea since poisoning and severing ties is how this works – that keeps the truth from being exposed, including fraudulent and forged legal documents!)

BEHIND THE SMOKESCREEN. Of course everything HAD to be stolen because after the reconstruction of my home, my furniture and belongings no longer fit. All rooms ended up smaller. Everything, from doors, awnings, rain gutters, sinks, toilets, flooring, windows, brick fence, replaced with trash.

My large washer/dryer were switched with smaller models, because the larger ones no longer fit! Since switching antiques and various furniture would be too obvious, they were rebuilt in smaller versions. Coincidence? Swieso, the mastermind who claims 50 yrs behind this operation, is also a professional woodworker as are several others among the group.

As the sewer and water lines were being replaced in the alley, portion at a time, sewage flooded the property (more than the 3 events on record.) Each time, the City risk analyst came out and lied about the cause, as she took countless photographs OF MY BELONGINGS! Out of 250+/- photographs, she only had 10+/- …. not one photograph of where the sewage was coming from. Not one photograph of the damages. Not one photograph of the reason she claimed to be coming out. She then used her “release for clean-up” as ticket of non-responsibility for the theft, damages, illnesses that ensued. She merely said, “Not my problem.” With my documents and photographs stolen, and altered city records to cover up the street widening, relocation of storm drains, fire hydrants, etc., she demonstrated how the City of Fresno is getting by with having residents robbed and eliminated.


Free Image Hosting

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bigger = Free Image Hosting

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Free Image Hosting


Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

Entire structures shifted down the block in a “ripple effect”

Free Image Hosting


Free Image Hosting


Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting


Free Image Hosting

Their own records verify exactly what I reported.

Free Image Hosting


Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting




Free Image Hosting

I had a beautiful home, in perfect condition, prior to this. Is it any wonder that the City of Fresno issued a Restraining Order against me, followed by death threats? When you have been running a successful burglary and real estate theft operation such as this for 50 yrs, behind secret replacement of the city water system, be sure that any victim who lived to tell it would be turned into shark bait, as Alan Autry did to me. Stripped of civil and human rights, I was further robbed, raped, more pets killed/harmed. Death threats have increased in addition to the recent sexual harassment left on one of my blogs.

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