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The combination is nothing less than a death sentence.

CLICK: Swine Flu And MRSA Infections

CLICK: Kid’s Fatal Flu

During that time there was a fivefold increase in flu deaths in which the child also had a staph infection, and most of those staph infections were MRSA.
In many cases, flu deaths came quickly. “Influenza was often rapidly fatal with almost half of children dying within 72 hours of the onset of symptoms and 75% dying within seven days; almost half died at home or in the emergency department,” write Finelli and colleagues.

BEWARE CA Central Valley – MRSA is being spread through the raw sewage being discharged as the valley’s secret water diversion continues without permits, inspections or safety precautions.

In ONE year, MRSA increased 300% in Fresno. Officials reacted by increasing medical benefits for themselves while slamming the door on reports pertaining to what was contributing to the nightmare. More than our water is being taken from us. Massive cover-up at the cost of human lives.

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Another warning for Fresno, CA: Our city is dubbed, “The Asthma Capital of CA” where 1 in 6 school children carry inhalers. This is blamed on pollution – no mention of SEWAGE pollution behind the secret replacement of the water system by a group not authorized or licensed.

It has been indicated that mandatory swine flu vaccinations will begin with children who have asthma.

Swine flu shots could begin this fall 7/9/09

Officials are creating massive public health crises as they withhold and even cover up the truth from the public. To date they have allowed hospitals and doctors to be blamed for the increase in CA-MRSA. For the sake of everyone, the truth needs to be addressed before it is too late.



Back in 1938, widening Olive Ave. was front-page news. CLICK: Olive Ave., Fresno’s Tower Dist.

How to get around widening it again, in order to secretly replace the city’s water system, without the public’s knowledge – it would entail altering of every structure – one by one. Impossible? Not when done right under everyone’s noses.

How about a few fires to remove various structures; reconstruction on top of the new water system?

Just a few off the top of my head within a 2-mile stretch:

1. SW corner of Palm + Olive (60s?)
2. The original Lucky Boy Hamburger on south side prior to relocating to north side of Olive (60/70s?)
3. The bar (Lyn’s 7 Sons) on the NW corner of Olive and Fruit (70s?)
4. First home south of Olive, on Adoline (70s?)
5. Traffic School, Olive, near Fruit burned/rebuilt (70s)
6. Turpins Furniture, Fulton off Olive (70/80s)
7. Jackie’s Costumes, north side of Olive burned, prior to relocating to south side of Olive (70/80s)
8. Dead end at San Pablo + Olive (70/80s)
9. Perkos Restaurant, on the north side of Olive, just south of Wishon (80s.)
10. Tire shop on NW corner of Blackstone + Olive burned and re-built (80/90s)
11. The thrift store on the NE corner of Palm + Olive (80/90s?)
12. The 2 homes across the street (NE corner Olive + Ferger); both lots are now parking for the furniture store
13. NW corner of Safford + Olive burned down prior to the martial arts occupying the building (90s?)
14. The Landmark – formerly Carnation restaurant, SW corner of Broadway + Olive (90s)
15. 2 blks east of tire shop, on south side of Olive, upholstery shop (90s)
16. A & M Carpet, Olive, north of Fruit Ave. – (80s?)
17. Tiny’s Olive Branch, Olive, next to Roeding Park (80s?)
18. The old Herb Bauer’s building, Olive, between Tiny’s & Roeding Park (80s?)

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Murders by gun within 1 mile:

Book store owner
William Polzin / Stonehenge Antiques
Gun shop owner

Still think nothing unusual is taking place? It appears that I am the sole survivor after my family and neighbors were targeted for annihilation in order for the City of Fresno and their fake work crew (run by Wilbert G. Swieso) to take our 3 properties and property next door by fraud in order to carry this out.

With years of poisoning, severing ties, suspected homicides and preparations behind this:

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With the street lined with people linked to this operation, to serve as “credible witnesses” that none of this took place, the City of Fresno has the audacity to say that Olive Ave. was NOT widened?!? How do they explain the middle lane that miraculously appeared? They don’t. Instead, parcel maps and aerial views were altered to make it appear that things were always this way. They committed perjury to call me a “liar” about all the above – their own sewer layout verifies exactly what I reported. Including the sewer vent in my back yard going from 2′ to 10′ from the fence/property line!

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The risk analyst, who was lying about the cause of repeated sewage back spills told me that all the newly-clamped sewer and water lines were from the previous owner. Hello? My family owned these properties for generations. Look at this mess – who the hell would pay to have their property rebuilt on top of rotten, corroded sewer and water lines as shown here. Who authorized this? Where are the building permits and inspections? It was done portion at a time, the majority during the citywide upgrade in front of these properties, when the heavy equipment remained here for days.

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As a matter of interest, clamped lines are sometimes deliberately loosened, covered with cement, as mold consumes the structure. Mold climbs the walls and reaches the roof, making it appear to be a roof problem, which no amount of money can repair. This is how various structures are condemned and removed; no one questions anything. Isn’t it ironic that the City of Fresno would repeatedly remind property owners that they are responsible for the sewer and water lines on their property, as they conspire in something as heinous as this -in some cases, having property insurance agents conspire in more fraud so owner loses everything. Coincidence? Mr. Swieso is a long-time insurance agent / estate planner. Forging, altering legal documents, pitting family members against one another, conspiring with various home health personnel; much more – this man has created some gruesome techniques.

Neighbor to the north of me left dead after repeated exposure of raw sewage discharges as sewer lines were being cut, altered and clamped together; neighbor to the east never seen again after the risk analyst lied to him – property also rebuilt on top of secretly replaced water system without permits or inspections. The Polzin murder, to the west, remains “unsolved” because the City of Fresno will not allow the facts to be exposed. There are others, not mentioned here.

Streets widened; property lines changed; relocation of fire hydrants, storm drains, street lights, utility poles, etc.

BONUS: I heard about this operation for 20 yrs from the ringleader, himself, Wilbert G. Swieso. Of course I did not believe him until he and Public Works were caught in action. Mr. Swieso is a former employee of the City of Fresno, who boasts of 50 yrs behind this nightmare – laughing that the public will never figure it out. OUR WATER IS BEING RE-DIRECTED AKA: “WATER SHORTAGE.” The evidence is beneath the reconstruction, new streets and new sidewalks. Yes, our new sidewalks with all the ADA violations, forcing wheel chair users into the street:

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How far has this operation taken place? Look at Mr. Swieso’s business card – a map of CA with the area highlighted. In the meantime, look in your own back yard – those clamped lines are not all from “repairs” or “upgrades.” See how far they go, beneath the structure, and then go to City Hall and see for yourself that there are no permits or inspections for the major reconstruction.

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CLICK: Marla
Suspected homicide of my family and neighbors; attempted murder of me. Behind Alan Autry’s “new sidewalks” and “infrastructure upgrade.”

Additionally, there is illness, infections and disease being spread through the city’s new water system.

In case you are not aware of the new water system, that is because it was installed without the public’s knowledge; now tied into the “infrastructure upgrade.” But not in compliance with State and/or Federal guidelines. Major building, safety, environmental and health code violations are affecting the masses.

In Fresno, our officials have put more effort into covering up the evidence rather than showing any concern for the welfare or safety of residents. As the city is being turned inside out to replace the water system, public records are being altered to cover up the evidence, which allows our city officials to deny any knowledge or responsibility for the aftermath.

Upon being caught, Senior risk analyst claims it was Alan Autry who ordered the Restraining Order to be issued against me ~ calling me a “liar” about this as well as the gruesome crimes being committed against unsuspecting residents in order to “clear the path” so this can continue. They committed perjury followed by death threats if I continue to expose this.


Click: Fresno’s Mayor told people what they wanted to “HEAR” – LIES

CLICK: Truth behind Fresno’s ADA violations EXPOSED!

CLICK: Fresno does not (will not) test tap water for pharmaceuticals

CLICK: Self-proclaimed N*zi behind Fresno’s water terrorism.

CLICK: More re: Polzin’s unsolved murder. Why is the City covering this up?


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He had ME deemed a “liar” and danger to THEM! Below is evidence of who the “liars” and “dangers” are. More pictures and evidence can be found in links listed above.

“You cannot replace sewer or water lines without destroying the connecting properties!”  Per City of Fresno’s water division.

No argument from me.  That is why a Restraining Order was issued against me – because I stand behind official city records!  The ones that verify exactly what is taking place throughout Fresno, CA – it is my understanding that this is taking place throughout the central valley.

Below is a copy of a sewer layout, including what happened when the street was widened 8′ and water and sewer lines were secretly replaced down the alley i.e., major reconstruction, altered property lines, relocation of storm drains, utility poles, etc.

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Sewer and water lines on private properties are now clamped.

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You will find no record for this.  No permits, inspections, nothing.  The effort is put into covering up the evidence i.e., altered parcel maps, altered aerial views, altered directories, online archives altered, etc.  That way, your city officials avoid taking responsibility for the massive destruction, code violations, mold, and medical crises that accompany this operation i.e., trail of asthma, respiratory, cellulitis, amputation, death follow this nightmare.

No safety precautions, resulting in ongoing sewage discharges as this continues.  So keep in mind that sewage pollution is one of the deadliest toxins known to man. Arson in Fresno is over 4.5 x the national average, also adding to the pollution as this continues. Our soil, air, and tap water are contaminated with more than we are being told.

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1 in 6 school children carry inhalers. Our tap water is so nasty that pregnant women are advised not to drink it. MRSA is being spread.

What are your officials doing about it? Lying and covering up records so you don’t learn the truth. In some cases, they are deliberately discharging raw sewage onto private and city property and paying their risk analyst to lie about the cause. Property owners are then told that unless they sign a “release” the raw sewage will not be cleaned up – that release is then used by the city to avoid responsibility for the ensuing theft, damages, illnesses and deaths. How is that for a set-up.

Fresno, CA – the city with the highest asthma rate in the nation. Asthma and heart disease – Fresno’s worst 2 heatlh crisies. Coincidence? Sewage pollution is linked to asthma and heart disease. People are DYING as a result of these diseases. Yet instead of offering help, the public is lied to as it continues!

Always pointing fingers, blaming others and misguiding the focus, this is the latest classic – blaming it on outdoor grilling! 

      “When your burger cooks on the grill, grease drips down and sizzles, sparking flame and spewing smoke. That smoke and other vapors contain dangerous particles that often escape into the atmosphere.”

For complete article: http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090308/A_NEWS/90308003 “Valley’s air police want a word with your burger” 3/8/09

No one sees, suspects or questions anything as the public is being laughed at for being so gullible and oblivious. According to the ringleader, upcoming water diversion. The joke is that the public will never figure this out. See my blog regarding Valley Sewage Pollution is Deadly. http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/fresnos-sewage-pollution-is-deadly/

Deliberate and repeated exposure/flooding of raw sewage, followed by lies about the cause.
This is what the City of Fresno, CA’s risk analyst did to my neighbors and me – showed up after these horrendous occurrences of being deluged in toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage. Rather than give us a chance to protect our families, our belongings or ourselves, the risk analyst always showed up AFTER these events, deeming them to be the result of, “negligence in sewer maintenance.”  Yet there had never been any investigation.  Upon questioning her about this, she refused to answer.  She took countless photographs each time, yet had 0 photographs of the reason she claimed to be coming out – 0 photographs of the damages.  It was all a set-up for burglary and what was coming.  
Upon being asked why the flooding was taking place down the alley, since she said the cause was at the other end, the risk analyst’s response was, “Ignore it.”  Upon expressing concern about all the raw sewage going into back yards, which would surely result in illness and/or death, she responded, “Not my problem.”
My handicapped uncle’s hospitalization coincided with these sewage back spills.  I experienced on-going illness, respiratory, cellulitis of the feet.  My neighbor’s health deteriorated and his foot infection became so bad it had to be amputated – he died, age 50.  Pleas to test the soil were refused – she said, “Not my job.”   
Then came the so-called citywide “upgrade” on Olive Ave.  Things went beyond Olive Ave., as the sidewalk and alley were torn up.  The heavy equipment remained in front of these properties for several days, as the sewer and water lines were replaced in the alley.  To date, the risk analyst and her supervisor, Kerry Trost, deny what took place.  Their own records verify exactly what was done – so do photographs from Fresno Flood Control. They had the audacity to have our properties robbed, torn apart and haphazardly patched back together.  Then the risk analyst told me her “release for clean-up” cleared her of any responsibility for ANYTHING – Mr. Trost merely said, “Too bad – that is private property.”  Pleading for help from Mayor Autry resulted in having him instruct these risk analysts to have a Restraining Order against me, turning the tables and deeming ME a “danger” to THEM!  Death threats followed.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!?!?
As you have probably figured out, that is what the repeated sewage back spills were about – sewer and water lines were being cut and altered, in preparation for the upcoming construction to city and private property.  All very planned and deliberate.  On top of all the other violations – is this not considered murder?
In another attempt to have the issue addressed, I asked Kerry Trost about the new and relocated water meter in the alley.  And why was I stuck paying a local plumber for a bill because of the associated problems.        

Mr. Trost was angry as he demanded, “That is YOUR problem, it is on YOUR property!”  Upon reminding Mr. Trost that I do not own the alley nor am I responsible for maintaining the city water meters, he then demanded, “THIS IS OVER!”  Mr. Trost, who stipulated in his Restraining Order that I am not allowed to discuss this with anyone at the City of Fresno other than him, has steadfastly REFUSED to acknowledge my countless attempts to ask or discuss ANY of this.  (In addition to violating my civil and human rights, is he not violating his own Restraining Order?  In addition to refusing public information that pertains to public health?)  In reality, the water meter is connected to the sewer vent in my back yard that went from 2′ to 10′ from the fence as shown in the above picture – further evidence of what took place. 
This is one of the most henious operations one can imagine.  I not only reported what had been done to my family’s properties, I reported suspected homicide among my family members, poisoning and attempted murder of me.  I reported the same lies told to my neighbor who was also set up for annihilation – he was never seen again; the risk analyst was the last person seen speaking to him (lying.)  His property was also stripped, gutted and reconstructed differently. New deed looks forged; more suspected homicide.  Neighbor across the street was shot/killed when this was done to his property. Utility poles relocated by the fake work crew, which resulted in an additional $900 to my utility bill.  We lost our income properties, robbed of everything, sewer/water lines replaced with corroded trash, ongoing horrors and death threats. 
As for my neighbor, if that was not considered murder, what exactly would the term be?


NOTE:  I later recalled one of the risk analyst’s associates, JCW, talking about foot amputation – he repeatedly brought up a list of people who had their foot/feet amputated; some died.  How could he have possibly predicted 1 yr in advance that my neighbor’s foot would be amputated?  From what I could figure out (because I knew 2 of the people who had their foot/feet amputated) was that like my neighbor, they were diabetic.  There are many articles regarding diabetics being more susceptible to staph and other disease-carrying organisms that breed in raw sewage.  (To this day, the widow does not know about the massive amount of raw sewage that repeatedly flooded their back yard.  But the risk analyst can verify that for 2 days I refused to sign the first release due to the fact that this situation would obviously result in illness/death – everyone on the block was entitled to be warned about what had taken place.  I was a care provider at the time – I had no choice but to sign due to further jeopardizing our lives.  Reporting this woman turned out to be the crime!)

The man I am referring to, regarding his prediction of my neighbor’s foot amputation is the man who was poisoning me with intent to take my family’s properties as well as my neighbor’s property over (the neighbor who appears to have “vanished.”)  Fraudulent legal documents had already been prepared for my family’s properties.  New deed for my neighbor’s property looks forged – new owner lives next door to THIS MAN!  A man with a trail of VERIFIED forgeries of other property “acquired” by fraud.

Could that be another reason for Mayor Autry having the Restraining Order issued against ME?!?  This man is one of his friends/associates!  (The fact that he believes it to be a mutual “friendship” makes this even more tragic.  He and his entourage refer to the Mayor as their “puppet” and the others as “easy.”)

To better understand the layout of this nightmare, click here ===>  http://fresnorealestatefraudtheft.blogspot.com/2008/09/unsolved-murder-puzzle-fresno-ca.html

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