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Back in 1938, widening Olive Ave. (Tower District) a mere 2’ was front-page news!
Olive Ave. remained a tight, narrow, 2-lane street.  Traffic was slow through Fresno’s “historic” Tower District but the thought of widening the street again was absurd.  The streets were lined with store-front properties – the destruction it would cause was unthinkable, the public (let alone property owners) would never agree.
So how it is possible that Olive Ave. now has a middle lane?
Actually, countless people saw it being widened 1 block at a time over the past several decades.  But it was done so slowly, it did not call attention to what was taking place – the fires, reconstruction, the annihilations / takeovers.  Below – do you remember all these fires?  Keep in mind this does not include all the fires down the residential streets as parcels were being rebuilt on top of the revised underground infrastructures.
As the fires and reconstruction continued, property lines were being shifted in a “ripple affect.”  Below – this is not to scale, just an idea of what one block looked like “Before and After.”  Including Olive Ave. widened; side streets widened; relocation of utility poles, storm drains, etc.
It had been going on for decades when, in 1991, the City of Fresno wanted to RE-ASSURE the public that Olive Ave. would never be widened.
And here, in 2006, you see Mayor Alan Autry backing up perjury to deny the annihilation of several property owners (including my family and me) in order to tear the properties apart  and rebuild with trash on top of cross-connected gas lines for another Olive Ave. fire, followed by illegal takeovers – then have me threatened if I ever contacted or pled for help again.
Upon exposing trails of dead victims, pawns and participants, including evidence behind so many fires, murders and deaths that followed victims being deliberately exposed to deadly sewage (timed and deliberate) – fraudulent and forged legal documents / insurance papers of dead victims – corrupt insurance agents, attorneys and title companies behind illegal takeovers – multi-million dollar cover-up of evidence behind the fires and murders ensued.
The City of Fresno then had more records altered, “historic” aerial views altered, photos discarded or scanned/altered to the current layout as “proof” that Olive Ave. was never widened.
NOTE:  Although this is taking place FAR beyond Fresno’s “Historic” Tower District – stay tuned, this area (and beyond) is also being taken over for the high-speed rail project.  Killings, properties turned over to participants, then the City can step in with more imminent domain takeovers at little cost, without any protest. That would also explain why exposing the atrocities was treated as the biggest crime of all!

Of course you were shocked that the City of Fresno denies widening Olive Ave., since  you not only SAW it take place (one block at a time as I have been stating) –  the front of your property was cut back when it took place on your block! (I distinctly remember the spacious area and walkway in front of your property – little remains. Our properties were already lined up to the sidewalk – impossible to widen the street without the entire buildings being cut back / set back significantly.) Rather than even discuss this with us, my earlier Notes (and a portion of this one) describe how they accomplished such a feat.


Before you go to the  City of Fresno to verify this cover-up, you should know what you will be up  against.

Risk analyst, Rose Miranda, was paid to lie about the recurring sewage  spills on my family’s properties.  I was a care provider to Rolf at the time,  being administered chemicals that kept me oblivious to what was taking place –  the underground utilities were being replaced with trash, relocated,  cross-connected.  Utility poles relocated.  More.

The sewage spills were planned and deliberate – Ms. Miranda insisted I was  not to speak to anyone at the City of Fresno other than her regarding these  events.  Her comment regarding the ensuing illnesses, infections, deaths, “Not  my problem.”  With preparations of widening this block of Olive Ave., they  needed Rolf dead since the properties were in his name.  Mission accomplished.   My home was next on the menu; plans for my death were also underway. 

Upon exposing more evidence of what took place, the newly-clamped lines,  the reconstruction, the street widening, Ms. Miranda told me I “imagined  it.”  The last time we spoke, she apparently thought I was already dead when she  agreed about what was done to these properties, explaining that the City was not  liable because: 

1.  It is private property;

2.  There is no record for any of it because “the previous owner had it  done!” 

Rolf left dead, bled of ten$ of thousand$ in so-called “repairs” as the  properties were being torn apart then 2 of the 3 taken by fraud, I was robbed,  raped, catheterized while incapacitated as the major construction was taking  place.  Insurance fraud, real estate fraud – house now with a mortgage I did not  have previous, in fear for my life, I screamed at this woman – WHY / HOW COULD  SHE DO THIS TO ME?!?  She then recruited senior risk analyst, Kerry Trost, and  together they had a Restraining Order issued against me – calling me a “liar”  and “crazy” and “danger to THEIR lives” while denying everything that was done  to these properties – even denying that Olive Ave. was widened (which could not  have been possible without the reconstruction that took place.)  At this point,  they had me prohibited from speaking to anyone at the City of Fresno other than  Kerry Trost.   Who smirked, “You will never prove it.”  All my documents had  been stolen; photos scanned/altered to make it appear that things were always  like this!


I then uncovered more evidence – not only verification of Olive Ave. being widened – the City’s own unaltered water layout,  which verified exactly what took place on our properties (last on the block to undergo the alterations.)  Kerry Trost demanded, “That is YOUR  problem, it is on YOUR property!”  I do not maintain the water meters, sewer  manholes in the alley – that is City property and clearly it was all relocated,  which was impossible without the destruction / reconstruction of the connecting  properties (verified by the Planning Dept.)  “You did not see us do anything so  you can’t prove it!”  “You should have watched your properties more closely.”   He then told me that he did a “drive by” inspection and did not see anything out  of the ordinary.  Then said that my neighbors did not see anything, therefore,  none of this happened – not even widening of Olive Ave.  MY NEIGHBORS WERE  RECRUITED / REWARDED TO PARTICIPATE THEN LIE/DENY!  Kerry Trost refused to speak  to me again.

So I again contacted the City of Fresno in an attempt to get help.  That  resulted in a threatening letter if I contacted them again – as well as Mayor  Alan Autry backing up the perjury to deny what took place here.

After the 3-yr Restraining Order ended I went back to City Hall, met with  risk analyst Kevin Watkins.  By this point I had unaltered aerial views, photos,  unaltered water layout, old parcel map showing original property lines.  I also  gave him a copy of the sexual harassment from the City of Fresno.  Mr. Watkins  had me wait 20-30 min as he took all of this to his superiors.  Upon his return  he said, “This does not prove anything.”  WHAT THE HELL?!?  It proved  EVERYTHING!


As for the sexual harassment, Mr. Watkins not only denied  the City was involved – he implied that I created it and posted it to  myself!


Two years ago, City Council had a meeting pertaining to Olive Ave. / Tower  District.  I dropped by to discuss what took place – including the widening of Olive Ave.

CLICK: My Brief Meeting with Fresno Planning Dept. (Mike Sanchez

All I can do is look back.  This explains the decades of turning my siblings and I against one  another – with me appearing the “crazy” one due to the chemicals.  No one would believe anything I said – my credibility and reputation were beyond destroyed.  All in preparation for overriding me, Trustee of Rolf’s properties.  .Wilbert  Swieso could not allow the properties to be divided equally among my siblings  after Rolf’s death as intended – so with all ties severed, he conspired in overriding the  IRREVOCABLE TRUST, appointing himself in charge “should something happen to  me” – as well as a fraudulent insurance policy on me, appointing himself  “beneficiary!”  How is that for Fresno’s long-time, highly-respected Estate  Planner.  Once again, all help / reports prohibited.  Siblings paid off; illegal  distribution of assets.  With my final departure underway, and siblings who  stepped into the “rotation system” no one would ever know.

CLICK:  Swieso /  Silva, atty FRAUD

BE VERY CAREFUL – in addition to attorneys, estate planners, insurance agents, bankers, and local officials – as I mentioned, their participants are linked, intertwining, relocating as this continues:

Remember the 2 who bought the commercial building next door to you –  renovated it then sold it?  They were my neighbors across the street, who I have  been posting about.  After they finished the building next door to you they  bought a nearby house (Echo Ave.) and did the same thing before selling.  I  repeat – the people involved in this operation are rewarded after the structures  have been rebuilt on top of the secretly-replaced water system, hence the  murders, running people out of business, etc.  The City alters evidence and prohibits reports.

Your neighbor across the street used to be married to the woman  catty-corner from me.   Which corner?  The one next door to the Polzin murder,  where the occupants lied about what took place – then the City offered a reward  for information but refused to accept it.  By the way, one of the 2 people who  lied is the former roommate of the person who bought that structure next door to  you.  That other roommate relocated 2 doors north and repeated the scenario in  that house as well as what was done to my family and our properties.  All of  whom claim Olive Ave. was not widened.  (The dead do not argue.  Nor expose fraudulent legal documents behind illegal takeovers.)

CLICK:  William Polzin’s Unsolved Murder Cover-Up

As you know, our properties were located 2 doors east of Mr. Polzin – the  annihilations began earlier, after Rolf, I was next on the menu – fraudulent  legal documents, fraudulent insurance policy, illegal conversion of assets,  more.  In this case, the underground utilities had been cross-connected to  neighbors on both sides – in preparation for a massive explosion / fire.  (You  know about all the other fires down Olive Ave.)

CLICK:  Down’s Syndrome Man Annihilated Behind City of Fresno  Water Scam

Of course the neighbors on both sides  participated in decades of preparations.  Once they served their purposes, the  one to the north ended up dead.  Wilbert Swieso (at the core) built a new fence  separating us – much taller, backwards so they could not climb on it – said he  did not want them to see what was going on.  Nor were they home when the sewage  flooded their yard.  Jeffry C. Winslow told me 1 yr in advance EXACTLY how the husband would  die – dead, age 49.

CLICK:  Look Who is Spreading Infections, Disease, Amputations, Death.

Widow next door continues to deny what took place – going as far as to recruit her nephew etal in covering up what she had been a part of.  More payoffs / rewards.

CLICK:  Next Door Neighbor

The risk analyst, who set up Rolf and me  for annihilation, also set up the owner of the Laundromat 1 door east.  This is  the one I told you was never seen again, same time I saw Wilbert Swieso forging  the wife’s name on an insurance application, “You can’t live for the dead.”   Once again, the City denied what took place on that property – prohibiting all  reports.  Coincidence?  Linked to Jeffry C. Winslow who said he would be taking  over ALL these properties.

CLICK:  Albert Perez, Set Up By City of Fresno

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