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* Hepatitis – An inflammation of the liver caused by infection or toxic agents and characterized by jaundice, fever, liver enlargement, and abdominal pain. Sewage backup is reported to be related to Hepatitis.

Inhalation of contaminated organisms is a simple way for micro organisms to penetrate the human body. It happens when we breathe aerosolized particles or contaminated dust.

A better understanding of the facts about sewer backup, potential health risks when exposed to sewage backup and its products and diseases transmission is the key to keep you and your family safe.



Diabetics are more susceptible to the staph/MRSA that breeds in raw sewage.

Article # 1 ===> http://www.research.va.gov/news/research_highlights/ulcer-011504.cfm

Article # 2 ===> Podiatry Today http://www.podiatrytoday.com/article/3695

MRSA: Where Do We Go From Here?
– By David G. Armstrong, DPM, MSc, PhD

“When it comes to diabetic foot infections, the presence of MRSA may lead to poorer outcomes, an increased risk of amputations, higher treatment costs and increased mortality.”


After sewage back spills, my neighbor contracted hepatitis. His foot became so infected it was amputated; he died age 50.


Look what happened to my feet as a result of the raw sewage.

Not to mention ongoing illnesses, respiratory – this is less than ONE YEAR!


My handicapped uncle’s hospitalizations and death coincided with the discharging of raw sewage.


Here Fresno, CA’s Tower District is the proof that the risk analyst was lying about the cause behind sewage back spills. They were 100% deliberate and intentional – behind secret replacement of the water system. Within 2 homes there was ongoing illness, respiratory, cellulitis, pseudomonas, repeated hospitalization, amputation, death and more.


Why does a sewer backup present a serious health threat? A sewer backup will always be the source of health hazards mainly because of the organic waste and wastewater that it contains. Such filthy place can be an easy nesting ground for bacteria, viruses and harmful micro organism. It is hazardous because of the many ways it carries diseases which is sometimes difficult to detect.

For you to truly understand the hazards sewer backup can bring to you and your family, one should learn what sewage first. Sewer backup is also known as septic tank waste or raw sewage.

Septic tank waste typically contains everything from wastewater to solid waste matter, human feces, industrial discharge and organic waste produced by households and industrial sources. It is unloaded by drains and sewage lines.

Harmful micro organisms such as coliform, fecal colifrom, Escherichia coliform and Enterococcus root from its main source excrement.

Being exposed to sewage or to its fecal contents may cause a number if diseases:

* Gastroenteritis – An inflammation of the stomach and intestine causing vomiting, diarrhea and cramps if irritation is too much. It is often accompanied with fever if gastroenteritis is a result of an infectious agent.

* Hepatitis – An inflammation of the liver caused by infection or toxic agents and characterized by jaundice, fever, liver enlargement, and abdominal pain. Sewage backup is reported to be related to Hepatitis.

*Occupational asthma – A respiratory disorder characterized by labored breathing, chest constriction and wheezing.

*Weil’s disease – A feverish condition marked by gastroenteritis, severe headache, pains in the back and calf prostration, and sometimes developing of mild jaundice.

*Allergic Alveolitis – An inflammation of the inner part of the lung (alveolitis). Sewage backup may be associated with this disease; nevertheless it is rarely reported with relation. It starts with fever, breathlessness, dry cough, muscular aches and malaise.

In addition, exposure to sewer backup may cause fatal damage to liver, kidney and blood disorder. Infection of skin or eyes is a sign of sewer backup related contamination.

It is an important thing to know how disease can be transmitted. Knowing the transmission pattern of sewage backup related diseases provides preventive ways for micro organisms to get in a human body.

The most common way of transmission is mouth-to-mouth contact and it happens during eating and smoking
. Hand-to-mouth contact can also transmit disease. It occurs while wiping the face with something contaminated such as hand or gloves.
Another possible transmission is skin contact, when skin comes in contact with contaminated matter through cuts, scratches or deep wounds. Certain parasites can enter the body by means of entering through the surface of the eyes nose and mouth.

Inhalation of contaminated organisms is a simple way for micro organisms to penetrate the human body. It happens when we breathe aerosolized particles or contaminated dust.

A better understanding of the facts about sewer backup, potential health risks when exposed to sewage backup and its products and diseases transmission is the key to keep you and your family safe.




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The combination is nothing less than a death sentence.

CLICK: Swine Flu And MRSA Infections

CLICK: Kid’s Fatal Flu

During that time there was a fivefold increase in flu deaths in which the child also had a staph infection, and most of those staph infections were MRSA.
In many cases, flu deaths came quickly. “Influenza was often rapidly fatal with almost half of children dying within 72 hours of the onset of symptoms and 75% dying within seven days; almost half died at home or in the emergency department,” write Finelli and colleagues.

BEWARE CA Central Valley – MRSA is being spread through the raw sewage being discharged as the valley’s secret water diversion continues without permits, inspections or safety precautions.

In ONE year, MRSA increased 300% in Fresno. Officials reacted by increasing medical benefits for themselves while slamming the door on reports pertaining to what was contributing to the nightmare. More than our water is being taken from us. Massive cover-up at the cost of human lives.

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Another warning for Fresno, CA: Our city is dubbed, “The Asthma Capital of CA” where 1 in 6 school children carry inhalers. This is blamed on pollution – no mention of SEWAGE pollution behind the secret replacement of the water system by a group not authorized or licensed.

It has been indicated that mandatory swine flu vaccinations will begin with children who have asthma.

Swine flu shots could begin this fall 7/9/09

Officials are creating massive public health crises as they withhold and even cover up the truth from the public. To date they have allowed hospitals and doctors to be blamed for the increase in CA-MRSA. For the sake of everyone, the truth needs to be addressed before it is too late.

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Suspected homicide of my family and neighbors; attempted murder of me. Behind Alan Autry’s “new sidewalks” and “infrastructure upgrade.”

Additionally, there is illness, infections and disease being spread through the city’s new water system.

In case you are not aware of the new water system, that is because it was installed without the public’s knowledge; now tied into the “infrastructure upgrade.” But not in compliance with State and/or Federal guidelines. Major building, safety, environmental and health code violations are affecting the masses.

In Fresno, our officials have put more effort into covering up the evidence rather than showing any concern for the welfare or safety of residents. As the city is being turned inside out to replace the water system, public records are being altered to cover up the evidence, which allows our city officials to deny any knowledge or responsibility for the aftermath.

Upon being caught, Senior risk analyst claims it was Alan Autry who ordered the Restraining Order to be issued against me ~ calling me a “liar” about this as well as the gruesome crimes being committed against unsuspecting residents in order to “clear the path” so this can continue. They committed perjury followed by death threats if I continue to expose this.


Click: Fresno’s Mayor told people what they wanted to “HEAR” – LIES

CLICK: Truth behind Fresno’s ADA violations EXPOSED!

CLICK: Fresno does not (will not) test tap water for pharmaceuticals

CLICK: Self-proclaimed N*zi behind Fresno’s water terrorism.

CLICK: More re: Polzin’s unsolved murder. Why is the City covering this up?


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He had ME deemed a “liar” and danger to THEM! Below is evidence of who the “liars” and “dangers” are. More pictures and evidence can be found in links listed above.

“You cannot replace sewer or water lines without destroying the connecting properties!”  Per City of Fresno’s water division.

No argument from me.  That is why a Restraining Order was issued against me – because I stand behind official city records!  The ones that verify exactly what is taking place throughout Fresno, CA – it is my understanding that this is taking place throughout the central valley.

Below is a copy of a sewer layout, including what happened when the street was widened 8′ and water and sewer lines were secretly replaced down the alley i.e., major reconstruction, altered property lines, relocation of storm drains, utility poles, etc.

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Sewer and water lines on private properties are now clamped.

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You will find no record for this.  No permits, inspections, nothing.  The effort is put into covering up the evidence i.e., altered parcel maps, altered aerial views, altered directories, online archives altered, etc.  That way, your city officials avoid taking responsibility for the massive destruction, code violations, mold, and medical crises that accompany this operation i.e., trail of asthma, respiratory, cellulitis, amputation, death follow this nightmare.

No safety precautions, resulting in ongoing sewage discharges as this continues.  So keep in mind that sewage pollution is one of the deadliest toxins known to man. Arson in Fresno is over 4.5 x the national average, also adding to the pollution as this continues. Our soil, air, and tap water are contaminated with more than we are being told.

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1 in 6 school children carry inhalers. Our tap water is so nasty that pregnant women are advised not to drink it. MRSA is being spread.

What are your officials doing about it? Lying and covering up records so you don’t learn the truth. In some cases, they are deliberately discharging raw sewage onto private and city property and paying their risk analyst to lie about the cause. Property owners are then told that unless they sign a “release” the raw sewage will not be cleaned up – that release is then used by the city to avoid responsibility for the ensuing theft, damages, illnesses and deaths. How is that for a set-up.

Fresno, CA – the city with the highest asthma rate in the nation. Asthma and heart disease – Fresno’s worst 2 heatlh crisies. Coincidence? Sewage pollution is linked to asthma and heart disease. People are DYING as a result of these diseases. Yet instead of offering help, the public is lied to as it continues!

Always pointing fingers, blaming others and misguiding the focus, this is the latest classic – blaming it on outdoor grilling! 

      “When your burger cooks on the grill, grease drips down and sizzles, sparking flame and spewing smoke. That smoke and other vapors contain dangerous particles that often escape into the atmosphere.”

For complete article: http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090308/A_NEWS/90308003 “Valley’s air police want a word with your burger” 3/8/09

No one sees, suspects or questions anything as the public is being laughed at for being so gullible and oblivious. According to the ringleader, upcoming water diversion. The joke is that the public will never figure this out. See my blog regarding Valley Sewage Pollution is Deadly. http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/fresnos-sewage-pollution-is-deadly/

How far does Mayor Alan Autry’s involvement in Wilbert G. Swieso and Jeffry C. Winslow’s operation go – destroying families, forging and altering legal documents in order to burglarize, take property and assets and in some cases, suspected homicide as they clear the path for Public Works to carry illegal altering of the city water supply.  According to Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst for the City of Fresno, it was Mayor Autry who ordered a Restraining Order issued against me – AFTER Public Works conspired in annihilating my family and neighbors, leaving a trail of suspected homicide, poisoning, attempted murder, more forgeries, fraudulent legal documents, real estate fraud, and more.  It was not intended that I would still be alive.
My family worked many years and made countless sacrifices for what they had.  Prior to leaving me in charge of their estate, they spent years teaching and advising me on what to do when the time came – their business, my handicapped uncle’s care, and seeing that assets were distributed equally among the beneficiaries. 
How could we have known that Wilbert G. Swieso and the City of Fresno had other plans.  Poisoning and filming me with hidden cameras was in preparation for annihilation and seizing control of our properties and assets.  People among the Swieso group convinced me that my siblings were out to destroy me and leave me homeless – ties were severed and I was referred to an attorney to prepare a legal document that would remove any links between us after my caregiving duties ended.  Not with intentions of cheating them but with intentions of giving me time to get back on my feet without ending in the street.  The document was created by a local attorney and my siblings agreed to sign.  INSTEAD, because I wanted to make DOUBLY sure that everything was handled 100% legally, I took that document to the initial attorney for verification.  He said it was NOT legal – the property was in an Irrevocable Trust, which my parents spent many thousands of dollars to ensure would not be broken – it was IMPOSSIBLE to alter.  That was the end of that document.
Wilbert Swieso never took his thumb off me – 5 yrs later, immediately following the death of my handicapped uncle, he introduced me to his estate attorney who prepared fraudulent documents – both of these gentlemen assuring me all was legal when in fact, the Trust was to end and be distributed.  They lied to me while assuring me how important it was that these documents be created – appointing Wilbert G. Swieso, “Successor Trustee” to property IN AN IRREVOCABLE TRUST!  In the condition I was being kept in, I was oblivious – I trusted this man as anyone should be able to trust him.  The attorney as well.  Mr. Swieso later enrolled me in a fraudulent life insurance policy, appointing himself “beneficiary.”  He said this is how he would pay for the new Porsche he always wanted – showing me brochures. 
Behind my back, years had gone into severing ties for what was coming – annihilation and taking my family’s properties over.  In fact it was the very person who is suspected of overdosing my father, resulting in his death, who referred to me to the first attorney.  He was seen in my father’s home next door, after I filed a Restraining Order against him.  He telephoned as my father’s body was being taken away, claiming to “be in the neighborhood” wanting to see what was going on.  Never did I know of his connection to Mr. Swieso or Mr. Winslow (below.)  Or the coroner, who denied my father an autopsy!  I was even severed from my other uncle, who I had promised to take care of.  I was blacklisted among all, due to my horrible behavior and filthy mouth while being administered unknown chemicals.  The path was being cleared for what was coming.  Belongings were “planted” in my home which I was accused of stealing – that would allow these people to later steal from me?  These are the people who were later treated as the victims and credible witnesses.  As long as you can make your victim appear to be the most horrible person on the planet, no one looks at YOU or YOUR trail.  (“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” ~ Voltaire) 
Jeffry C. Winslow is Mr. Swieso’s associate in this operation.  Mr. Winslow told me he was taking over my family’s properties, my home as well as the Laundromat across the alley.  He said I would soon be meeting the others (my family and others), including this man’s former wife, “in another world.”  I was being set up for my final departure.  With the path cleared, no one would see, argue or try to help, when this group “gutted” and shoddily reconstructed the properties so Public Works could replace water lines without authorization, permits, inspections, or safety precautions. New deeds reflecting altered plat/parcel maps to line up to the property lines that changed – as done from one end of town to the other.  (In this case, fraudulent financing information is further evidence of how they intended on taking the properties.)
This explained what Mr. Winslow said about taking over the Laundromat – the owner of the Laundromat would also have to be eliminated in order to pull this off!
The city actually PAID their risk analyst to lie to the owner of the Laundromat and me about the cause behind repeated sewage back spills.  No concern about toxic, infectious, disease-carrying sewage flowing down the alley, seeping into back yards – flooding my next door neighbor’s yard.  Clearly, it would result in death/illness, which is why I refused to sign the “release for clean-up” for 2 days – the neighbors were entitled to be warned and instructed on how to handle such a crisis.  The risk analyst merely said, “Don’t worry about it.”  I was still a caregiver – after 48 hrs of my belongings setting in toxic waste, I had no choice but to sign.  My next-door-neighbor’s health declined (hepatitis, common with exposure to raw sewage); foot became infected and amputated; deceased at age 50.  (Diabetics are more susceptible to staph and other organisms that breed in raw sewage – Winslow has a score card of name of people who have had their foot/feet amputated.  He predicted my neighbor’s foot amputation 1 yr in advance.)  My handicapped uncle’s hospitalizations coincided with these events (not all were reported to the city.)  I endured respiratory, ongoing illness, recurring cellulitis of both feet.  The risk analyst merely said, “Not my problem.” 
My uncle’s death (suspected homicide) coincided with the citywide upgrade – that is when Mr. Swieso hired me, which left no one home as theft and major alterations were underway.  Even though I saw the heavy equipment and the street, sideway and alley torn up, in addition to major construction of the Laundromat, never did I suspect what was taking place or planned to happen to our properties.  Just after the risk analyst lied for the last time about the sewage back spills, so sure of my final departure, my home was opened up for any/all to come help themselves.  (A home, that in my condition, had become a nightmare in itself.)  The owner of the Laundromat was never seen again. 
The damages were so horrendous, along with Swieso’s additional corruption, my family and I lost our 2 income properties; everything on all 3 properties stolen and replaced with trash.  I was called a “liar” with every attempt to report what had been done.  No help, no answers, prohibited from filing an insurance claim for ANY of this. 
I lost everything, including my family.  Left unemployed, in a home that is a shambles, in fear for my life.  Pleading for help resulted in Mayor Alan Autry having this same risk analyst, who set us up for annihilation, issue a Restraining Order against me – turning the tables and deeming ME a “danger” to HER!  And a “liar” and “crazy.”  Let me mention that not only were my family and I were on our own properties when the city stepped in to wipe us out, the city’s own sewer layout verifies EXACTLY what they did to these properties – the reconstruction speaks for itself.  Stripped of human rights, protection, the group returned to further rape, rob and more altering of water, gas and electrical lines covered with new cement.  Clearly, I am still being set up for my final departure.
In my attempt to prove that this has been done to others, I provided Mr. Winslow’s trail – including forgeries of his former wife (who he said is “in another world”) verified by an expert handwriting analyst.  Forgeries of her mother, altered legal documents, putting assets into a Trust for later distribution among siblings, etc.  Ties among Mrs. Winslow and her sisters had been severed due to her “behavior” – described exactly as mine.  This was a near-identical scenario that was played out with my family!  As if the first attorney I went to (described above) was not angry enough with me for uncovering the first fraudulent legal documents for my family’s properties, imagine her anger when I discovered that she was the estate attorney for Mrs. Winslow’s sisters and their estate.    
Mr. Winslow is owner of Mono Hot Springs Resort, where he met his wife.  Where he refers to himself as a “predator” – boasting of hidden cameras; guests losing their belongings and in some cases, homes robbed and/or burned down followed by employees showing up with jewelry, clothes, etc. they said were “given” to them.  Can you imagine this man being allowed to continue running such a business, with a trail like he has – no investigation?
As horrible as I became while being poisoned, regardless of the filthy mouth and what I appeared to be, never did I intend to cheat my siblings out of their inheritance.  Even if I wanted to, the Trust prohibited such actions.  As it turned out, this group stepped in and took over, as planned so many years earlier.  Family treasures and heirlooms stolen and/or switched prior to “sharing” with my siblings.  Everything my family worked lifetimes for was destroyed and taken by this group.  I was severed and lost everything I owned.  Rather than help, the goal remains in keeping the truth from being exposed as the lies, name-calling and death threats continue.
Mayor Autry does not want the truth about the Laundromat from being exposed either – that was made clear by the senior risk analyst who also committed perjury to cover up the actions of the risk analyst who lied and set us up for what took place.  The Laundromat was also “gutted” and reconstructed differently, on top of the replaced sewer/water lines.  Signature on new (2004) deed looks like the one I saw Swieso forge (trace) on an insurance application while saying, “You can’t live for the dead” (2002?); same misspelling. New owner lives next door to Winslow – the man who said he would be taking the Laundromat over as his own. 
Several of the names involved with Mr. Swieso, including the attorney who conspired in fraudulent legal documents, are linked to William Polzin, who was shot/killed when this took place on his property across the street.  Same “planted” neighbors being used as “credible witness” that none of this was taking place at the time of the murder – because the alterations to city sewer/water lines and private property was also taking place on the property they were renting; the connections were linked and lead to the tree planter in the street.  Despite Fresno Police detectives offering a reward for information regarding the Polzin murder – it does not appear that the information is wanted or even allowed.  There are others.
This accompanies the “citywide upgrade” that Mayor Autry boasts about.  You know, the one he claims is responsible for reducing crime in the city.  I supposed that would depend on one’s version of “crime.”  To date, reporting this nightmare has been treated as the biggest crime of all.  Perhaps like the rest of this group, Mayor Autry feels more comfortable when sneaking and conspiring behind the backs of victims – that way they can’t argue or defend themselves.  Once they are dead – they don’t complain.  When they don’t complain, there is no crime?  Keep in mind that he had a Restraining Order issued against ME – making ME the criminal.  What was my crime – accidentally surviving?  At least temporarily?  (Discrediting me is the same technique as the “planted” tenants who filed fraudulent lawsuits while threatening to own – later portraying themselves as victims.)
Imagine living such a nightmare, where every report results in being called a “liar.”  Mayor Autry turned me into shark bait for his group to return and continue raping, gassing, robbing and more.  He made sure there would be no consequences for anyone but ME!  There is a distinct “rotation pattern” to this operation.  My siblings stepped right into it – they will be eliminated as well, if not already.  To date it has been implied that 2 of the 3 are now dead; Mayor Autry would know more about that than I would.  His group prevented me from protecting my other family members, our properties and assets; he made sure that I and the other family members will follow.  That is how this operation continues.  There is no help or justice for anyone – dead or alive. 
Deliberate and repeated exposure/flooding of raw sewage, followed by lies about the cause.
This is what the City of Fresno, CA’s risk analyst did to my neighbors and me – showed up after these horrendous occurrences of being deluged in toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage. Rather than give us a chance to protect our families, our belongings or ourselves, the risk analyst always showed up AFTER these events, deeming them to be the result of, “negligence in sewer maintenance.”  Yet there had never been any investigation.  Upon questioning her about this, she refused to answer.  She took countless photographs each time, yet had 0 photographs of the reason she claimed to be coming out – 0 photographs of the damages.  It was all a set-up for burglary and what was coming.  
Upon being asked why the flooding was taking place down the alley, since she said the cause was at the other end, the risk analyst’s response was, “Ignore it.”  Upon expressing concern about all the raw sewage going into back yards, which would surely result in illness and/or death, she responded, “Not my problem.”
My handicapped uncle’s hospitalization coincided with these sewage back spills.  I experienced on-going illness, respiratory, cellulitis of the feet.  My neighbor’s health deteriorated and his foot infection became so bad it had to be amputated – he died, age 50.  Pleas to test the soil were refused – she said, “Not my job.”   
Then came the so-called citywide “upgrade” on Olive Ave.  Things went beyond Olive Ave., as the sidewalk and alley were torn up.  The heavy equipment remained in front of these properties for several days, as the sewer and water lines were replaced in the alley.  To date, the risk analyst and her supervisor, Kerry Trost, deny what took place.  Their own records verify exactly what was done – so do photographs from Fresno Flood Control. They had the audacity to have our properties robbed, torn apart and haphazardly patched back together.  Then the risk analyst told me her “release for clean-up” cleared her of any responsibility for ANYTHING – Mr. Trost merely said, “Too bad – that is private property.”  Pleading for help from Mayor Autry resulted in having him instruct these risk analysts to have a Restraining Order against me, turning the tables and deeming ME a “danger” to THEM!  Death threats followed.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!?!?
As you have probably figured out, that is what the repeated sewage back spills were about – sewer and water lines were being cut and altered, in preparation for the upcoming construction to city and private property.  All very planned and deliberate.  On top of all the other violations – is this not considered murder?
In another attempt to have the issue addressed, I asked Kerry Trost about the new and relocated water meter in the alley.  And why was I stuck paying a local plumber for a bill because of the associated problems.        

Mr. Trost was angry as he demanded, “That is YOUR problem, it is on YOUR property!”  Upon reminding Mr. Trost that I do not own the alley nor am I responsible for maintaining the city water meters, he then demanded, “THIS IS OVER!”  Mr. Trost, who stipulated in his Restraining Order that I am not allowed to discuss this with anyone at the City of Fresno other than him, has steadfastly REFUSED to acknowledge my countless attempts to ask or discuss ANY of this.  (In addition to violating my civil and human rights, is he not violating his own Restraining Order?  In addition to refusing public information that pertains to public health?)  In reality, the water meter is connected to the sewer vent in my back yard that went from 2′ to 10′ from the fence as shown in the above picture – further evidence of what took place. 
This is one of the most henious operations one can imagine.  I not only reported what had been done to my family’s properties, I reported suspected homicide among my family members, poisoning and attempted murder of me.  I reported the same lies told to my neighbor who was also set up for annihilation – he was never seen again; the risk analyst was the last person seen speaking to him (lying.)  His property was also stripped, gutted and reconstructed differently. New deed looks forged; more suspected homicide.  Neighbor across the street was shot/killed when this was done to his property. Utility poles relocated by the fake work crew, which resulted in an additional $900 to my utility bill.  We lost our income properties, robbed of everything, sewer/water lines replaced with corroded trash, ongoing horrors and death threats. 
As for my neighbor, if that was not considered murder, what exactly would the term be?


NOTE:  I later recalled one of the risk analyst’s associates, JCW, talking about foot amputation – he repeatedly brought up a list of people who had their foot/feet amputated; some died.  How could he have possibly predicted 1 yr in advance that my neighbor’s foot would be amputated?  From what I could figure out (because I knew 2 of the people who had their foot/feet amputated) was that like my neighbor, they were diabetic.  There are many articles regarding diabetics being more susceptible to staph and other disease-carrying organisms that breed in raw sewage.  (To this day, the widow does not know about the massive amount of raw sewage that repeatedly flooded their back yard.  But the risk analyst can verify that for 2 days I refused to sign the first release due to the fact that this situation would obviously result in illness/death – everyone on the block was entitled to be warned about what had taken place.  I was a care provider at the time – I had no choice but to sign due to further jeopardizing our lives.  Reporting this woman turned out to be the crime!)

The man I am referring to, regarding his prediction of my neighbor’s foot amputation is the man who was poisoning me with intent to take my family’s properties as well as my neighbor’s property over (the neighbor who appears to have “vanished.”)  Fraudulent legal documents had already been prepared for my family’s properties.  New deed for my neighbor’s property looks forged – new owner lives next door to THIS MAN!  A man with a trail of VERIFIED forgeries of other property “acquired” by fraud.

Could that be another reason for Mayor Autry having the Restraining Order issued against ME?!?  This man is one of his friends/associates!  (The fact that he believes it to be a mutual “friendship” makes this even more tragic.  He and his entourage refer to the Mayor as their “puppet” and the others as “easy.”)

To better understand the layout of this nightmare, click here ===>  http://fresnorealestatefraudtheft.blogspot.com/2008/09/unsolved-murder-puzzle-fresno-ca.html

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