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CENTRAL VALLEY “WATER SHORTAGE” – our water is being redirected ELSEWHERE.

Wilbert G. Swieso, ringleader who boasts of 50 yrs invested into the secret water diversion project further laughs, “The public believes whatever they are told.”

Mr. Swieso and his associate indicate citywide chemicals, which have left the masses unable to “see” what has taken place right under their noses. Other chemicals serve other purposes in “clearing the path” so it can continue. (Testing our tap water for pharmaceuticals is not allowed. CLICK —>No Testing) It appears that entire families are being further poisoned, turned against one another, allowing this mob to step in and seize control, so the secret replacement of the water system can continue. Trail of burglaries, ID theft, forged deeds, altered legal documents, suspected homicide, unsolved murders.

I was given a tour of the area beyond Friant / Millerton / Madera where new development is being planned. This is how water laws, rules and regulations were bypassed – 50 yrs of sneaking, lying, destroying and ….. see for yourself.

For those who are interested in seeing beyond the lies, altered public records and grandiose performances pertaining to CA Central Valley’s water shortage …… CLICK: Marla







Why should anyone believe anything these water districts say about a so-called “water shortage” – they are linked to Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC who is not only their insurance / pension agent, he is head of the City of Fresno’s fake work crew, annihilating various property owners in order to “clear the path” to secretly replace the water system for upcoming WATER DIVERSION! Robbing and tearing up private property; reconstruction; altered parcel maps and aerial views to cover up the evidence – He says this is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret water operation!” Swieso is a former employee of the City – check out what this man and his entourage have done over the past 50 yrs CLICK: —>

And as for these water districts – he had one of them conspire in a fraudulent insurance policy, stating I was their employee! Further appointing Swieso, “beneficiary!” His associate then told me I was about to meet the others in, “ANOTHER WORLD!” Fraudulent legal documents had already been prepared, appointing Swieso, “Successor Trustee” of my family’s properties! CLICK ON LINK: WGS’s Preparations For MY Final Departure


Then they targeted my next-door neighbor who was never seen again. The city risk analyst lied and set him up for execution. I saw Swieso forge the wife’s name while citing his motto: “You can’t live for the dead.” New deed looks like the same forgery; same misspelling. New owner to the property lives next door to Swieso’s partner, Winslow – linked to verified forgeries and more! CLICK: Was My Neighbor Executed Too?

Check out the trail of Swieso’s partner! —> Winslow’s Fraud, Forgeries, More

My neighbor, across the street, was murdered when this was done to his property! CLICK: Unsolved Murder Puzzle

Trying to get help or report this went no where. Kerry Trost, Sr Risk Analyst for the City of Fresno committed perjury to call me a “liar” – death threats followed. CLICK —>


While CA State Bar justified the attorney’s fraud – the attorney secretly closed up his office and fled! CLICK: —>  David A. Silva, atty


Elizabeth Egan, district attorney’s office blocked 3 different email addresses when I attempted to report this to her office. They even refused to acknowledge the facts behind the unsolved murder – because it would expose this 50-yr secret cover-up? They offer a reward for information to impress the public that they give a damn – then refuse the information.
Think I should go back to the City of Fresno for help? In addition to death threats …… CLICK: —> https://missmarla.wordpress.com/2009/03/05/city-of-fresno-ca-sexual-harassment-stalking-more/>Click: City of Fresno’s Sexual Harassment and More!







Think Fresno has a problem with arson?

Told ya so.  Hasn’t at least 1 structure been removed from each side of every block throughout town via a fire or condemning?  (Unclamped water lines beneath new cement.)  Click here for a recap of 18 fires within a 2-mi. stretch through the Tower Dist. ===>  http://fresnotowerdistrict.blogspot.com/2008/05/end-of-businesses-in-tower-dist-clue.html

Now guess why insurance premiums continue to escalate.





For more crime statistics see: 
10/17/08  Update: See comment(s) below.   
October 16, 2008  
3 articles below.  Whereas most cities show concern and try to prepare residents for an expected disaster, the City of Fresno, CA will not even address the issue of how a medium-to-large-size earthquake, which is predicted to occur in the near future, will likely wipe out the city.  After 50+/- yrs of secret altering of the city sewer, water and infrastructure, by a group who is not even licensed or authorized to TOUCH these areas, Fresno / Clovis is now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines; homes/office buildings reconstructed without permits or inspections.  Overhead and underground utilities completely altered and re-connected by this group (while some are even drinking), entailing massive building, safety, health and environmental code violations.  Regardless of what we are being told, the city’s water, sewer and power infrastructures cannot possibly be in compliance with State and Federal guidelines – there is not even any record for what these people are doing!  Instead, they alter plat/parcel maps and PG&E records to cover up the evidence!  Nothing has been put back using safety precautions or guidelines – I have seen them in action, sneaking and lying about what they are doing.  Conspiring with various city employees, including heavy-equipment operators.  This group is even annihilating people in order to vacate property to pull this off – their trail of ID theft, forgeries of people never seen again, illegal conversion of assets speaks for itself.  New deeds entail revised property lines and more fraudulent information, which is why there are no older records of Fresno.  It seems obvious that chances for survival have been greatly diminished, yet to date, the City refuses to even acknowledge this.  
Could this be what L.O.G. was talking about when he said that a major disaster would soon wipe the entire city out?  His daughter is a local FBI agent who he says is behind high-tech monitoring of residents as the atrocities continue taking place.  Others, behind the utility pole altering/reconnecting refer to themselves as “people watchers” and boast of monitoring residents inside and outside of their homes, allowing for further violations against innocent residents and pillaging of the city.  Another one said we were all going to die anyway, so it didn’t matter.  I find myself going back to my earlier suspicions – a planned “Katrina.”  (1981 Fwy 41 was built to serve as water channel for such an event – headed straight into the multi-million dollar projects downtown.)  The evidence behind such a disaster event would quickly eliminated / covered up.  What a surprise to even find an article called, “Earthquake Katrina!”  Imagine how something like this would benefit the very people behind all of this – with all of the financial and real estate theft, they would be the ones collecting the insurance claims and disaster relief funds.  A closer look shows the ringleaders linked to city officials and developers.   

Largest earthquake drill in U.S. history
[con’t …]
“This [the Cajon pass] is the center of a lot of the damage that’s going to be happening in the earthquake because this is what we call a lifeline corridor. A lot of the infrastructure that supports life in Southern California has to cross the fault at this location. As we did our analysis of what that big earthquake would be like we recognized that it’s a really important piece of the problem,” Jones said.
The USGS estimates that the San Fernando Valley would experience relatively low levels of shaking, while the Coachella, San Bernardino, Antelope and San Gabriel valleys would experience high levels of shaking. Shaking along the Cajon pass would disrupt utilities such as power lines, gas pipes, oil pipelines, fiber optic cables, and railroads.

“We are in a very aggressive campaign now, getting as many county residents as we can… signed up for the ShakeOut drill,” said County Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt. “The 400,000 people that I represent who live on the other side of this fault will very likely be cut off from the rest of Southern California and we need to train in that scenario… not only to repair the damage but… to get back to normal life after that,” Mitzelfelt added.
USGS Geophysicist and Earthquake Designer Kenneth Hudnut said that a large earthquake could occur soon if past statistics are anything to go by.
[con’t …]

Complete article can be found here ===>  http://www.highlandnews.net/articles/2008/10/16/news/04earthquake.txt 


Preparing for “Earthquake Katrina” & Levee Disaster in CAPORTION OF (4/30/07) ARTICLE BELOW:

In a scenario aptly dubbed “Earthquake Katrina,” the region will more likely than not experience a 6.7 magnitude – or greater – earthquake in the next few decades. The Delta’s levees are not designed to withstand a major flood, much less a major earthquake. A sudden levee failure of that extent would have serious impacts on the Delta ecosystem, already strained under the pressure of urban and agricultural resource demands, in addition to threatening human lives and property and disrupting water supplies and the state economy for months or years.

The Department of Water Resources estimates that levee damage due to an earthquake of this magnitude would require at least 15 months of repairs (realistically, much longer), flood as many as 85,000 acres of agricultural land and 3000 homes, and disrupt water and natural gas deliveries, shipping and transportation, with total costs to California’s economy in the range of $30 to 40 billion in the first five years.


Fresno County’s General Plan Update
February 2000
These 12 pages describe how Fresno could be affected by earthquakes and related seismic hazards.  It describes the active and potentially active faults within and adjacent to Fresno CountyGround shaking is the primary seismic hazard.  Settlement of groundwater and physical rearrangement.  Settlement of sufficient magnitude causes significant structural damage. 
The State of California provides standards for building design through the CA Uniform Building Code (CUBC) and has been modified for CA conditions and numerous more detailed and/or stringent regulations.  The State Earthquake protection law (CA Health & Safety Code 19100 et seq) requires that buildings be designed to resist stresses produced by lateral forces caused by wind and earthquakes.  Installation of underground utility lines must comply with industry standards specific to the type of utility (e.g., National Clay Pipe Institute for sewers and American Water Works Assn. for water lines.)  These standards contain specifications for installation and design. 
Fresno County Grading Ordinance (Section 7001, March 1991) stipulates safety and environmental measures for construction practices.  It is probable that Fresno will be affected by at least one moderate to large earthquake during the 20-yr timeframe of the General Plan.  Broken water supplies and sewer lines are a major concern.  (We are now approaching yr 9 of the predicted 20 yrs)


Year after year, Fresno’s urban sprawl continues to escalate.  So does the anger and disgust. 
This article, written by Bill Hatch, is brilliant.  But no matter how close anyone comes to describing the nightmare, they simply cannot put their finger on what or who could be behind such an ongoing mess.
This is another classic article, written by Scott Moore, “Fresno is a Royal Craphole.”  http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/Content?oid=114443&category=38037
This one was written last month:  http://www.ire.org/extraextra/car/urban-sprawl-remains-a-problem-in-fresno/  “Urban Sprawl Remains a Problem in Fresno.”  It lists everything from the sprawl, pollution, poverty, historic buildings, development, etc.  Lawsuits are being filed but still, no one has ever figured out what is behind all of this.
Another favorite – it not only describes the obvious problems but goes on to mention development, corruption, Operation Rezone, and more.  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/1999/09/01/MN51FRE.DTL  “Sprawl, Clutter Define Fresno – Civic corruption has splotched the city’s image.”
There are so many more articles pertaining to this problem.  Nearby cities use Fresno as an example of disgraceful urban sprawl that they vow will not take place in their cities.  Little do they know, there is nothing they can do to stop this from happening.  Because they still have not figured it out, nor could they possibly imagine that it is being carried out right under everyone’s noses. As brilliant as these writers may be, they are all missing the 1 important piece of the puzzle. 
50+ yrs of secret altering of the city water system, which entails turning the city inside out.  With properties reconstructed without permits or inspections, plat/parcel maps altered to cover up the changes to structures and property lines, no one sees or questions anything.  Not even why there are no older records of Fresno.  As a former friend, co-worker, client and employee of the ringleader who I have known for 25 yrs …. believe what I am saying.  Our water is about to be diverted – this has to do with development beyond Friant / Madera.  (Possibly further – this group has taken control of our sewer, water and power infrastructures.)  This man is a former employee of the City of Fresno – one of the “good old boys” from the late 50’s / early 60s.  Now in the insurance business, linked to developers including the late John Bonadelle, water agencies, etc.  He and Public Works were finally caught in action – their lies and altered records (including altered aerial views) are not enough to cover up the truth.
That is what it looks like.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger approved 5 casinos to be built in the central valley.  Massive development will accompany all of this.  Where is the water going to come from, as the public is told of a water shortage?  (Shhhhh ….. fake work crew that accompanies Fresno’s Dept. of Public Works in secret altering of the city water system, conspriring with Mono Indians Hot Spring leader in massive cover-up.)

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