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My comments left on friend’s post dated today – Sept 4, 2015.  Regarding corruption in Fresno, CA – including the very agencies claiming to serve and protect us.   Police Department, Coroner, Mayor  and more.  As long as I remain pinned down, called a “liar” about what the City and their accomplices die to my family and properties behind the water scam, all is well.  The City of Fresno and their accomplices behind the annihilations / takeovers are free to continue because as the City laughed, “Nothing is on record, therefore none of this took place.”  THEY PROHIBITED MY REPORTS!  Upon exposing solid evidence behind so many deaths / murders – multi-million dollar cover up ensued.



Until now, only commercial property in Fresno was equipped with water meters. Residences had a flat monthly rate. But with CA’s “water shortage” taking place, more steps are being taken to cut back on water usage.

Public Works has always assured residents of their upstanding, quality services and maintenance of our water system. In fact, it was with regret that they were “forced” to raise our rates back in 2006. Lots of protest and meetings took place as this was being discussed. They won – rates were increased so the City could continue their quality services and upgrades.

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Now lets take a look beyond the bullshit.

50 yrs went into the planning of this “water shortage.” The entire city has been rebuilt on top of a new water system which, according to the mastermind, is for secretly re-directing our water for upcoming development. (Schwarzenegger’s dams, casinos, etc.)

Replacing a city’s water system entails reconstruction of every property, every street widened and sidewalks replaced. (Autry’s “No Neighborhood Left Behind” scenario re: new sidewalks and gutters.) While some structures are removed and others expanded, alleys are narrowed in order to compensate for what has been cut off front lawns – all property lines end up different. This is why ALL structures throughout Fresno are now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines. Instead of permits or inspections, public records have been altered to make it appear that things were always as they are now.

Here is the evidence of just 1 block (Tower District.)

Those familiar with Fresno’s historic Tower District will be shocked to learn the truth – click below.


The entire city has been turned inside out to pull this off. Nothing is standing as it was when built. Parcel maps illegally altered in escrow as rebuilt trash sold as “original” to unsuspecting buyers.

This is what the City of Fresno committed perjury to deny. Because in order to pull this off on my family’s, neighbor’s and my property without leaving witnesses or complaints, they conspired in having us annihilated. In a short radius of 200′ they left a string of burglaries, ID theft, fraudulent legal documents, illegal conversion of assets, suspected homicides, unsolved murder as Olive Ave. was widened, shown above. They actually deny widening the street or relocation of street lights, fire hydrants, utility poles, etc. Knowing they were caught, they turned the tables and made ME appear the criminal while portraying themselves as victims.

Mr. Trost, mentioned in the above letter, refused to help or answer questions. Even when asked about the water meter in the alley that had been relocated, he demanded, “That is YOUR problem, it is on YOUR property!” I do not own the alley nor maintain the city water meters. This is the City’s responsibility, verified on their own web page.

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Mr. Trost then committed perjury to cover all of this up and has since refused to acknowledge me. How is this for a set up? DEATH THREATS FOLLOWED. Then came the City of Fresno’s sexual harassment against me for exposing this operation.

The City of Fresno is using the late John Bonadelle’s name behind all of this. (Bonadelle, largest developer in the county who was previously found guilty of conspiring with the City of Fresno in development fraud.
CLICK: Leading Developer Indicted)

Do you think the City of Fresno and their mob are still laughing at the public, including farmers without water, for being too “oblivious” to ever figure out the truth behind the valley’s “water shortage?”

CLICK: Marla

The REAL purpose behind Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC’s decades of offering insurance / estate planning clients “help with home repairs” is finally being exposed. Including why most episodes resulted in sewage back spills and in many cases, followed by fraudulent paperwork as he cited his motto: “You can’t live for the dead.”

Mr. Swieso is a former employee of the City of Fresno. He claims to be the mastermind and continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret water operation.” 50 yrs of secretly turning the city inside out to replace the water system in order to get beyond the water laws / regulations in order to develop property beyond Friant. Conspiring with Public Works and a networking of other people / agencies in heinous and gruesome crimes in order to “clear the path” to carry this out.

As a former employee of Mr. Swieso, as well as victim who narrowly escaped before he finished me off, the pieces of the puzzle have finally been put together. In my case:

Suspected homicide of my family, neighbors and others
Attempted murder of me
Real estate fraud
Insurance fraud
Fraudulent insurance policy, stating wrongful employment with Swieso appointed “beneficiary”
Overriding legal documents
Conspiring with corrupt attorney in preparation of fraudulent legal documents appointing Swieso “Successor Trustee” of my family’s properties, in an Irrevocable Trust
Poisoning; rape; hidden cameras; tapped phones; bypassing alarm system
VIN altering
Pets killed / harmed
Years of plotting / planning in the destruction of remaining family members / severing ties, which allows him to step in and take control
Intercepting property insurance; conspiring with property insurance agent, Ron Lamm of DiBuduo & DeFendis in non-renewal of coverage
Destruction of private properties (including my home behind my family’s 2 properties that were taken by fraud)
Reconstruction of private properties on top of haphazardly-clamped sewer and water lines
No authorization, permits or inspections ~ public records altered to make it appear that things were always this way
Resold by more fraud on deeds reflecting illegally revised property lines
My home, behind the 2 income properties we lost, was stripped and rebuilt with nasty trash on top of corroded sewer/water lines. Everything I owned was stolen; homeowners insurance sabotaged so I cannot file a claim for ANY of this!
Repeatedly deluged in raw sewage; handicapped uncle’s hospitalizations coincided with these events ~ his death coincided with the “infrastructure upgrade” which allowed Swieso to have the fraudulent legal documents prepared. Exposure of raw sewage resulted in ongoing illness, years of foot cellulitis, inhaler to breathe. My neighbor developed hepatits; staph; foot so infected it was amputated; he died at age 50.
Neighbor on the other side also targeted; never seen again. Property stripped and rebuilt; I saw Swieso forge the wife’s name on an insurance application.

In addition to “planting” tenants and neighbors as he carries out such atrocities, not only to be used as “credible witnesses” that nothing took place as well as to file fraudulent lawsuits and Restraining Orders to discredit his victim, Mr. Swieso is unclamping water lines to create mold lawsuits and insurance claims. His work crew talks of urinating and more into these clamped lines; this appears to be the method of distributing citywide chemicals / poison mentioned by several of his group, which they claim no one will ever figure out. Trial of illness and death; someone always hospitalized or dying, which leaves no one home as the alterations continue without the owner’s knowledge or consent.

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More than once, I overheard Mr. Swieso giving instructions on when to stop making house payments so the property would go into foreclosure. In the case of his son’s home, he then stepped in and paid cash for the property, laughing, “Most people are 1 paycheck away from bankruptcy.”

Mr. Swieso took me on a personal tour of Friant and showed me where the water is being diverted, laughing that no one would ever figure it out. He carried on that he was braver than anyone else when it came to breaking laws ~ he then showed me where he planned to build his “dream home.” He said people were going to be shocked to see what he accomplished ~ for years they told him it was impossible. Nothing is impossible when you have the brains, money, balls and criminal networking this man has. There will be mass hysteria and lawsuits when the public learns what has taken place.

DiBuduo & DeFendis has steadfastly refused to acknowledge me since conspiring with this man in running us off our properties so this could take place.

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Below is what Principal Insurance has to say about their “top agent.”

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Learn about the attorney who secretly packed up his office and fled, never to be seen again ~ linked to the unsolved murder across the street from me when this took place there!

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It was not expected that I would still be alive; the hell has never ended. Due to the lack of help and increase in death threats, I am now leaving more of this information online for the public’s benefit. THE PUBLIC IS ENTITLED TO BE SAFE!

See my web page for more information pertaining to one of the biggest and most corrupt operations in CA history. CLICK: Marla






Why should anyone believe anything these water districts say about a so-called “water shortage” – they are linked to Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC who is not only their insurance / pension agent, he is head of the City of Fresno’s fake work crew, annihilating various property owners in order to “clear the path” to secretly replace the water system for upcoming WATER DIVERSION! Robbing and tearing up private property; reconstruction; altered parcel maps and aerial views to cover up the evidence – He says this is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret water operation!” Swieso is a former employee of the City – check out what this man and his entourage have done over the past 50 yrs CLICK: —>

And as for these water districts – he had one of them conspire in a fraudulent insurance policy, stating I was their employee! Further appointing Swieso, “beneficiary!” His associate then told me I was about to meet the others in, “ANOTHER WORLD!” Fraudulent legal documents had already been prepared, appointing Swieso, “Successor Trustee” of my family’s properties! CLICK ON LINK: WGS’s Preparations For MY Final Departure


Then they targeted my next-door neighbor who was never seen again. The city risk analyst lied and set him up for execution. I saw Swieso forge the wife’s name while citing his motto: “You can’t live for the dead.” New deed looks like the same forgery; same misspelling. New owner to the property lives next door to Swieso’s partner, Winslow – linked to verified forgeries and more! CLICK: Was My Neighbor Executed Too?

Check out the trail of Swieso’s partner! —> Winslow’s Fraud, Forgeries, More

My neighbor, across the street, was murdered when this was done to his property! CLICK: Unsolved Murder Puzzle

Trying to get help or report this went no where. Kerry Trost, Sr Risk Analyst for the City of Fresno committed perjury to call me a “liar” – death threats followed. CLICK —>


While CA State Bar justified the attorney’s fraud – the attorney secretly closed up his office and fled! CLICK: —>  David A. Silva, atty


Elizabeth Egan, district attorney’s office blocked 3 different email addresses when I attempted to report this to her office. They even refused to acknowledge the facts behind the unsolved murder – because it would expose this 50-yr secret cover-up? They offer a reward for information to impress the public that they give a damn – then refuse the information.
Think I should go back to the City of Fresno for help? In addition to death threats …… CLICK: —> https://missmarla.wordpress.com/2009/03/05/city-of-fresno-ca-sexual-harassment-stalking-more/>Click: City of Fresno’s Sexual Harassment and More!







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