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Of course you were shocked that the City of Fresno denies widening Olive Ave., since  you not only SAW it take place (one block at a time as I have been stating) –  the front of your property was cut back when it took place on your block! (I distinctly remember the spacious area and walkway in front of your property – little remains. Our properties were already lined up to the sidewalk – impossible to widen the street without the entire buildings being cut back / set back significantly.) Rather than even discuss this with us, my earlier Notes (and a portion of this one) describe how they accomplished such a feat.


Before you go to the  City of Fresno to verify this cover-up, you should know what you will be up  against.

Risk analyst, Rose Miranda, was paid to lie about the recurring sewage  spills on my family’s properties.  I was a care provider to Rolf at the time,  being administered chemicals that kept me oblivious to what was taking place –  the underground utilities were being replaced with trash, relocated,  cross-connected.  Utility poles relocated.  More.

The sewage spills were planned and deliberate – Ms. Miranda insisted I was  not to speak to anyone at the City of Fresno other than her regarding these  events.  Her comment regarding the ensuing illnesses, infections, deaths, “Not  my problem.”  With preparations of widening this block of Olive Ave., they  needed Rolf dead since the properties were in his name.  Mission accomplished.   My home was next on the menu; plans for my death were also underway. 

Upon exposing more evidence of what took place, the newly-clamped lines,  the reconstruction, the street widening, Ms. Miranda told me I “imagined  it.”  The last time we spoke, she apparently thought I was already dead when she  agreed about what was done to these properties, explaining that the City was not  liable because: 

1.  It is private property;

2.  There is no record for any of it because “the previous owner had it  done!” 

Rolf left dead, bled of ten$ of thousand$ in so-called “repairs” as the  properties were being torn apart then 2 of the 3 taken by fraud, I was robbed,  raped, catheterized while incapacitated as the major construction was taking  place.  Insurance fraud, real estate fraud – house now with a mortgage I did not  have previous, in fear for my life, I screamed at this woman – WHY / HOW COULD  SHE DO THIS TO ME?!?  She then recruited senior risk analyst, Kerry Trost, and  together they had a Restraining Order issued against me – calling me a “liar”  and “crazy” and “danger to THEIR lives” while denying everything that was done  to these properties – even denying that Olive Ave. was widened (which could not  have been possible without the reconstruction that took place.)  At this point,  they had me prohibited from speaking to anyone at the City of Fresno other than  Kerry Trost.   Who smirked, “You will never prove it.”  All my documents had  been stolen; photos scanned/altered to make it appear that things were always  like this!


I then uncovered more evidence – not only verification of Olive Ave. being widened – the City’s own unaltered water layout,  which verified exactly what took place on our properties (last on the block to undergo the alterations.)  Kerry Trost demanded, “That is YOUR  problem, it is on YOUR property!”  I do not maintain the water meters, sewer  manholes in the alley – that is City property and clearly it was all relocated,  which was impossible without the destruction / reconstruction of the connecting  properties (verified by the Planning Dept.)  “You did not see us do anything so  you can’t prove it!”  “You should have watched your properties more closely.”   He then told me that he did a “drive by” inspection and did not see anything out  of the ordinary.  Then said that my neighbors did not see anything, therefore,  none of this happened – not even widening of Olive Ave.  MY NEIGHBORS WERE  RECRUITED / REWARDED TO PARTICIPATE THEN LIE/DENY!  Kerry Trost refused to speak  to me again.

So I again contacted the City of Fresno in an attempt to get help.  That  resulted in a threatening letter if I contacted them again – as well as Mayor  Alan Autry backing up the perjury to deny what took place here.

After the 3-yr Restraining Order ended I went back to City Hall, met with  risk analyst Kevin Watkins.  By this point I had unaltered aerial views, photos,  unaltered water layout, old parcel map showing original property lines.  I also  gave him a copy of the sexual harassment from the City of Fresno.  Mr. Watkins  had me wait 20-30 min as he took all of this to his superiors.  Upon his return  he said, “This does not prove anything.”  WHAT THE HELL?!?  It proved  EVERYTHING!


As for the sexual harassment, Mr. Watkins not only denied  the City was involved – he implied that I created it and posted it to  myself!


Two years ago, City Council had a meeting pertaining to Olive Ave. / Tower  District.  I dropped by to discuss what took place – including the widening of Olive Ave.

CLICK: My Brief Meeting with Fresno Planning Dept. (Mike Sanchez

All I can do is look back.  This explains the decades of turning my siblings and I against one  another – with me appearing the “crazy” one due to the chemicals.  No one would believe anything I said – my credibility and reputation were beyond destroyed.  All in preparation for overriding me, Trustee of Rolf’s properties.  .Wilbert  Swieso could not allow the properties to be divided equally among my siblings  after Rolf’s death as intended – so with all ties severed, he conspired in overriding the  IRREVOCABLE TRUST, appointing himself in charge “should something happen to  me” – as well as a fraudulent insurance policy on me, appointing himself  “beneficiary!”  How is that for Fresno’s long-time, highly-respected Estate  Planner.  Once again, all help / reports prohibited.  Siblings paid off; illegal  distribution of assets.  With my final departure underway, and siblings who  stepped into the “rotation system” no one would ever know.

CLICK:  Swieso /  Silva, atty FRAUD

BE VERY CAREFUL – in addition to attorneys, estate planners, insurance agents, bankers, and local officials – as I mentioned, their participants are linked, intertwining, relocating as this continues:

Remember the 2 who bought the commercial building next door to you –  renovated it then sold it?  They were my neighbors across the street, who I have  been posting about.  After they finished the building next door to you they  bought a nearby house (Echo Ave.) and did the same thing before selling.  I  repeat – the people involved in this operation are rewarded after the structures  have been rebuilt on top of the secretly-replaced water system, hence the  murders, running people out of business, etc.  The City alters evidence and prohibits reports.

Your neighbor across the street used to be married to the woman  catty-corner from me.   Which corner?  The one next door to the Polzin murder,  where the occupants lied about what took place – then the City offered a reward  for information but refused to accept it.  By the way, one of the 2 people who  lied is the former roommate of the person who bought that structure next door to  you.  That other roommate relocated 2 doors north and repeated the scenario in  that house as well as what was done to my family and our properties.  All of  whom claim Olive Ave. was not widened.  (The dead do not argue.  Nor expose fraudulent legal documents behind illegal takeovers.)

CLICK:  William Polzin’s Unsolved Murder Cover-Up

As you know, our properties were located 2 doors east of Mr. Polzin – the  annihilations began earlier, after Rolf, I was next on the menu – fraudulent  legal documents, fraudulent insurance policy, illegal conversion of assets,  more.  In this case, the underground utilities had been cross-connected to  neighbors on both sides – in preparation for a massive explosion / fire.  (You  know about all the other fires down Olive Ave.)

CLICK:  Down’s Syndrome Man Annihilated Behind City of Fresno  Water Scam

Of course the neighbors on both sides  participated in decades of preparations.  Once they served their purposes, the  one to the north ended up dead.  Wilbert Swieso (at the core) built a new fence  separating us – much taller, backwards so they could not climb on it – said he  did not want them to see what was going on.  Nor were they home when the sewage  flooded their yard.  Jeffry C. Winslow told me 1 yr in advance EXACTLY how the husband would  die – dead, age 49.

CLICK:  Look Who is Spreading Infections, Disease, Amputations, Death.

Widow next door continues to deny what took place – going as far as to recruit her nephew etal in covering up what she had been a part of.  More payoffs / rewards.

CLICK:  Next Door Neighbor

The risk analyst, who set up Rolf and me  for annihilation, also set up the owner of the Laundromat 1 door east.  This is  the one I told you was never seen again, same time I saw Wilbert Swieso forging  the wife’s name on an insurance application, “You can’t live for the dead.”   Once again, the City denied what took place on that property – prohibiting all  reports.  Coincidence?  Linked to Jeffry C. Winslow who said he would be taking  over ALL these properties.

CLICK:  Albert Perez, Set Up By City of Fresno


As you can see by the diagram below, my family  and I (highlighted in green) were surrounded by deaths and murders as the water  scam was being carried out.  Including our own.





Dead people do not complain, report or expose  the 50+ operation which, according to self-proclaimed mastermind Wilbert Swieso  (with 50+ yrs invested into this), is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret  water operation.”  Cities turned inside out, rebuilt structure at a time, on top  of a secretly-replaced water system.  All this, in preparation for upcoming  development i.e., major gambling communities.  Nuclear power.  High-speed rail.



Unless the operation is carried out in-between  sales, ruthless methods are used in getting this done.  Poisoning victims to the  point they do not see or realize what is being done to their own home / contents  – or simply having them murdered.




With neighbors “planted” and rewarded to  participate and lie about what is taking place – the annihilations and takeover  are not difficult.  Nor the burglaries, forged / fraudulent insurance papers and  legal documents, real estate theft, etc.



Of course shooting/killing is one way to  eliminate – such as William Polzin, the unsolved murdered victim referred to in  above diagram.  Two doors west of my family’s properties.  Notice the  information/surrounding facts behind that murder were/are not allowed.





When the crimes are linked to the water scam –  reports are prohibited.  More on William  Polzin’s murder can be found here.



CLICK ===>  William Polzin’s Murder  Cover-Up



There are other unsolved murders/shootings  down Olive Ave.



Not to mention all the fires behind the  reconstruction and widening of Olive Ave.



CLICK ===>  20+ Fires Within 1 1/2-mile Radius



Another method of killing is the  death-by-sewage technique.  Wilbert Swieso boasts that no one will ever figure  this out.  (I was employed by him and saw the same pattern done to countless  victims, never understanding until it came our turn.)



CLICK ===> Spreading Disease and Death via Raw Sewage



Title Companies record the forged / fraudulent  legal documents while altering the parcel maps to match the new layouts.  Making  it appear that nothing changed – structures setting on top of  haphazardly-clamped sewer/water lines (in some cases cross-connected to  neighbors) re-sold as “original” to unsuspecting buyers.



To further cover up the evidence of what is  taking place, old books have been reprinted with updated photos.  Online news  archives with photos blacked out.  You can find “old” maps (reprinted with new  layouts) on e-bay.  Phone books, Polk City Directories altered/re-printed.   Historic aerial views have been altered.



But the evidence remains.



Countless people throughout Fresno know that  Olive Ave. through the Tower District was widened.  Yet the City of Fresno  denies it!  They use their altered records to say it was always this way.






The truth about Olive Ave. being widened not  only verifies the major reconstruction of  street-lined properties, complete replacement of the city water system,  relocation of street lights, utility poles, etc. – it ties into this same thing  being done throughout the city and far beyond.  Of course nothing is on record –  building, health, safety and environmental code standards were kicked aside  leaving massive violations endangering the public.  Imagine if property owners  knew the truth about the property they bought or why it is setting on top of  clamped sewer/water lines.


I am getting off track.  My point in writing this was to focus on my  family’s properties, showing another example of how the “rotation system” is  used in carrying all of this out.  How people are recruited to participate in  horrific crimes – then eliminated after serving their purposes.  Out with the  old, in with the new as the torch continues being passed.



BELOW – pertaining ONLY to the 5 properties in the red circle.  A  demonstration on how Wilbert Swieso invested DECADES into planting people to  participate with him in a manner that would ultimately leave him owning all 5 of  these properties.  And how, in addition to his victims ending up dead, his  participants ended up dead as well.




Before I get started, this is an old blog (for some reason I cannot get in  to edit but you will get the idea) describing how Wilbert Swieso got a hold of  me in 1982 and never let go – including the death of my mother (which allowed  this to escalate as it did) and the deaths of the 2 other people from Principal  Insurance who were recruited to participate.  Elimination of the participants  protects Wilbert, Jeffry, etal.



Click ===>  Swieso’s  Barbaric Rotation System Comes Full Circle



My neighbors to the north (the one marked “sister” in the above diagram)  were planted in the 80s.   The slow, methodical altering of our properties  without my knowledge (chemicals kept me oblivious) continued until finally  getting the water lines from my home cross-connected to theirs.  With 1 of my 2  main water shut-off valves removed, no control.  (It appears my hot water tank  was also cross-connected – see earlier posts.)







In time, the previous occupant (1970s) from the house next door, was  renting the other portion of the Laundromat (shown in above circle, colored  orange), which was rebuilt – water lines cross-connected to my house &  Rolf’s properties (risk analyst discarded photos which prove.)  This was behind  the nightmare tenants tearing the Olive Ave. properties apart, filing fraudulent  lawsuits against me. With the ongoing chemicals in my system, the focus was kept  on ME rather than what these people were doing.  Or their trails of this.



Just like my neighbors to the north, the owner of this Laundromat denied  what was taking place.



With both my parents dead (more suspected / my father & Rolf denied  autopsies by this group) and the Olive Ave. properties left in Rolf’s name (with  me as Trustee), Rolf had to be eliminated next.



Click ====>  City of Fresno Targets Down’s Syndrome Man for Annihilation Behind Water Scam!



As stated in the above link, Rolf’s illnesses began at the time of  the sewage spills.  Same with the husband next door.  Hepatitis (linked to  sewage?) – he could no longer work.   As he was getting sicker and sicker,  Jeffry Winslow (who the torch had been passed to) told me it was “normal” – he  also said this man would lose his foot next and die.  Sure enough, his foot  became infected – the pain was excruciating.  After having it amputated he died,  age 49.





Wilbert Swieso hired me immediately after Rolf’s death.  He convinced  me my siblings were going to leave me homeless, therefore I needed to follow his  advice and have Rolf’s properties put into another Trust.  He insisted it was  legal, which it was not.  After 14 yrs as a care provider to family (father & handicapped uncle), I told him it would only be a temporary arrangement, until I got back on  my feet.  Apparently, behind my back he had already paid my siblings off – my death was next on the menu.


Only after verifying time and again that ties to my siblings had been  severed, would Wilbert’s accomplice who had been set up in an office next door,  conspire in the fraud regarding Rolf’s estate.  (Same attorney who handled  murdered Polzin’s estate.  And the mother of another dead person across the  street, shown in above diagram.)  Upon being reported for fraud, Mr. Silva secretly closed his office and fled, never to be seen again.


Click ===>  David A. Silva, atty (fake?)



Wilbert conspired with one of his Water District clients – enrolled  me in a fraudulent LTC policy as THEIR employee, appointing Wilbert Swieso  “beneficiary” of the life insurance portion.  Wilbert then began bringing in  brochures of new Porches and told me he would soon pay cash for one, “thanks to  me.”  I was getting sicker and sicker due to the poison/chemicals, with a mouth  and behavior that could not have been worse.





Ongoing chemicals, taken out of town, planted tenants on Rolf’s  properties which continued being torn apart behind my back.   This was how I was  bled of my last dime, ending up mortgaging my home to continue paying for Rolf’s  care in addition to all these repairs I was being lied to about!



One day Wilbert forged an insurance application of Jennie Perez.  while citing his motto, “You can’t live for the dead.”  I did not know Jennie  was the name of Albert’s wife – owner of the Laundromat next door.  Once I got  away from Wilbert Swieso, unable to locate Albert & Jennie Perez, I searched  recorded documents and found the name of that old, closed insurance file he  repeatedly left on my desk, pertained to the Laundromat!



Wilbert was taking over.  He used the owner of the Laundromat just as  he used the neighbor on my other side left dead.  He planted the tenants.  They  unloosened the newly-clamped water lines, covered in new cement – more money  being poured out in an attempt to repair what could not be repaired.  With  fraudulent documents appointing him in charge “should anything happen to me” –  and plans for my final departure underway – he recruited the property insurance  agent of Rolf’s properties to help him seize control.



Click ===>  Ronald Lamm / DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance



Then I looked at more documents pertaining to the Laundromat – looks  to me like the Laundromat was taken over by fraud, possible ID theft as well.   More research showed the links to Jeffry Winslow, who was one of the last to be  poisoning me, telling me I would meet all these people (including his wife # 2  he said he “got rid of”) “in another world!”  He said he would be taking over  all these properties – they were going to go down in flames with insurance  paying to build a new restaurant for HIM!



The City of Fresno risk analyst was the last person seen speaking to  Albert.  Lying and setting him up for annihilation just as she did to Rolf and  me.  She had to know I was being poisoned behind all her lies, then told me I  “imagined” all that took place.  She intercepted my property insurance claim so  there would be no recourse for the theft or reconstruction.  She later admitted  these structures had been rebuilt on top of the trash water lines but insisted  the City was not responsible because, “The previous owner had it done.”  She  must have thought I was dead by then – as the others were.



Reporting the disappearance (suspected homicide) of Albert was not  allowed – just like when I tried to report the facts behind the Polzin murder  across the street, I was talked to as though I was the criminal for having such  information.  To them I was the criminal – it was not expected I would still be  alive.



Due to the death of her husband, the widow next door could no longer  pay the mortgage on their home.  She was forced to relocate.



So now you see how 4 of the 5 properties were vacated.  The  Laundromat, Rolf’s 2 properties and my next-door neighbor to the north.  All  murdered?  Fraudulent legal documents on 3 of those 4?  And with my final  departure underway, fraudulent life insurance policy, illegal distribution of  assets – Jeffry Winslow was actually dancing in excitement about the properties  he was about to take over in the Tower District.



I lost everything – even the deed to my home.  It was an accident I  got away before they finished me off.  (Another chapter.)  I now have a mortgage  on a home that was stripped and left a shambles.  Left unemployable, in fear for  my life – now living on donations which will not continue much longer.  The only  way out of this is death, as planned from the beginning.


Do you see how, out of greed, people set their own selves up for  annihilation?  Recruited, used, discarded.



So sure I would be dead too, I was robbed, raped, filmed with hidden  cameras while being poisoned.  Everything I owned was stolen/switched with  trash.  That is why the City sabotaged me from filing a report – this way  Wilbert and his group could do that and collect even more.



Every attempt to seek help, stop this from continuing or even file a  report was PROHIBITED! The City of Fresno / Alan Autry reacted with  name-calling, sexual harassment, perjury, Restraining Order followed by death  threats!



It was when I reported the cross-connected water lines  that Round 2 took place.  More theft, poison, catheter used on me during long  durations as all these structures were torn apart again to rectify the  situation.  With my home left in a worse shambles than the first time, and all  rooms left even smaller AGAIN, the cover-up continued to a local moving/storage  facility.  And more altering of photos on my hard drive.  So they could say this  only happened ONE time under the direction of Alan Autry?  (I have solid  evidence of Round 2 as well.)



Click ===> Local Moving & Storage Co.



The house next door may have been in foreclosure, but it was kept  open until the cover-up was completed.




Click ===> House Next Door – HORRIFIC!



The widow next door ultimately buried the truth about her husband’s  pre-meditated murder even deeper.  $$$$$



Same with my siblings and others who ended up with dead family  members.  $$$$$  These people do not see where they are headed?  Or the truth  about their so-called “friends?”  They stepped into the “rotation system.”



No justice for anyone, dead or alive.









We never stood a chance. Rolf and I were on the path – occupants being eliminated in order to widen the streets and rebuild structures on top of secretly-replaced water system.

Rolf – the City of Fresno set him up to be killed (same technique used on countless others), then altered public records to cover up what ensued, including widening Olive Ave.

CLICK: Down’s syndrome man annihilated by City of Fresno

One (1) door east, same risk analyst lied/set up owner of this property. More altered records to cover evidence of what ensued. Wilbert Swieso* claims Alan Autry ordered this one, yet it was Mr. Swieso seen forging the name while citing his motto, “You can’t live for the dead.” Exactly as he said regarding the fraudulent legal documents for Rolf’s properties. City refused to investigate – told me, “Without a body there is no crime.” What about real estate fraud, forgeries and links to surrounding deaths/murders? No comment.

CLICK: Laundromat Next Door

Two (2) doors west, William Polzin’s murder remains “unsolved” due to altering evidence/cover-up by City of Fresno.

CLICK: Polzin Murder Cover-Up

One (1) door north, Alan Autry set me up to be killed. Ongoing poison while being robbed, raped. Home torn apart section at a time, rebuilt with trash on top of secretly-replaced water system. More altered records, perjury to deny – instead of help / restitution, City sabotaged insurance so no recourse. Name calling, death threats for my continued pleas for help.

CLICK: My Home, the Aftermath
MORE PHOTOS: Property Left a Shambles

One (1) door north, occupants planted/rewarded to participate. Evidence behind all the above, as well as the deaths of my earlier family members now buried beneath the lies and altered records. After serving his purpose, J.C. Winslow* told me exactly how the husband would die.

CLICK: Next-Door Neighbors

Directly across the street was a death, caused by Toxoplasma: sewage-contaminated soil, likely linked to the relocation / replacement of sewer/water lines connected to the Polzin property – which the City of Fresno denies took place.

CLICK: Across the Street

One (1) door south, woman allegedly vanished, participant rotated in.

It was not expected I would survive – so the City of Fresno reacted to my reports by committing perjury to deny ALL. From the street widening, tree pulling, major reconstruction, relocation of utility poles, street lights, etc.

The City paid the above risk analyst to have a filed a Restraining Order against me – deeming ME guilty of “harassment.” Calling ME a “Danger to THEM!” Sexual harassment, death threats followed. And so did the ongoing nightmare.

In-between being raped, courtesy of the City of Fresno ===> CLICK ON PIC

Due to reporting these structures rebuilt on top of cross-connected water lines, Round 2 ensued. Incapacitated, alleged use of catheter during long durations as structures completely torn up again. South side of my home cut back so far, crawl space in basement no longer exists – replaced with cinder-blocks. Once again, all rooms left smaller – more theft and altering of furniture. What about items in storage?

CLICK: Local Moving & Storage Co.

Most of my stocks appear to have been sold off, as done to my father’s stocks. Credit card bills maxed out – withdrawals made from them? Records missing.

No help, no restitution – not even allowed to file reports. The City of Fresno even intercepted / sabotaged my property insurance so no recourse.

The risk analyst who set Rolf and me up later agreed that these structures had been rebuilt on top of this trash (relocated, replaced, clamped-together, corroded sewer and water lines. She also verified there was no record of it. Then she explained that the City was not responsible since:

1) It is private property; and
2) The “previous owner had it done.”

By that time, she obviously thought I was dead too.

CLICK: The Final Chapter

Reposted from November 2009

This is an example of how Principal Insurance’s “top agent”, Wilbert G. Swieso, services his clients while funding his secret water diversion operation explained on my page. Click: Marla (Updated: Go to FaceBook “Marla Lee.” Click on “Notes”, left side of page.  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=703340582)

Learn how insurance agents (and realtors) conspire in robbing and seizing control of their client’s properties and assets.

Also keep in mind that the mold problem mentioned below was the result of Mr. Swieso having the newly-clamped water lines on my family’s property loosened, covered in cement so it would  not be detected, in order to create the problem.  Behind my back, he was conspiring with the property insurance agent, Ron Lamm of DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance, in cancellation and non-renewal of coverage ~ using a method that others need to be aware of.

Not mentioned here is one of Mr. Swieso’s techniques in “helping” his confused clients obtain Long Term Care insurance before they “forget” to pay their premium. Always there to help, he is licensed in “reverse mortage.”


My monthly property insurance premium statements for my family’s 2 commercial properties arrived by mail – promptly paid.

Upon renewal, the premium changed somewhat (a few dollars.) Suddenly, I stopped receiving the monthly billings. Not wanting to be a pest, I continued making payments online ~ unfortunately, in the wrong amount. Surely I would be contacted if there was a problem, but that is not how this worked out. It was at this time, my property insurance agent began sending MY BUSINESS to MR. SWIESO’S office.  Despite repeated requests to STOP, he continued! In time, due to a few dollars discrepancy in my monthly payments, rather than contact me a 30-day notice was mailed to me.  Naturally, I never saw it.  My mail was being intercepted.
Then came the CANCELLATION NOTICE! Mr. Lamm (as well as his secretary) REFUSED to assist; then they refused to acknowledge me. Clearly, their focus was on accommodating Mr. Swieso regarding MY ACCOUNT.

It was at this time, mold began consuming 1 of the 2 structures; the tenant told me he feared the wall would collapse. Of course it would ~ and without insurance, he could then sue and own all, just as Mr. Swieso’s group boasts of doing to others.

By this point, finally realizing that Mr. Swieso was behind the years of hell from tenants ~ ongoing damages and fraudulent lawsuits filed against me, I quit.  I mention that because Mr. Lamm continued sending MY business to Mr. Swieso.  Once the coverage had been cancelled, Mr. Swieso delivered the above memo to me in person, because he “knew it was important.” AND HE KNEW I WAS NOT RECEIVING THE INFORMATION! I was being by-passed as this man had once again, taken control OF MY AFFAIRS behind my back.

The policy had been CANCELLED with no chance for reinstatement. Knowing of my financial problems (as a result of the ongoing hell he was behind), the memo continues with Mr. Swieso’s so-called “concern” for me.  As though I did not make my insurance payments because I could not afford it is not true.  He set me up.  This is a beautiful example of how Mr. Swieso, while in the midst of destroying me, STILL wanted recognition as the innocent, caring and concerned “friend.” He wanted to be THANKED for his help and concern. Once again wanting to be seen for all his “help” when in fact, HE was the very cause behind this.

At this point, I still did not know the legal documents were fraudulent.  After convincing me that my siblings had set out to destroy me (he was playing both ends against one another), he used his (fake?) attorney to prepare legal documents, overriding an Irrevocable Trust, appointing Mr. Swieso “Successor Trustee” of my family’s 2 estate properties.  I agreed to this only as a temporary arrangement, until I got back on my feet after 14 yrs just spent as a care provider to my family.  

Everything was falling apart.  I had just mortgaged my home in order to pay for the ongoing damages to my family’s 2 estate properties.  But without property insurance coverage, and all my efforts to seek replacement coverage being declined, it was clear that I was headed for annihilation.  This explains why the”planted” tenant made it clear from day 1, he wanted to buy the buildings when I got “ready” to sell them.

Escrow dragged out for 1 yr because no one would tell me about the fraudulent legal documents.

After replacing the first realtor due to ongoing lies, the second one continued the deceit, resulting in cheating my family and me in excess of $1 million.  The realtor also represented the buyer, who was lying about financing.  I was prohibited from seeing the appraisal.  On and on. 

In the end, the new deeds to the properties entailed illegally revised parcel maps to match the new property lines. And fraudulent financing information ~ this explains why both realtors not only lied about the value of the properties but refused to help or look into my claims that I was sure the buyer did not qualify to purchase 1 of the properties, let alone BOTH!  But they had me pinned into a corner ~ I was about to lose everything, including my home behind these 2 properties.

As I have said all along, it was not intended that I would still be alive. I was being administered unknown chemcials throughout all of this, leaving me a horrible mess.  With the fraudulent legal documents appointing Mr. Swieso, “Successor Trustee” of these properties ~ and my final departure underway, Mr. Swieso was taking me out of town while my home was also torn apart and rebuilt on top of the secretly-replaced water system.  More insurance fraud followed.

Robbed, raped, loss of properties, suspected homicide of family members, left unemployable due to the years of poisoning/hidden cameras, home left a shambles, in fear for my life as death threats continue for exposing this.  Prior to this my home was valued in excess of $225,000 paid for free and clear ~ one contractor told me I would be lucky to sell it for $35,000.  Left unemployed, with a mortgage, clearly there is no way out of this nightmare.  Mr. Swieso and his mob still need me off this final property in order to have the parcel map altered to line up to the new property lines ~ the hell has never ended.  As Mr. Swieso’s

accomplice told me, I will be meeting the others, “in another world.” This is only 1 example of how Swieso is “acquiring” property and funding his “secret sideline.”

Before reading the info below, I want to remind everyone that Fresno is at the core of the valley’s water scam. As I have stated all along, secret replacement of the water system is NOT being done legitimately or with permits or inspections. Ongoing discharging of raw sewage, leaving a trail of illness, respiratory, infections, even death ~ all being covered up by the City of Fresno (risk analysts.) Public records are being altered to cover up the evidence of this operation, leaving victims without help or recourse.

If you do a “Google search for, “whooping cough, + sewage” you may be shocked to learn of the connection as well as how contagious it is.

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Story Published: Apr 13, 2010 at 5:29 PM EDT

Pertussis, or whooping cough as it is commonly known, is on the rise in Fresno County. Officials say they’ve seen more than four times the number of cases in the first four months of the year than that of last year during the same period. Tonight on KSEE 24 News, we’ll look at ways to keep you and your family clear of an infection.

Being informed of how Pertussis spreads is the key to avoiding it. For help on how to do this, check these links:

Whooping Cough Resources for Children
Mayo Clinic: Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough Cases Up 4x in Fresno County 4/13/10

Anger over Smart Meters Heads to Fresno

April 6, 2010
by Blake Taylor

After hundreds of complaints from Valley residents about the accuracy of those so-called “Smart Meters” – the state Public Utilities Commission has ordered a review.

Some people say they’ve had no problems with the Smart Meters, but others who say their power bills surged after PG & E installed the new, high-tech system are crying foul – and now – the state is listening.

PUC President Michael Peevey says they will assign an independent third-party to review both the hardware and software of the Smart Meters.

Regulators say they will also establish an internal task force on Smart Meter deployment in order to stay on top of developments in the PG & E service territory.

Senator Dean Florez has held public hearings in Bakersfield and will hold another in Fresno next week as customers come forward with more complaints about higher bills.

Senator Florez’s hearing is set for October 21st at the Hugh Burns State Building in downtown Fresno. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.

Click: Anger over Smart Meters Heads to Fresno 4/6/10

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Below is a copy of a news article that appeared yesterday. Nuclear power coming to Fresno, CA.

Friends, where do you think all the water will come from, for all of this. Possibly linked to CA’s water shortage scam, headquartered in Fresno?!?

By Bill McEwen / The Fresno Bee

‘Atomic Anne’ pitches nuclear power in Fresno

It hasn’t been the best of times for Anne Lauvergeon, advocate of the nuclear option.

Areva, the international energy company she heads, is behind schedule and over budget on a nuclear reactor in Finland. A South Korean group beat out Areva for a $20 billion contract in the United Arab Emirates. And, just this month, the French prime minister had to step in and save Lauvergeon’s job at the firm, which is 90% owned by France’s government.

But these troubles didn’t stop Lauvergeon from keeping a Fresno appointment to tout nuclear energy last week.

“Atomic Anne” became one of the world’s most powerful women by making tough sales, and now she wants the Holy Grail of nuclear ambition — California.

A decade ago, the idea of a new nuclear power plant in California would’ve been laughed off stage. But the recession, soaring energy costs and efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions have made it safe to debate nuclear energy in polite company again.

A Public Policy Institute of California poll last summer indicated that 46% of adults in the state favor more nuclear plants, with 48% opposed.

In 2001, 59% of Californians believed that no nukes were good nukes. Conclusion: attitudes are changing slowly, but there’s hope for the local cockeyed optimists who want to build two reactors in western Fresno County.

The big obstacle for Lauvergeon and others is California’s 1976 moratorium on new reactors — which is unlikely to end as long as the Democrats control the state Capitol. Lauvergeon’s rose-colored answer: Anything’s possible. Look at what’s happening in Sweden, Italy and elsewhere.

Frightened by the Three Mile Island meltdown, the Swedes voted in 1980 to never build another nuclear plant and to close down the ones they had by the end of this year. Late in 2009, the government there reversed course, deciding to keep 10 plants running and authorizing the purchase of replacement reactors.

Italy — the lone nuclear holdout among major industrialized nations — plans to start building its first one in 2013 and have four completed by 2020. All told, the number of nuclear reactors worldwide is expected to grow from 435 in 31 countries to 568 in 42 countries by 2020.

It was apparent how Lauvergeon has managed to stay atop Areva for 10 years. She’s smart, polished and tough. Nuclear isn’t a panacea, she says, but it is an important part of an energy and global warming solution that includes solar, wind and geothermal. Moreover, she says, today’s third-generation reactors are safer than those built 50 years ago, and advances in fuel recycling are reducing the need for disposal sites.

Judging by the profane signs on trees outside the downtown Exhibit Hall where Lauvergeon spoke, attempts to end Californian’s ban will continue to meet fierce resistance. Despite the new embrace of the technology in Europe, many here believe that relying on nuclear to reduce air pollution is like smoking cigarettes to lose weight.

Meanwhile, China — the world’s second-largest energy consumer — announced Friday that it would complete the construction of 28 nuclear reactors by 2020.

So, is California’s mistrust of nuclear energy well-founded? Or is the rest of the world nuts?

The columnist can be reached at bmcewen@fresnobee.com or (559) 441-6632. His blog is at fresnobeehive.com.

‘Atomic Anne’ pitches nuclear power in Fresno 3/27/10

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