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Murder without being caught? How very clever.

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Recap: The group behind the secret altering of the city water system is leaving a trail of burglaries, forgeries, ID theft, suspected homicide, unsolved murders. They eliminated my family and neighbors with intentions and attempts of eliminating me as well. They took our properties by fraud ~ they have a trail of doing this.

For 20 yrs I knew the ringleader, Wilbert G. Swieso ~ even employed by him on 2 occasions. Throughout ALL those years he was offering his elderly insurance / estate planning clients “help with home repairs.”

Sewage back spills inevitably ensued; his plumber son was called out for repairs, which made daddy appear to have no knowledge regarding plumbing when in fact, he created the problems. (He TAUGHT his son the plumbing business!)

Not once, can I remember a time where the victim was not hospitalized or ended up dead; often followed by forged insurance papers and legal documents as Swieso cited his motto, “You can’t live for the dead.” Just as he did to my family and our properties ~ having someone hospitalized leaves no one home as major alterations to private property takes place; family does not question fraudulent documents because they trust this man. And because he preys on the elderly, no one questions the deaths ~ nor do they know of the ongoing pattern. (Including various home health personnel.)

CLICK: Look who is spreading MRSA/staph!

Swieso talked of citywide chemicals; his work crew talked of urinating and defecating into water lines.

Here lies the common factor linked to countless deaths and real estate fraud that follow the ringleader ~ the water lines he is secretly altering and clamping back together! He gains access to his victims’ property with offers of “help with home repairs.”

They end up sick and/or dead. The property undergoes major alterations; followed by altered public records. Easily verified.

If the raw sewage is not enough to kill or sicken (as done to my neighbors, family and me), imagine what is being injected into the water lines ~ besides urine and feces. All that is needed is a screwdriver. The trail behind this man’s actions speaks for itself.

Alan Autry / City of Fresno covering up the ringleader’s horrific crimes in an effort to cover up the secret water diversion project.

My family was murdered; properties taken by fraud. Autry called me a “liar”, which was an open invitation for his group to return. I was then raped, further robbed, pets killed, more vandalism ~ again called a “liar.” He turned me into shark bait as his group stalks, threatens and continues their efforts of taking what is left of my home. Because clearly, it is not over until a new deed has been prepared, reflecting the new property lines to cover up their barbaric operation. Left unemployed, in fear for my life, my days are numbered.

I will not stop my attempts to expose this or the secret water diversion until I am dead or Autry’s 2 main ringleaders take a lie-detector test regarding the murders of my family, neighbors, friends, others and attempted murder of me. Because until then, the perjury, death threats and sexual harassment only serve to magnify my attempts to expose this to the public. THE PUBLIC IS ENTITLED TO BE SAFE!

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Fresno, CA Mayor Alan Autry 2000-2008
aka: Bubba Skinner “Heat of the Night” 1988-1995


9 Responses to "Murder without being caught? How very clever."

Dear Marla,
I was shocked to read your accusations against Alan Autry.
Believe me when I say. I never liked the actor only his CHARACTER
I am truly sorry you went through what you did.I live in Canada and I been a Bubba Skinner fan for years. Alan was betrayed as a kind and caring person.Every man’s friend. I guess I was wrong. Thank God, his character Bubba is liked. That’s all he is known as.
Marla I hope you get justice for what has happened to you. It is a tragedy….about your Family. I am so very sorry.Marla could I ask you a question Did Autry try to hurt you?It’s hard to believe he is still married after what he did. I would have been so ashamed being connected to him. But I heard he was divorced now.
How can a so-called born again Christian can do such a thing.
I am behind you Marla.
Your Canadian Friend?

Hi, Cindy. This has been an ongoing nightmare with no end in sight (except the one planned for me from the beginning.)
Alan Autry has refused to even acknowledge me. According to Wilbert Swieso, Mayor Autry was involved in what took place on my family and neighbors’ properties. (Swieso referred to Autry as his “puppet.”) It was during my pleas for help from Mayor Autry (since this was tied into his infrastructure upgrade taking place in front of these properties) that Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst for City of Fresno, said it was Mayor Autry who ordered the Restraining Order against me. I was called a “liar” about what took place ~ prohibited from help and/or restitution. Prohibited from even filing a legitimate report. Then they claimed that nothing ever happened because nothing was/is on record. They do not allow anything on record.
Regardless of Alan Autry’s alleged participation, he is not at the core of this.
Here are a couple of updated links, which give a better perspective of what is taking place, including what was done to my family, neighbors and me.
(Thanks for your support, Cindy ~ it is much appreciated.)

CLICK: Pattern of deaths follow offers of “Help with home repairs”
CLICK: Behind Smart Meter fraud

My precious handicapped uncle (and neighbors) left dead. Trail of this.
CLICK: City Targeted Down’s syndrome man for annihilation behind water scam!

I don’t doubt for a minute what this “God fearing” good old boy is capable of. There was a reason people got sick of this man and his sorry excuse of a character. Droning on for hours in one meeting, hiding behind the bible, talk of helping the poor. He certainly loves to hear himself talk. But what you went and are still going through is a shock to hear. I would recommend that you make copies or take photos of all complaints or forms you have filed. You are legally allowed to record any city official providing you inform them you are recording. And there is always the governor Miss Maria. Alan Autry does not sign your paychecks and clearly he was never good enough to sign his own. A real hick with wily ways. Please keep us informed – it’s important. And for the record, what you have told us on this site is not slander, it’s the truth. It’s the choking stench of politician that brought you to this measure. NEVER GIVE UP!!

Hi, Catherine. Thank you for your response. Believe me I have tried the Governor as well as every other agency – they are infested with people linked to the 50+ yr water scam, prohibiting reports, making sure none of this is documented. Nightmare beyond anything imaginable. I posted this blog today – please take a look:
CLICK: Fresno, CA – Tower District Murder Cover-Ups

Forgot to mention …… the risk analyst who committed perjury to deny the lies followed by deaths and major reconstruction on top of this trash later agreed that the structures had been rebuilt. She explained that the City of Fresno was not responsible since “the previous owner had it done.” It was not intended I would still be alive – obviously, she thought I was dead as Rolf and the neighbors were as all of this took place.
As if I could have made this up?

CLICK: Death/murder of Rolf

CLICK: My Home / the Aftermath

Behind the atrocities was Alan Autry, our “water shortage” spokesman – lying to the public about our water system. Having records altered to cover up what was/is taking place.
CLICK: ”It is an Act of Domestic Terror!”

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