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Fresno, CA – Tower District Murder Cover Ups

It appears that I am the only living witness / survivor to the annihilations and takeover of private properties behind the City of Fresno’s 50+ yr water scam, now referred to as the “water infrastructure upgrade.” (Final phase.) Murders, rape, real estate theft, insurance fraud – clearing the path for the City to have every structure, 1 x 1, rebuilt on top of their secretly-replaced water system. Title companies alter parcel maps to match new layouts – aerial views altered. Old records discarded; old books reprinted with updated photos.

Outsiders are being rewarded to participate in “clearing the path” for the City of Fresno. Then they are used as “credible witnesses” that none of this is taking place. They intertwine and relocate as it continues, evidence altered after every turnover. In some cases, the participants end up dead – then the dots cannot be connected as the next group is recruited. “Rotation system.”

Described below are properties along Olive Ave. as well as homes located directly behind them (400’ radius for all of this) – where owners / occupants were left dead or never seen again. Keep in mind that all of this took place as Olive Ave. was being widened one block at a time, major reconstruction of properties, new property lines, etc. No warnings, permits, inspections, only annihilation followed by altered records to make it appear that none of this took place.

Rolf – the City of Fresno set him up to be killed (same technique used on countless others), then altered public records to cover up what ensued, including widening Olive Ave.

CLICK: Down’s syndrome man annihilated by City of Fresno

One (1) door east, same risk analyst lied/set up owner of this property. More altered records to cover evidence of what ensued. Wilbert Swieso* claims Alan Autry ordered this one, yet it was Mr. Swieso seen forging the name while citing his motto, “You can’t live for the dead.” Exactly as he said regarding the fraudulent legal documents for Rolf’s properties. City refused to investigate – told me, “Without a body there is no crime.” What about real estate fraud, forgeries and links to surrounding deaths/murders? No comment.

CLICK: Laundromat Next Door

Two (2) doors west, William Polzin’s murder remains “unsolved” due to altering evidence/cover-up by City of Fresno.

CLICK: Polzin Murder Cover-Up

One (1) door north, Alan Autry set me up to be killed. Ongoing poison while being robbed, raped. Home torn apart section at a time, rebuilt with trash on top of secretly-replaced water system. More altered records, perjury to deny – instead of help / restitution, City sabotaged insurance so no recourse. Name calling, death threats for my continued pleas for help.

CLICK: My Home, the Aftermath

MORE PHOTOS: Property Left a Shambles

One (1) door north, occupants planted/rewarded to participate. Evidence behind all the above, as well as the deaths of my earlier family members now buried beneath the lies and altered records. After serving his purpose, J.C. Winslow* told me exactly how the husband would die.

CLICK: Next-Door Neighbors

Directly across the street was a death, caused by Toxoplasma: sewage-contaminated soil, likely linked to the relocation / replacement of sewer/water lines connected to the Polzin property – which the City of Fresno denies took place.

CLICK: Across the Street

One (1) door south, woman allegedly vanished, participant rotated in.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

*J.C. Winslow boasts of decades behind this op. Says he “got rid of” wife #2 to pull it off – said I would meet her and the others, “In another world.”

CLICK: Winslow’s Rags-to-Riches

Mr. Winslow also indicated that after my final departure my siblings would be next. Public records show how they are linked – set up in “rotation system.” Recruit, use, discard.

CLICK: Are My Siblings Dead Yet?

*Wilbert Swieso claims to be the mastermind behind this op / from the very beginning, late 50s/early 60s.

CLICK: Death by Sewage – “No one will ever figure it out”, he laughed.

Mr. Swieso targeted me / my family in 1982. Principal Insurance (employer) recruited 2 more employees to participate – both ended up dead. (Swieso is linked to all the above as well.)

CLICK: Swieso’s “Rotation System” Comes Full Circle

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

When participants are rewarded for each parcel that is turned over for the City of Fresno’s secret water diversion operation, you can expect nothing less than an ongoing trail of burglary, murders, real estate theft, ID theft, insurance fraud, alleged baby-selling operation. No repercussions for those committing such crimes – the City prohibits reports while making sure such information/evidence is not documented when linked to the water scam.

Other than paying the salaries, medical and vacations for these people – the public / human life is insignificant. The annihilation / takeovers appear to be a sport to them – with no justice for their victims, dead or alive.

I remain surrounded by these people – the hell has never ended as the additional alterations and theft/switching of the last shreds continue. Once Alan Autry opened my home to a group of self-professed thieves, murderers, rapists, my life ended as well. I lost everyone and everything. Alan Autry made sure the evidence was covered up, all reports, help, restitution prohibited. Left unemployable, in fear for my life, I have finally reached the end of a long battle.

After my death, the years of filming/recording me while being poisoned will continue being used as “proof” that I was a “crazy liar” as the City risk analysts and their participants claimed. As done to others who were left dead – including people who participated before being discarded, leaving it impossible to connect the dots or links to this nightmare / those at the core. Once a person’s reputation and credibility are destroyed, no one cares or questions anything. No one sees beyond the smokescreen. An ongoing tragedy as people are killed in order to “clear the path” for the water scam being denied / covered up.

CLICK: The Final Chapter


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