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Fresno, CA: Falsifying Records to Cover Up Water Diversion!

50+/- yrs of SECRET altering the city water system finally exposed.  Entire city has been turned inside out – NO STRUCTURE LEFT STANDING AS IT WAS WHEN BUILT! 
Sewer layout – before and after:

Take a good look around – the shoddy and inferior materials and workmanship throughout Fresno, CA; altered property lines; blocks made smaller as streets made wider; utility poles relocated in absurd places with countless masts on roofs; at least 1 structure on every side of every block removed as others shifted down in “ripple effect.”  Old records NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 
Areas are first “planted” with people linked to this operation – others are annihilated.  In the case of my family and neighbors, the City of Fresno’s risk analyst was PAID to lie and set us up of our final departures.  In addition to the suspected homicide of my family members and attempted murder of me, they also targeted my neighbor who was never seen again; another neighbor shot/killed when done to his property; another one left dead after repeated exposure of raw sewage that the city risk analyst LIED about!  All properties were gutted and rebuilt with altered property lines, which the new deeds reflect.  (As well as forgeries and fraudulent financing information.)  These properties were located along Olive Ave. (Tower Dist.) – the final atrocities were timed to the citywide upgrade, which is when the middle lane miraculously appeared.  
Never did these people expect me to survive their barbaric operation – they robbed, poisoned, raped, filmed with hidden cameras and told me I would be meeting the others, “IN ANOTHER WORLD!”  Everything I owned was stolen – from my personal belongings, appliances, down to switching of the doors/windows, fireplace flue, toilets, flooring, built-in-cabinets, sewer/water lines, with trash.  Fraudulent legal documents appointing Swieso “Successor Trustee”; fraudulent life insurance policy appointing Swieso “beneficiary.”  Instead of help Mayor Autry had the risk analyst, who lied and set us up for annihilation, turn the tables and issue a Restraining Order against me – making ME appear the criminal; deeming ME a “danger” to THEM!  Calling me a “liar” and “crazy.”  Death threats followed.
The City of Fresno also denied relocation of storm drains, rain gutters, fire hydrants and street lights.  Again, you can see that it was not me who lied about any of this.  
If this is not bad enough, the ringleader (Swieso) has piggybacked his own operation into this nightmare.  When he is not conspiring with various city employees, having them use the heavy equipment and altering records to cover up the evidence of these massive alterations, he has his own work crew that he pays “under the table” to FURTHER alter CITY PROPERTY!  He has property owners paying the plumbing bills for CITY PROPERTY!  An estate planner who forges insurance papers and alters legal documents while reciting his motto, “You can’t live for the dead” – he distributes assets among HIS GROUP!  
One of the last things Swieso did was take me to the area beyond Friant, where he owns vacant lots, boasting that he spent over 45 yrs altering the water system that would soon allow him to build his “dream home” there.  Carrying on that he is braver than anyone else when it comes to breaking laws and getting around water rules and regulations – how surprised people were going to be when they learned what HE accomplished, because they told him it was impossible. 
To think that something of this magnitude would be impossible to do without anyone’s knowledge, is wrong.  In reality, it could not be easier.  Done right under everyone’s noses – no one questions the city’s equipment or if their alterations are authorized or not.  Swieso has been overriding the Planning Dept. for decades – laughing at what “puppets” and how “easy” they are.  The evidence of that is EVERYWHERE!  As long as he manages to keep the focus on something / someone else – no one ever sees beyond the smokescreen.
Before and After

Before and After


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