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Of course you were shocked that the City of Fresno denies widening Olive Ave., since  you not only SAW it take place (one block at a time as I have been stating) –  the front of your property was cut back when it took place on your block! (I distinctly remember the spacious area and walkway in front of your property – little remains. Our properties were already lined up to the sidewalk – impossible to widen the street without the entire buildings being cut back / set back significantly.) Rather than even discuss this with us, my earlier Notes (and a portion of this one) describe how they accomplished such a feat.


Before you go to the  City of Fresno to verify this cover-up, you should know what you will be up  against.

Risk analyst, Rose Miranda, was paid to lie about the recurring sewage  spills on my family’s properties.  I was a care provider to Rolf at the time,  being administered chemicals that kept me oblivious to what was taking place –  the underground utilities were being replaced with trash, relocated,  cross-connected.  Utility poles relocated.  More.

The sewage spills were planned and deliberate – Ms. Miranda insisted I was  not to speak to anyone at the City of Fresno other than her regarding these  events.  Her comment regarding the ensuing illnesses, infections, deaths, “Not  my problem.”  With preparations of widening this block of Olive Ave., they  needed Rolf dead since the properties were in his name.  Mission accomplished.   My home was next on the menu; plans for my death were also underway. 

Upon exposing more evidence of what took place, the newly-clamped lines,  the reconstruction, the street widening, Ms. Miranda told me I “imagined  it.”  The last time we spoke, she apparently thought I was already dead when she  agreed about what was done to these properties, explaining that the City was not  liable because: 

1.  It is private property;

2.  There is no record for any of it because “the previous owner had it  done!” 

Rolf left dead, bled of ten$ of thousand$ in so-called “repairs” as the  properties were being torn apart then 2 of the 3 taken by fraud, I was robbed,  raped, catheterized while incapacitated as the major construction was taking  place.  Insurance fraud, real estate fraud – house now with a mortgage I did not  have previous, in fear for my life, I screamed at this woman – WHY / HOW COULD  SHE DO THIS TO ME?!?  She then recruited senior risk analyst, Kerry Trost, and  together they had a Restraining Order issued against me – calling me a “liar”  and “crazy” and “danger to THEIR lives” while denying everything that was done  to these properties – even denying that Olive Ave. was widened (which could not  have been possible without the reconstruction that took place.)  At this point,  they had me prohibited from speaking to anyone at the City of Fresno other than  Kerry Trost.   Who smirked, “You will never prove it.”  All my documents had  been stolen; photos scanned/altered to make it appear that things were always  like this!


I then uncovered more evidence – not only verification of Olive Ave. being widened – the City’s own unaltered water layout,  which verified exactly what took place on our properties (last on the block to undergo the alterations.)  Kerry Trost demanded, “That is YOUR  problem, it is on YOUR property!”  I do not maintain the water meters, sewer  manholes in the alley – that is City property and clearly it was all relocated,  which was impossible without the destruction / reconstruction of the connecting  properties (verified by the Planning Dept.)  “You did not see us do anything so  you can’t prove it!”  “You should have watched your properties more closely.”   He then told me that he did a “drive by” inspection and did not see anything out  of the ordinary.  Then said that my neighbors did not see anything, therefore,  none of this happened – not even widening of Olive Ave.  MY NEIGHBORS WERE  RECRUITED / REWARDED TO PARTICIPATE THEN LIE/DENY!  Kerry Trost refused to speak  to me again.

So I again contacted the City of Fresno in an attempt to get help.  That  resulted in a threatening letter if I contacted them again – as well as Mayor  Alan Autry backing up the perjury to deny what took place here.

After the 3-yr Restraining Order ended I went back to City Hall, met with  risk analyst Kevin Watkins.  By this point I had unaltered aerial views, photos,  unaltered water layout, old parcel map showing original property lines.  I also  gave him a copy of the sexual harassment from the City of Fresno.  Mr. Watkins  had me wait 20-30 min as he took all of this to his superiors.  Upon his return  he said, “This does not prove anything.”  WHAT THE HELL?!?  It proved  EVERYTHING!


As for the sexual harassment, Mr. Watkins not only denied  the City was involved – he implied that I created it and posted it to  myself!


Two years ago, City Council had a meeting pertaining to Olive Ave. / Tower  District.  I dropped by to discuss what took place – including the widening of Olive Ave.

CLICK: My Brief Meeting with Fresno Planning Dept. (Mike Sanchez

All I can do is look back.  This explains the decades of turning my siblings and I against one  another – with me appearing the “crazy” one due to the chemicals.  No one would believe anything I said – my credibility and reputation were beyond destroyed.  All in preparation for overriding me, Trustee of Rolf’s properties.  .Wilbert  Swieso could not allow the properties to be divided equally among my siblings  after Rolf’s death as intended – so with all ties severed, he conspired in overriding the  IRREVOCABLE TRUST, appointing himself in charge “should something happen to  me” – as well as a fraudulent insurance policy on me, appointing himself  “beneficiary!”  How is that for Fresno’s long-time, highly-respected Estate  Planner.  Once again, all help / reports prohibited.  Siblings paid off; illegal  distribution of assets.  With my final departure underway, and siblings who  stepped into the “rotation system” no one would ever know.

CLICK:  Swieso /  Silva, atty FRAUD

BE VERY CAREFUL – in addition to attorneys, estate planners, insurance agents, bankers, and local officials – as I mentioned, their participants are linked, intertwining, relocating as this continues:

Remember the 2 who bought the commercial building next door to you –  renovated it then sold it?  They were my neighbors across the street, who I have  been posting about.  After they finished the building next door to you they  bought a nearby house (Echo Ave.) and did the same thing before selling.  I  repeat – the people involved in this operation are rewarded after the structures  have been rebuilt on top of the secretly-replaced water system, hence the  murders, running people out of business, etc.  The City alters evidence and prohibits reports.

Your neighbor across the street used to be married to the woman  catty-corner from me.   Which corner?  The one next door to the Polzin murder,  where the occupants lied about what took place – then the City offered a reward  for information but refused to accept it.  By the way, one of the 2 people who  lied is the former roommate of the person who bought that structure next door to  you.  That other roommate relocated 2 doors north and repeated the scenario in  that house as well as what was done to my family and our properties.  All of  whom claim Olive Ave. was not widened.  (The dead do not argue.  Nor expose fraudulent legal documents behind illegal takeovers.)

CLICK:  William Polzin’s Unsolved Murder Cover-Up

As you know, our properties were located 2 doors east of Mr. Polzin – the  annihilations began earlier, after Rolf, I was next on the menu – fraudulent  legal documents, fraudulent insurance policy, illegal conversion of assets,  more.  In this case, the underground utilities had been cross-connected to  neighbors on both sides – in preparation for a massive explosion / fire.  (You  know about all the other fires down Olive Ave.)

CLICK:  Down’s Syndrome Man Annihilated Behind City of Fresno  Water Scam

Of course the neighbors on both sides  participated in decades of preparations.  Once they served their purposes, the  one to the north ended up dead.  Wilbert Swieso (at the core) built a new fence  separating us – much taller, backwards so they could not climb on it – said he  did not want them to see what was going on.  Nor were they home when the sewage  flooded their yard.  Jeffry C. Winslow told me 1 yr in advance EXACTLY how the husband would  die – dead, age 49.

CLICK:  Look Who is Spreading Infections, Disease, Amputations, Death.

Widow next door continues to deny what took place – going as far as to recruit her nephew etal in covering up what she had been a part of.  More payoffs / rewards.

CLICK:  Next Door Neighbor

The risk analyst, who set up Rolf and me  for annihilation, also set up the owner of the Laundromat 1 door east.  This is  the one I told you was never seen again, same time I saw Wilbert Swieso forging  the wife’s name on an insurance application, “You can’t live for the dead.”   Once again, the City denied what took place on that property – prohibiting all  reports.  Coincidence?  Linked to Jeffry C. Winslow who said he would be taking  over ALL these properties.

CLICK:  Albert Perez, Set Up By City of Fresno


This is a copy of the comment I just posted on my previous blog. Click: Swieso’s infamous “rotation system” comes full circle 11/23. It is an example of how Principal Insurance’s former “top agent” services his clients while funding his secret water diversion operation explained on my page. Click: Marla

Learn how insurance agents (and realtors) conspire in robbing and seizing control of their client’s properties and assets. Keep in mind that the mold problem mentioned below was the result of Swieso having the newly-clamped water lines loosened, covered in cement in order to create the problem.

Not mentioned here is one of Mr. Swieso’s techniques in “helping” his confused clients obtain Long Term Care insurance before they “forget” to pay their premium. Always there to help, he is licensed in “reverse mortage.”

Be sure to read my previous blog so you get the full picture.


My monthly property insurance premium statements for my family’s 2 commercial properties arrived by mail – promptly paid.

Upon renewal, the premium changed somewhat. Suddenly, I stopped receiving the monthly billings. Not wanting to be an inconvenience, I continued making payments online ~ unfortunately, in the wrong amount. Surely I would be contacted if there was a problem, but that is not how this worked out. It was at this time, my property insurance agent began sending MY BUSINESS to SWIESO’S office, despite repeated requests to STOP! In time, due to a few dollars discrepancy in my monthly payments, rather than contact me a 30-day notice was sent. I never saw it.

Then came the CANCELLATION NOTICE! Ron Lamm, my property insurance agent (as well as his secretary) REFUSED to assist; then they refused to acknowledge me. Clearly, their focus was on accommodating Mr. Swieso regarding MY ACCOUNT.

It was at this time, mold began consuming 1 of the 2 structures; the tenant told me he feared the wall would collapse. Of course it would ~ without insurance, he could then sue and own all, just as Mr. Swieso’s group boasts of doing to others.

Now look at the entire message pertaining to my property insurance premium, where you will see the bigger picture as described in the above blog. Keep in mind that by this point, I had quit working for Mr. Swieso. I mention that because he actually delivered this memo from MY insurance agent, in person, because he “knew it was important.” AND HE KNEW I WAS NOT RECEIVING THE INFORMATION! I was being by-passed as this man had once again, taken control OF MY AFFAIRS behind my back.

The policy had been CANCELLED with no chance for reinstatement. This is a beautiful example of how Mr. Swieso, while in the midst of destroying me, STILL wanted recognition as the innocent, caring and concerned “friend.” He wanted to be THANKED for his help and concern. Once again wanting to be seen for all his “help” when in fact, HE was the very cause behind this.

At this point, I still did not know the legal documents were fraudulent, but I finally realized that Mr. Swieso had set out to destroy me.

And it was also clear that without property insurance coverage, the tenant, who Mr. Swieso was involved in from the very beginning, was trouble. This is why Swieso coerced me into renting to this man. This is why the”planted” tenant made it clear from day 1, he wanted to buy the buildings when I got “ready” to sell them. Escrow dragged out for 1 yr because no one would tell me about the fraudulent legal documents.

In the end, the new deeds to the properties entailed illegally revised parcel maps to match the new property lines. And fraudulent financing information ~ this explains why both realtors not only lied about the value of the properties but refused to help or look into my claims that I was sure the buyer did not qualify and there was fraud taking place. They had me pinned into a corner ~ either cooperate or lose everything, including my home behind these 2 properties.

As I have said all along, it was not intended that I would still be alive. With the fraudulent legal documents appointing Mr. Swieso, “Successor Trustee” of these properties ~ and my final departure underway, this is only 1 example of how Swieso is “acquiring” property and funding his “secret sideline.”

Another victim has come forward.

RECAP: Structures throughout Fresno are being rebuilt on top of the secretly replaced water system.

Removal of various structures; expansion of others. Streets widened. Every property line altered.

No record for any of this. Reconstruction without permits or inspections. Property resold; parcel maps illegally altered in escrow, as though things were always as they are now.

The new parcel map is then presented to the neighbor/s who are threatened with lawsuits by this mob, over the CITY OF FRESNO’S property lines!

And the altering of more property lines continues – absolutely no record that anything ever took place.

Block by block, over the last 50 yrs, every property rebuilt with new property lines.

Ringleader behind this is former employee of the City of Fresno, Wilbert Swieso. He said this is behind the valley’s water shortage – secret water diversion, further laughing that the public, including farmers without water, will never figure this out.

See my page for more: CLICK: Marla Or CLICK: Behind Mayor Autry’s So-Called, “Infrastructure Upgrade

In the meantime, please let me know if you or anyone else have been victimized by this group.

City of Fresno, CA Sexual Harassment / Stalking / More




This follows suspected homicide of my family and neighbors who were set up for execution by the City of Fresno, so the city’s fake work crew could tear our properties apart for secret replacement of the sewer and water lines.  Properties taken by fraud; parcel maps altered to cover up the evidence of major reconstruction and changes in property lines, street widening, relocation of utility poles, etc.  Ongoing horrors have included having me robbed, raped, and left for dead – city personnel recently left this on my blog. 

The City of Fresno is behind the most ruthless and barbaric nightmare in history.  They finally got caught and as a result, have seen that my life is destroyed and will soon end.  There is no other way out of this – they do not leave witnesses behind; the trail speaks for itself.


50-YR COVER UP ===>  www.myspace.com/marlalk4




Is Your Home Making You Sick?

By Margot Kim   March 15, 2007

You may have heard of toxic mold and sick building syndrome. Could your home also make you sick?

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates indoor air quality is two- to five-times more polluted than the air we breathe outside.  

“Living in a home that is polluted with mold can cause all sorts of respiratory problems,” Neil Schachter, M.D., tells Ivanhoe. That’s a great concern to homeowner Scott Lerman, who has a 4-year-old child.

“We want to make sure that our house is as healthy as it can be so that my son can be as healthy as he can be,” says Lerman, who agreed to let Dr. Schachter, a lung specialist from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, inspect his home.

During the inspection, Dr. Schachter found water damage was causing mold to grow in Lerman’s shower. He advises the Lermans and anyone with a similar problem to clean moldy showers with chlorinated wipes and avoid spraying any chemicals that might irritate the lungs.

Because dust can also cause respiratory problems like allergies and asthma, Dr. Schachter recommends putting clean area rugs over dusty carpets and getting rid of dust ruffles. He also says not to store items beneath the bed and to be aware that clutter stored in the basement can collect dust. Pollutants can also come from outside, so to keep them out, Dr. Schachter suggests installing a window filter.

“You assume your house is healthy until you get someone to point these things out,” says Lerman, who is now committed to eliminating more than just dust in an effort to keep his family healthy.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You cannot turn a city inside out as done to Fresno, CA without major repercussions.  Secretly altering the city’s sewer/water system without permits, inspections, or safety precautions has created massive health problems.  SEWAGE POLLUTION is deadly.  Asthma, respiratory, illness, infections, amputations, death.

Structures rebuilt without permits or inspections – massive building, environmental, safety and health code violations.  Look at the clamped sewer/water lines on each property – no record for it because it is tied into the city’s secret operation.  Mold, termites, leaks, illness, ongoing repairs.  I urge families with asthma and lung disease to purchase mold-testing kits. 

The Natural Resources Defense Council web site states that not only do old pipes break, they can allow bacteria and other contaminants into the water supply, making people sick, they can leach contaminants and breed bacteria in drinking water.

Look what was done to my family’s properties without our knowledge or consent – sewer and water lines not only altered but replaced with corroded trash – can you imagine the bacteria that comes from these nasty pipes.  How long will they last before breaking / leaking.  This is what Public Works has done to us while reminding unsuspecting property owners that they are responsible to maintain such a nightmare.  



Beneath "new" floor in tool shedlet3"New" floor in tool shed

Instead of warning or giving residents a chance to protect their family members or belongings from the toxic, disease-carrying, raw sewage that floods property when sewer/water lines are cut in preparation for the lines being totally replaced, the city risk analyst is sent out AFTER these events to lie about the cause.  Pesticides are later used to eradicate sewer roaches and sewer rats; mosquito infestations.  This is what the survivors are breathing; children are playing in it.


A reminder that laws, rules, codes, guidelines pertaining to the altering or sewer lines were put into effect for a reason – the safety of ALL of us.  Only licensed, experienced and competent contractors are allowed to handle such a job, following strict rules and regulations.  Prior to any work, licenses and permits are required to ensure health and safety regulations are met.  Permits are not issued until the applicant has filed a layout plan showing the location of existing service connection, house location and route of sewer service, and said layout has been approved by the Superintendent.  Contractors are required to have a bond.  Compliance issues must be met.  Initial and final inspections are necessary.  Public safety is of great concern when altering sewer lines and must follow OSHA guidelines as well as abide by the CA Health and Safety Code. Unfortunately, the City / County of Fresno do not feel they are obligated to follow such rules and guidelines – not even discussing any of this with the property owner!  They even have a fake work crew to help carry this out – a group that is not even authorized or licensed for such alterations.  

Below is a copy of the sewer layout, which verifies what they did to our properties.  After suspected homicide of my family members, poisoning and attempted murder of me in order to pull this off, the City called me a “liar” and filed a Restraining Order against me.  My neighbors cannot argue or testify about what took place – some are dead; other/s never seen again after being lied to by the risk analyst – we were all set up.  Forged/fraudulent legal documents that follow this barbaric operation are being covered up – reporting that is considered a crime as well.


How far does Mayor Alan Autry’s involvement in Wilbert G. Swieso and Jeffry C. Winslow’s operation go – destroying families, forging and altering legal documents in order to burglarize, take property and assets and in some cases, suspected homicide as they clear the path for Public Works to carry illegal altering of the city water supply.  According to Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst for the City of Fresno, it was Mayor Autry who ordered a Restraining Order issued against me – AFTER Public Works conspired in annihilating my family and neighbors, leaving a trail of suspected homicide, poisoning, attempted murder, more forgeries, fraudulent legal documents, real estate fraud, and more.  It was not intended that I would still be alive.
My family worked many years and made countless sacrifices for what they had.  Prior to leaving me in charge of their estate, they spent years teaching and advising me on what to do when the time came – their business, my handicapped uncle’s care, and seeing that assets were distributed equally among the beneficiaries. 
How could we have known that Wilbert G. Swieso and the City of Fresno had other plans.  Poisoning and filming me with hidden cameras was in preparation for annihilation and seizing control of our properties and assets.  People among the Swieso group convinced me that my siblings were out to destroy me and leave me homeless – ties were severed and I was referred to an attorney to prepare a legal document that would remove any links between us after my caregiving duties ended.  Not with intentions of cheating them but with intentions of giving me time to get back on my feet without ending in the street.  The document was created by a local attorney and my siblings agreed to sign.  INSTEAD, because I wanted to make DOUBLY sure that everything was handled 100% legally, I took that document to the initial attorney for verification.  He said it was NOT legal – the property was in an Irrevocable Trust, which my parents spent many thousands of dollars to ensure would not be broken – it was IMPOSSIBLE to alter.  That was the end of that document.
Wilbert Swieso never took his thumb off me – 5 yrs later, immediately following the death of my handicapped uncle, he introduced me to his estate attorney who prepared fraudulent documents – both of these gentlemen assuring me all was legal when in fact, the Trust was to end and be distributed.  They lied to me while assuring me how important it was that these documents be created – appointing Wilbert G. Swieso, “Successor Trustee” to property IN AN IRREVOCABLE TRUST!  In the condition I was being kept in, I was oblivious – I trusted this man as anyone should be able to trust him.  The attorney as well.  Mr. Swieso later enrolled me in a fraudulent life insurance policy, appointing himself “beneficiary.”  He said this is how he would pay for the new Porsche he always wanted – showing me brochures. 
Behind my back, years had gone into severing ties for what was coming – annihilation and taking my family’s properties over.  In fact it was the very person who is suspected of overdosing my father, resulting in his death, who referred to me to the first attorney.  He was seen in my father’s home next door, after I filed a Restraining Order against him.  He telephoned as my father’s body was being taken away, claiming to “be in the neighborhood” wanting to see what was going on.  Never did I know of his connection to Mr. Swieso or Mr. Winslow (below.)  Or the coroner, who denied my father an autopsy!  I was even severed from my other uncle, who I had promised to take care of.  I was blacklisted among all, due to my horrible behavior and filthy mouth while being administered unknown chemicals.  The path was being cleared for what was coming.  Belongings were “planted” in my home which I was accused of stealing – that would allow these people to later steal from me?  These are the people who were later treated as the victims and credible witnesses.  As long as you can make your victim appear to be the most horrible person on the planet, no one looks at YOU or YOUR trail.  (“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” ~ Voltaire) 
Jeffry C. Winslow is Mr. Swieso’s associate in this operation.  Mr. Winslow told me he was taking over my family’s properties, my home as well as the Laundromat across the alley.  He said I would soon be meeting the others (my family and others), including this man’s former wife, “in another world.”  I was being set up for my final departure.  With the path cleared, no one would see, argue or try to help, when this group “gutted” and shoddily reconstructed the properties so Public Works could replace water lines without authorization, permits, inspections, or safety precautions. New deeds reflecting altered plat/parcel maps to line up to the property lines that changed – as done from one end of town to the other.  (In this case, fraudulent financing information is further evidence of how they intended on taking the properties.)
This explained what Mr. Winslow said about taking over the Laundromat – the owner of the Laundromat would also have to be eliminated in order to pull this off!
The city actually PAID their risk analyst to lie to the owner of the Laundromat and me about the cause behind repeated sewage back spills.  No concern about toxic, infectious, disease-carrying sewage flowing down the alley, seeping into back yards – flooding my next door neighbor’s yard.  Clearly, it would result in death/illness, which is why I refused to sign the “release for clean-up” for 2 days – the neighbors were entitled to be warned and instructed on how to handle such a crisis.  The risk analyst merely said, “Don’t worry about it.”  I was still a caregiver – after 48 hrs of my belongings setting in toxic waste, I had no choice but to sign.  My next-door-neighbor’s health declined (hepatitis, common with exposure to raw sewage); foot became infected and amputated; deceased at age 50.  (Diabetics are more susceptible to staph and other organisms that breed in raw sewage – Winslow has a score card of name of people who have had their foot/feet amputated.  He predicted my neighbor’s foot amputation 1 yr in advance.)  My handicapped uncle’s hospitalizations coincided with these events (not all were reported to the city.)  I endured respiratory, ongoing illness, recurring cellulitis of both feet.  The risk analyst merely said, “Not my problem.” 
My uncle’s death (suspected homicide) coincided with the citywide upgrade – that is when Mr. Swieso hired me, which left no one home as theft and major alterations were underway.  Even though I saw the heavy equipment and the street, sideway and alley torn up, in addition to major construction of the Laundromat, never did I suspect what was taking place or planned to happen to our properties.  Just after the risk analyst lied for the last time about the sewage back spills, so sure of my final departure, my home was opened up for any/all to come help themselves.  (A home, that in my condition, had become a nightmare in itself.)  The owner of the Laundromat was never seen again. 
The damages were so horrendous, along with Swieso’s additional corruption, my family and I lost our 2 income properties; everything on all 3 properties stolen and replaced with trash.  I was called a “liar” with every attempt to report what had been done.  No help, no answers, prohibited from filing an insurance claim for ANY of this. 
I lost everything, including my family.  Left unemployed, in a home that is a shambles, in fear for my life.  Pleading for help resulted in Mayor Alan Autry having this same risk analyst, who set us up for annihilation, issue a Restraining Order against me – turning the tables and deeming ME a “danger” to HER!  And a “liar” and “crazy.”  Let me mention that not only were my family and I were on our own properties when the city stepped in to wipe us out, the city’s own sewer layout verifies EXACTLY what they did to these properties – the reconstruction speaks for itself.  Stripped of human rights, protection, the group returned to further rape, rob and more altering of water, gas and electrical lines covered with new cement.  Clearly, I am still being set up for my final departure.
In my attempt to prove that this has been done to others, I provided Mr. Winslow’s trail – including forgeries of his former wife (who he said is “in another world”) verified by an expert handwriting analyst.  Forgeries of her mother, altered legal documents, putting assets into a Trust for later distribution among siblings, etc.  Ties among Mrs. Winslow and her sisters had been severed due to her “behavior” – described exactly as mine.  This was a near-identical scenario that was played out with my family!  As if the first attorney I went to (described above) was not angry enough with me for uncovering the first fraudulent legal documents for my family’s properties, imagine her anger when I discovered that she was the estate attorney for Mrs. Winslow’s sisters and their estate.    
Mr. Winslow is owner of Mono Hot Springs Resort, where he met his wife.  Where he refers to himself as a “predator” – boasting of hidden cameras; guests losing their belongings and in some cases, homes robbed and/or burned down followed by employees showing up with jewelry, clothes, etc. they said were “given” to them.  Can you imagine this man being allowed to continue running such a business, with a trail like he has – no investigation?
As horrible as I became while being poisoned, regardless of the filthy mouth and what I appeared to be, never did I intend to cheat my siblings out of their inheritance.  Even if I wanted to, the Trust prohibited such actions.  As it turned out, this group stepped in and took over, as planned so many years earlier.  Family treasures and heirlooms stolen and/or switched prior to “sharing” with my siblings.  Everything my family worked lifetimes for was destroyed and taken by this group.  I was severed and lost everything I owned.  Rather than help, the goal remains in keeping the truth from being exposed as the lies, name-calling and death threats continue.
Mayor Autry does not want the truth about the Laundromat from being exposed either – that was made clear by the senior risk analyst who also committed perjury to cover up the actions of the risk analyst who lied and set us up for what took place.  The Laundromat was also “gutted” and reconstructed differently, on top of the replaced sewer/water lines.  Signature on new (2004) deed looks like the one I saw Swieso forge (trace) on an insurance application while saying, “You can’t live for the dead” (2002?); same misspelling. New owner lives next door to Winslow – the man who said he would be taking the Laundromat over as his own. 
Several of the names involved with Mr. Swieso, including the attorney who conspired in fraudulent legal documents, are linked to William Polzin, who was shot/killed when this took place on his property across the street.  Same “planted” neighbors being used as “credible witness” that none of this was taking place at the time of the murder – because the alterations to city sewer/water lines and private property was also taking place on the property they were renting; the connections were linked and lead to the tree planter in the street.  Despite Fresno Police detectives offering a reward for information regarding the Polzin murder – it does not appear that the information is wanted or even allowed.  There are others.
This accompanies the “citywide upgrade” that Mayor Autry boasts about.  You know, the one he claims is responsible for reducing crime in the city.  I supposed that would depend on one’s version of “crime.”  To date, reporting this nightmare has been treated as the biggest crime of all.  Perhaps like the rest of this group, Mayor Autry feels more comfortable when sneaking and conspiring behind the backs of victims – that way they can’t argue or defend themselves.  Once they are dead – they don’t complain.  When they don’t complain, there is no crime?  Keep in mind that he had a Restraining Order issued against ME – making ME the criminal.  What was my crime – accidentally surviving?  At least temporarily?  (Discrediting me is the same technique as the “planted” tenants who filed fraudulent lawsuits while threatening to own – later portraying themselves as victims.)
Imagine living such a nightmare, where every report results in being called a “liar.”  Mayor Autry turned me into shark bait for his group to return and continue raping, gassing, robbing and more.  He made sure there would be no consequences for anyone but ME!  There is a distinct “rotation pattern” to this operation.  My siblings stepped right into it – they will be eliminated as well, if not already.  To date it has been implied that 2 of the 3 are now dead; Mayor Autry would know more about that than I would.  His group prevented me from protecting my other family members, our properties and assets; he made sure that I and the other family members will follow.  That is how this operation continues.  There is no help or justice for anyone – dead or alive. 
One of the 2 ringleaders behind the annihilation of my family members openly boasted about removing gold teeth from his victims.  This same person repeatedly told me it was time for my handicapped uncle (Down’s syndrome, totally bedridden last 5 1/2 yrs of his life) to die when he did, because he looked so horrible.  I was my handicapped uncle’s 24-hr caregiver – I never introduced this man to my uncle.  This would explain what happened to his gold teeth.
The man I am referring to is Jeffry C. Winslow, who I reported for poisoning me, filming me with hidden cameras, intent to kill and take my family’s properties.  My uncle would have to die first – the properties were HIS; I was the Trustee.  No one knows the horrible effects of being poisoned more than I do – it went on for many years.  There is no doubt in my mind that my uncle was also being poisoned. 
Mr. Winslow’s associate was my former employer.  An estate planner.  My uncle HAD to die so Mr. Swieso could conspire with his attorney (disbarred) in preparation of fraudulent legal documents appointing Wilbert G. Swieso, “Successor Trustee” of MY FAMILY’S PROPERTIES!  He hired me and even took me out of town, which left no one home as reconstruction was taking place.  He conspired with a nearby WATER DISTRICT in enrolling me in a fraudulent insurance policy, appointing himself “beneficiary” as Mr. Winslow told me I was going to meet the others, including his former wife, “IN ANOTHER WORLD!”  ===>  http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/from-rags-to-riches-real-estate-theft-in-fresno/
With the help of the City of Fresno’s risk analyst, these gentlemen succeeded in running us off our 2 income properties.  It was not expected that I would still be alive, let alone figure out their barbaric operation.  Had I not heard about it for 20 yrs from Mr. Swieso, I would not have been able to put the pieces together.  Turns out that Mr. Swieso’s 50+/- secret “water project” is linked to the City of Fresno’s secret replacement of the city water system.  Parcel by parcel, every structure in Fresno must be altered in order for this to be carried out, so unless done in-between sales or under the guise of “renovations” the property owner is eliminated, evidenced by the trail (as well as what was done to my family, neighbors and me.)  Property is then “gutted” and haphazardly rebuilt differently on top of the evidence; plat/parcel maps altered to cover up the changes in property lines and make it appear that nothing took place.  With no permits or inspections on record, property is resold as “original” to unsuspecting buyers.  According to Mr. Swieso, this is behind upcoming water diversion, which he credited to the late John Bonadelle. 
Aerial views show that my garage was totally rebuilt while my uncle was still alive.  This would have been done during my uncle’s hospital stays, which coincided with the sewage back spills the city risk analyst lied about.  I also attended night school in hopes of being able to work from home – my uncle used to tell me that men had been coming into the home and hammering this and that – I did not believe him.  He specifically mentioned the name of the man I had a Restraining Order issued against earlier – specifically stating he was a dangerous threat to my uncle.  I assumed my uncle was hallucinating.  Never did I imagine that this monster was in my home or linked to Jeffry Winslow!  This is the same man I have repeatedly reported for being in my father’s home, next door, prior to his death – OVERDOSED ON HIS MEDICATION, which landed him in the hospital where he was wrongfully discharged and died 2 days later.  As my father’s body was being taken away, this man just “happened to be in the neighborhood” and called to say hello.  The truth is that these people had taken over long before I realized what was taking place right under my nose (due to the chemicals.)  How dare Mayor Autry to call me a “liar.”  That is why / how the horrors were allowed to continue snowballing into the nightmare I am now living.  So help me God, no one could possibly imagine what I have been through or what I am living (if that is what you call this.)   
Suspected homicide of my family members, loss of income properties, home robbed and left a shambles, pets killed/harmed, VIN altering, illness/infections due to raw sewage, more – behind SECRET REPLACEMENT OF THE CITY WATER SYSTEM! Reporting this resulted in Public Works calling me a “liar.”  Pleas for help from Mayor Alan Autry resulted in him having the same risk analyst who lied and set my neighbors and me up for annihilation, issue a Restraining Order against me – calling me a “liar” – prohibiting me from help, restitution, or even filing a report. Death threats followed.
My handicapped uncle as well as next-door-neighbor left dead after repeated exposure of raw sewage.  One neighbor shot/killed when this was done to his property.  Risk analyst was the last person seen speaking to owner of the Laundromat across the alley – lying and setting him up for annihilation. His property was then stripped, gutted, rebuilt as ours had been.  ===>  https://missmarla.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/was-my-neighbor-executed-too-fresno-ca/ 
Stripped of all civil and human rights – the City of Fresno targeted my family and neighbor with intent to kill, so they could gut these properties and replace the sewer and water lines.   The City’s own sewer layout verifies everything I said was done – including the widening of Olive Ave., which could not have been done without the massive damages and reconstruction that took place.  And the altered property lines to every structure on the block – ours were the last to be altered in time for the citywide upgrade, which is when the illegal tie-ins were carried out.  The fact they would lie to us is further evidence of their intentions – they did not expect to leave witnesses behind.  I was also called a “liar” about the relocation of utility poles by this group – people who demanded I not contact PG&E, which resulted in an additional $900+/- to my utility bill that month.  (I have their names.)  The evidence of everything I reported is all here – the City of Fresno reacts with name-calling and committing perjury to discredit their own records.  Which records are they discrediting or do they even know – the plat/parcel maps no longer line up to the sewer layout.  ===>  http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=403660013&blogID=424141798&Mytoken=1210B5DC-FFD2-4B29-8F5984FF745A055039834821
The public is being lied to and deceived by Mayor Alan Autry.  His citywide upgrade is linked to upcoming secret water diversion.  His talk of new sidewalks and curbs are the result of streets being widened to the point that blocks are smaller; at least 1 structure has been removed from each side of every block.  Done over the course of 50+/- yrs, in preparation for what is about to take place – water diversion.  Our city has been turned inside out and shoddily patched back together – to date, not even the experts have figured it out.  This is why there are no older records of Fresno, CA.  ===>  http://fresnorealestatefraudtheft.blogspot.com/2008/06/blocks-made-smaller-to-carry-out-felony.html
At this point, all I can do is think back to the terrible events leading up to what finally took place.  I recall when my handicapped uncle pointed to his mouth, telling me his teeth hurt – one of his last remaining teeth was loose.  What was happening to his teeth – they were vanishing!  The nurse told me not to worry, they would come out the other end (which they did not).  I recall this being near the time the home health aide began sticking her finger, wrapped in a wash cloth, to wipe out my uncle’s mouth – removing coagulated blood.  I was also wiping it off his mouth during the day, unable to figure out what was causing this.  I told the nurse that my uncle needed to see his dentist, which would require help getting him transported.  She immediately changed the subject – out of the clear, blue sky she said he needed to have his cathetar switched to an indwelling type, which would require minor surgery.  I was totally thrown off.  In short, my uncle never did see his dentist.  Or perhaps the truth would have been exposed. 
My precious uncle’s rights and life were taken from him.  Poisoning me and making me appear the criminal continues to serve as the smokescreen to the biggest and most heinous operation in history.  Mayor Autry will see that the truth is never exposed – residents of Fresno are insignificant to Mayor Autry, dead or alive.  The ongoing goal is is to have me wiped out – the horrors have never ended.  Ongoing robbing, raping and unauthorized major alterations to my home, water, gas, electric lines, covered with new cement.  Learn the truth about Mayor Autry – annihilation of residents as his heinous group takes what others worked lifetimes for.  Surviving or reporting this nightmare is the biggest crime of all. 
My siblings were also set up for their final departures – using and discarding is how the “rotation pattern” continues.  Mayor Autry will no doubt assist in that as well. 

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