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“Rotation System” ~ Used in Annihilation of Fresno Residents Behind Water Scam

Posted on: May 25, 2012

As you can see by the diagram below, my family  and I (highlighted in green) were surrounded by deaths and murders as the water  scam was being carried out.  Including our own.





Dead people do not complain, report or expose  the 50+ operation which, according to self-proclaimed mastermind Wilbert Swieso  (with 50+ yrs invested into this), is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret  water operation.”  Cities turned inside out, rebuilt structure at a time, on top  of a secretly-replaced water system.  All this, in preparation for upcoming  development i.e., major gambling communities.  Nuclear power.  High-speed rail.



Unless the operation is carried out in-between  sales, ruthless methods are used in getting this done.  Poisoning victims to the  point they do not see or realize what is being done to their own home / contents  – or simply having them murdered.




With neighbors “planted” and rewarded to  participate and lie about what is taking place – the annihilations and takeover  are not difficult.  Nor the burglaries, forged / fraudulent insurance papers and  legal documents, real estate theft, etc.



Of course shooting/killing is one way to  eliminate – such as William Polzin, the unsolved murdered victim referred to in  above diagram.  Two doors west of my family’s properties.  Notice the  information/surrounding facts behind that murder were/are not allowed.





When the crimes are linked to the water scam –  reports are prohibited.  More on William  Polzin’s murder can be found here.



CLICK ===>  William Polzin’s Murder  Cover-Up



There are other unsolved murders/shootings  down Olive Ave.



Not to mention all the fires behind the  reconstruction and widening of Olive Ave.



CLICK ===>  20+ Fires Within 1 1/2-mile Radius



Another method of killing is the  death-by-sewage technique.  Wilbert Swieso boasts that no one will ever figure  this out.  (I was employed by him and saw the same pattern done to countless  victims, never understanding until it came our turn.)



CLICK ===> Spreading Disease and Death via Raw Sewage



Title Companies record the forged / fraudulent  legal documents while altering the parcel maps to match the new layouts.  Making  it appear that nothing changed – structures setting on top of  haphazardly-clamped sewer/water lines (in some cases cross-connected to  neighbors) re-sold as “original” to unsuspecting buyers.



To further cover up the evidence of what is  taking place, old books have been reprinted with updated photos.  Online news  archives with photos blacked out.  You can find “old” maps (reprinted with new  layouts) on e-bay.  Phone books, Polk City Directories altered/re-printed.   Historic aerial views have been altered.



But the evidence remains.



Countless people throughout Fresno know that  Olive Ave. through the Tower District was widened.  Yet the City of Fresno  denies it!  They use their altered records to say it was always this way.






The truth about Olive Ave. being widened not  only verifies the major reconstruction of  street-lined properties, complete replacement of the city water system,  relocation of street lights, utility poles, etc. – it ties into this same thing  being done throughout the city and far beyond.  Of course nothing is on record –  building, health, safety and environmental code standards were kicked aside  leaving massive violations endangering the public.  Imagine if property owners  knew the truth about the property they bought or why it is setting on top of  clamped sewer/water lines.


I am getting off track.  My point in writing this was to focus on my  family’s properties, showing another example of how the “rotation system” is  used in carrying all of this out.  How people are recruited to participate in  horrific crimes – then eliminated after serving their purposes.  Out with the  old, in with the new as the torch continues being passed.



BELOW – pertaining ONLY to the 5 properties in the red circle.  A  demonstration on how Wilbert Swieso invested DECADES into planting people to  participate with him in a manner that would ultimately leave him owning all 5 of  these properties.  And how, in addition to his victims ending up dead, his  participants ended up dead as well.




Before I get started, this is an old blog (for some reason I cannot get in  to edit but you will get the idea) describing how Wilbert Swieso got a hold of  me in 1982 and never let go – including the death of my mother (which allowed  this to escalate as it did) and the deaths of the 2 other people from Principal  Insurance who were recruited to participate.  Elimination of the participants  protects Wilbert, Jeffry, etal.



Click ===>  Swieso’s  Barbaric Rotation System Comes Full Circle



My neighbors to the north (the one marked “sister” in the above diagram)  were planted in the 80s.   The slow, methodical altering of our properties  without my knowledge (chemicals kept me oblivious) continued until finally  getting the water lines from my home cross-connected to theirs.  With 1 of my 2  main water shut-off valves removed, no control.  (It appears my hot water tank  was also cross-connected – see earlier posts.)







In time, the previous occupant (1970s) from the house next door, was  renting the other portion of the Laundromat (shown in above circle, colored  orange), which was rebuilt – water lines cross-connected to my house &  Rolf’s properties (risk analyst discarded photos which prove.)  This was behind  the nightmare tenants tearing the Olive Ave. properties apart, filing fraudulent  lawsuits against me. With the ongoing chemicals in my system, the focus was kept  on ME rather than what these people were doing.  Or their trails of this.



Just like my neighbors to the north, the owner of this Laundromat denied  what was taking place.



With both my parents dead (more suspected / my father & Rolf denied  autopsies by this group) and the Olive Ave. properties left in Rolf’s name (with  me as Trustee), Rolf had to be eliminated next.



Click ====>  City of Fresno Targets Down’s Syndrome Man for Annihilation Behind Water Scam!



As stated in the above link, Rolf’s illnesses began at the time of  the sewage spills.  Same with the husband next door.  Hepatitis (linked to  sewage?) – he could no longer work.   As he was getting sicker and sicker,  Jeffry Winslow (who the torch had been passed to) told me it was “normal” – he  also said this man would lose his foot next and die.  Sure enough, his foot  became infected – the pain was excruciating.  After having it amputated he died,  age 49.





Wilbert Swieso hired me immediately after Rolf’s death.  He convinced  me my siblings were going to leave me homeless, therefore I needed to follow his  advice and have Rolf’s properties put into another Trust.  He insisted it was  legal, which it was not.  After 14 yrs as a care provider to family (father & handicapped uncle), I told him it would only be a temporary arrangement, until I got back on  my feet.  Apparently, behind my back he had already paid my siblings off – my death was next on the menu.


Only after verifying time and again that ties to my siblings had been  severed, would Wilbert’s accomplice who had been set up in an office next door,  conspire in the fraud regarding Rolf’s estate.  (Same attorney who handled  murdered Polzin’s estate.  And the mother of another dead person across the  street, shown in above diagram.)  Upon being reported for fraud, Mr. Silva secretly closed his office and fled, never to be seen again.


Click ===>  David A. Silva, atty (fake?)



Wilbert conspired with one of his Water District clients – enrolled  me in a fraudulent LTC policy as THEIR employee, appointing Wilbert Swieso  “beneficiary” of the life insurance portion.  Wilbert then began bringing in  brochures of new Porches and told me he would soon pay cash for one, “thanks to  me.”  I was getting sicker and sicker due to the poison/chemicals, with a mouth  and behavior that could not have been worse.





Ongoing chemicals, taken out of town, planted tenants on Rolf’s  properties which continued being torn apart behind my back.   This was how I was  bled of my last dime, ending up mortgaging my home to continue paying for Rolf’s  care in addition to all these repairs I was being lied to about!



One day Wilbert forged an insurance application of Jennie Perez.  while citing his motto, “You can’t live for the dead.”  I did not know Jennie  was the name of Albert’s wife – owner of the Laundromat next door.  Once I got  away from Wilbert Swieso, unable to locate Albert & Jennie Perez, I searched  recorded documents and found the name of that old, closed insurance file he  repeatedly left on my desk, pertained to the Laundromat!



Wilbert was taking over.  He used the owner of the Laundromat just as  he used the neighbor on my other side left dead.  He planted the tenants.  They  unloosened the newly-clamped water lines, covered in new cement – more money  being poured out in an attempt to repair what could not be repaired.  With  fraudulent documents appointing him in charge “should anything happen to me” –  and plans for my final departure underway – he recruited the property insurance  agent of Rolf’s properties to help him seize control.



Click ===>  Ronald Lamm / DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance



Then I looked at more documents pertaining to the Laundromat – looks  to me like the Laundromat was taken over by fraud, possible ID theft as well.   More research showed the links to Jeffry Winslow, who was one of the last to be  poisoning me, telling me I would meet all these people (including his wife # 2  he said he “got rid of”) “in another world!”  He said he would be taking over  all these properties – they were going to go down in flames with insurance  paying to build a new restaurant for HIM!



The City of Fresno risk analyst was the last person seen speaking to  Albert.  Lying and setting him up for annihilation just as she did to Rolf and  me.  She had to know I was being poisoned behind all her lies, then told me I  “imagined” all that took place.  She intercepted my property insurance claim so  there would be no recourse for the theft or reconstruction.  She later admitted  these structures had been rebuilt on top of the trash water lines but insisted  the City was not responsible because, “The previous owner had it done.”  She  must have thought I was dead by then – as the others were.



Reporting the disappearance (suspected homicide) of Albert was not  allowed – just like when I tried to report the facts behind the Polzin murder  across the street, I was talked to as though I was the criminal for having such  information.  To them I was the criminal – it was not expected I would still be  alive.



Due to the death of her husband, the widow next door could no longer  pay the mortgage on their home.  She was forced to relocate.



So now you see how 4 of the 5 properties were vacated.  The  Laundromat, Rolf’s 2 properties and my next-door neighbor to the north.  All  murdered?  Fraudulent legal documents on 3 of those 4?  And with my final  departure underway, fraudulent life insurance policy, illegal distribution of  assets – Jeffry Winslow was actually dancing in excitement about the properties  he was about to take over in the Tower District.



I lost everything – even the deed to my home.  It was an accident I  got away before they finished me off.  (Another chapter.)  I now have a mortgage  on a home that was stripped and left a shambles.  Left unemployable, in fear for  my life – now living on donations which will not continue much longer.  The only  way out of this is death, as planned from the beginning.


Do you see how, out of greed, people set their own selves up for  annihilation?  Recruited, used, discarded.



So sure I would be dead too, I was robbed, raped, filmed with hidden  cameras while being poisoned.  Everything I owned was stolen/switched with  trash.  That is why the City sabotaged me from filing a report – this way  Wilbert and his group could do that and collect even more.



Every attempt to seek help, stop this from continuing or even file a  report was PROHIBITED! The City of Fresno / Alan Autry reacted with  name-calling, sexual harassment, perjury, Restraining Order followed by death  threats!



It was when I reported the cross-connected water lines  that Round 2 took place.  More theft, poison, catheter used on me during long  durations as all these structures were torn apart again to rectify the  situation.  With my home left in a worse shambles than the first time, and all  rooms left even smaller AGAIN, the cover-up continued to a local moving/storage  facility.  And more altering of photos on my hard drive.  So they could say this  only happened ONE time under the direction of Alan Autry?  (I have solid  evidence of Round 2 as well.)



Click ===> Local Moving & Storage Co.



The house next door may have been in foreclosure, but it was kept  open until the cover-up was completed.




Click ===> House Next Door – HORRIFIC!



The widow next door ultimately buried the truth about her husband’s  pre-meditated murder even deeper.  $$$$$



Same with my siblings and others who ended up with dead family  members.  $$$$$  These people do not see where they are headed?  Or the truth  about their so-called “friends?”  They stepped into the “rotation system.”



No justice for anyone, dead or alive.









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After having Swieso’s participant/s set up and left dead, Alan Autry had the evidence altered of what took place. Authorized perjury to deny the truth.
Not expecting me to survive, the poison/chemicals continued as I was robbed and raped. Everything I owned stripped/switched with trash, home left a shambles, with Alan Autry’s risk analyst (same one who set all of us up, trail of deaths) sabotaging my prop ins claim so no recourse. Prohibiting help, reports, Alan Autry kicked all human / civil rights aside as the atrocities continued. More pleas for help resulted in a threatening letter from him/City followed by sexual harassment and death threats.
Pic ===> http://i.picoodle.com/730j1sja
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