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RFID /Microchips | Is it possible to monitor 2-way conversations?

Posted on: February 6, 2010

We have all heard and read about RFID tracking devices being implanted for various reasons. Smaller than a grain of rice.

“This TV campaign commercial emphasizes all the loving reasons a person should have an RFID chip implanted in their skin.”


We have even heard and read about people being implanted with RFID devices without their knowledge or consent, which constitutes violation of privacy (not to mention the potential health repercussions i.e., tumors linked to RFID implants.) So keep in mind that according to Wikipedia:


Veterinary and toxicology studies carried out from 1996 to 2006 found that lab mice and rats injected with microchips sometimes developed cancerous tumors around the micropchips (subcutaneous sarcomas). Data suggest that between 1% and 10% of the implanted lab animals developed malignant cancers originating in the tissue surrounding the microchips. Dr. Cheryl London, a veterinarian oncologist at Ohio State University, noted: “It’s much easier to cause cancer in mice than it is in people. So it may be that what you’re seeing in mice represents an exaggerated phenomenon of what may occur in people.” London suggested a 20-year study of chipped canines was needed “to see if you have a biological effect.” Specialists from several pre-eminent cancer institutions have supported such testing before microchips are implanted on a large scale in humans.[citation needed]

Other medical complications
According to the FDA, implantation of the VeriChip poses potential medical downsides.[9] Electrical hazards, MRI incompatibility, adverse tissue reaction, and migration of the implanted transponder are just a few of the potential risks associated with the Verichip ID implant device, according to an October 12, 2004 letter issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).[10]

A patient could be burned if the chip reacts to outside source of EMF radiation, such as a strong electrical field or a magnetic resonance imager (MRI) machine. The strong magnets used in an MRI scanner could destroy the implant and cause serious burns, internally and externally.[citation needed] According to the FDA’s Primer on Medical Device Interactions with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems, “electrical currents may be induced in conductive metal implants” that can cause “potentially severe patient burns.”

However, when the Mythbusters TV show[citation needed] tested a microchip implant in an MRI machine, the test subject showed no signs of pain or trauma. Since MRI machines come in various strengths, it is possible that higher energy-emitting MRI machines may be more problematic. The model and make of the chip could affect possible outcomes as well.

Technology continues to amaze us in the area of RFIDs and monitoring people.

Michelin Embeds RFID Tags in Tires. Click on pic below for more information.

Michelin’s RFID tag

DAILY RFID(www.rfid-in-china.com), a leading producer of RFID tags and RFID Readers, has recently launched RFID Clothing tag for laundry and linen management.This Clothing tag with robust material,can operate stably in the harsh environments.

This RFID Clothing tag can be read accuracy under harsh laundry conditions.Constructed from PPS and Epoxy material,it can withstand high temperature,as well as corrosion.It can normally operate between -20 and +110 degree for 500hours.

Click on image for more information:

The State Department is advising travelers using super-secure RFID-enabled passports to buy a “radio-opaque” holster, because it turns out that RFID chips aren’t so super-secure after all.

Click on photo for more information:

RFID so small, it is called “powder.” Click on picture for more information.

RFID powder

As technology continues to come up with more and more ways of monitoring the public, it is clear that our right to privacy is systematically being taken from us. It is also clear that methods of monitoring are becoming more high-tech and invasive.

For years, I did not believe what I heard about an implant being used for secretly monitoring of conversations – actually hearing 2-way conversations. It was the father of a local FBI agent who laughed and laughed that no one would ever figure it out – including me, even after what had been done to me.

What was done to me? I woke up one morning with excruciating jaw pain. The pain in my back gum area felt like knives had been used. But the pain was so intense I could not open my mouth to look. I contacted my dentist and told him I had a sudden case of TMJ and was desperately in need of help. I could barely open my mouth wide enough to be fitted for a plastic device. Even with the TMJ device in place, the pain persisted for approx. 2 months – to this day, my jaw has never closed as it previously did. Although I never said anything, I could also feel *something* in my ears. As time went on, I was surprised how various people seemed to know my personal information, including private conversations I had with others. My “friend”, the father of the FBI agent (linked to the people behind the secret water diversion operation Click: Marla repeatedly carried on about a technique being used (by his daughter) for monitoring people. Far beyond tapped phones and hidden cameras- ~ a technique, he said, allowing for horrible things to be done to victims. Then he gave me a medical book and told me I would soon be needing it.

I always sensed that something was done to my jaw when the so-called “TMJ” ordeal happened. I never forgot how John E. laughed that my mouth was hanging open afterwards. Or his mention of FBI connections. (Turns out that John, my “boyfriend” was/is also linked to the group behind the water diversion operation.) I began to wonder if it was possible that something had been implanted into my back gum area. I told myself that was impossible.

After a few more hints, I recently began to look for information on the subject. With so many other incredible ways of monitoring people without their knowledge, could something like this be possible ~ to implant a device in order monitor a person’s 2-way conversations? I still do not know ~ below is what I have found to date:

This link only had brief mention in the comment section:

“Look at U.S. Patents for cochlear implants and nano-microchips for tracking.:

Click: Surveillance Gone Amok

The above link mentioned another web site: Click: Bugsweeps
I sent a message to Bugsweeps and here is the response:

QUESTION: “Have you ever heard of an implanted cochlear device that is used for 2-way monitoring of conversations?


RESPONSE: “Yes we defect them when we do a bio chip scan.”

I found a link with a picture of how cochlear devices are implanted. This would not be needed for someone who could already hear.

Click: TOP 25 INNOVATIONS of the past 25 years

RFID technology is advancing, and one company plans deeper implants that can vibrate, emit electroshocks, broadcast a message to the implantee, and/or be a hidden microphone to transmit conversations. It’s not science fiction, and what’s planned for the UK will likely come to America. In fact, it’s already here.

Click: Institutionalized Spying on Americans

Today’s microchips operate by means of low-frequency radio waves that target them. With the help of satellites, the implanted person can be tracked anywhere on the globe. Such a technique was among a number tested in the Iraq war, according to Dr. Carl Sanders, who invented the intelligence-manned interface (IMI) biotic, which is injected into people. (Earlier during the Vietnam War, soldiers were injected with the Rambo chip, designed to increase adrenaline flow into the bloodstream.) The U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) 20 billion bits/second supercomputers could now “see and hear” what soldiers experience in the battlefield with a remote monitoring system (RMS).

Click: Microchip Mind Control, Implants And Cybernetics

Ours microchips enter through our left ear and sits behind our left optical nerve of our eyes. In short just as the Rambo chip allowed the U.S. National Security Agency to hear and see what a solder experienced in the Middle Ease, this microchip is allowing a complete strangers to hear and see our family in our day to day life this do not exclude showering, private conversations, or intercourse. Through the RFID transponder, the communication is so harsh, derogatory and racially insensitive. I refuse to repeat it. The visual aspect of this micro chip is so graphic I dare not explain.

Click: ACLU Comments on Fate of Two Landmark RFID Bills in California

Knowledge about my harassers and their modus operandi evolved slowly. More than six months went by before I knew the extent of their capability. Finally, however, I found out from experience that through the microchip implant and the computer program that operated with it, my torturers were able to perform the following actions:

(1) Monitor my movements.

(2) Hear and record my conversations along with those with whom I talked.

Click: Human Microchip Implants , Electronic Torture, & Mind Control

Is it possible? Although I still do not know, I no longer doubt the possibility. Not only would it explain the obvious, it would also explain recordings of statements that were never made i.e., cut/paste. Add a hacked computer and imagine the possibilities ~ all done behind the victim’s back, no chance to defend or protect. Please let me know if you have ever heard of such an implant that allows unauthorized monitoring of 2-way conversations or if you find a link with information.

39 Responses to "RFID /Microchips | Is it possible to monitor 2-way conversations?"

I did not even include round 2 of what was done to me, courtesy of Robert A.K. also among this same group.

I believe that I am currently a victim as well.
I am unsure as to how this was done to me. I have been witnessed and experienced horrible things to include: electromagnetic shocks, insensitive verbiage , 101 techniques on brainwashing. I have been aware of this activity for over 1 year now, but it could’ve started a lot sooner. I am asking for help from anyone that was been victimized . I don’t understand it and I feel sorry for the people behind it.

Hi bt
Do u need info, do U want a contact..

I send U a good material, U can get them in jail.
About Rambo microchip. Marc of the beast,
Send me Ure email.

Richard Svanberg

Looks like that you must clear up your blog.

How do I get this thing out of me?

This may seem like science fiction to most people. Those that can identify will understand that this is far from science fiction. It is reality for some of us. We are subject to this injustice 24/7. I live with this impant. It is very irritating. I can feel it being activated throughout the day. They have also rigged my house to create magnetic fields around me when I sleep at night. This must be to recharge the damn thing. This also is very painful!!!!! These are relentless, ruthless, cruel, heartless, saddistic bastards with endless resources that that will stop at nothing while violating us and torturing us to carry out their experiment!!!!!!

I don’t know how to have them removed or deactivated Jane – wish I did.

Robert, I agree about the EMF – major problem. Previous blog:

The other day I posted a blog regarding the implants I have endured and what is behind it here in Fresno, CA

I too believe I have been chipped. Many placed in my body by and MD radiologist who broke into my home in the middle of the night. I use large 1 inch neodynium magnets on my head. The conversations have stopped. Now I just feel slight muscle contractions on my scalp. But they still can wake me up in the middle of the night. I also have a chip,I belive behind my right ear. I use hypofix medical tape to tape a magnet there over nihgt. Worked great! I tried taping magnets to the top of my foot. For day. Low and behold. The painful toruture sites in the rest of my body diminished. I think these magnets are the ONLY way to decrease the effectivenss of the chips. I now have a new life to lead.

Having been homeless and in many shelters in my life. One being Transitional Projects in Portland Oregon. If you are homeless and stay at a shelter, nick yourself/cut yourself shaving….. You just might get a chip. Or when you wake up, you have a strange cut on your side, which should heal, you just might have gotten a chip. You might want to get yourself X-rayed to prove or disprove of any rfid chips. As well, for your reason of concern to be stated as in validity to requesting an X-ray, you might just type in a search for

In the 1980s they were researching on rats which is documented. Anything related to the brain is research for them who do it, and have made it to humans, let alone probably were finding in the 1980s that homeless/single or low income people were prime candidates to do their research on. Like going into a foreign country and coming back minus a kidney without you knowing it. Slept, woke up and …. Could explain that missing day, wondering how you got your days mixed up.
Get and attorney for your Power of Attorney if it is with other than. Fight the good fight, and hopefully mine is provable in locating on the Cerebellum. I also need http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1907365/an x-ray. On the rats:

I learned to let my barber make my hairline on my neck for me, rather than use a razor. And get a motor home if need be. Besides, makes it easier on getting to work on time if I am parked there. Get an X-ray man, get an X-ray. Otherwise….. Some Psychologist, or Psychiatrist is going to label you as Mentally Incompetent.

I have something near my left ear area. I’ve had words I said in my home alone used against me in a probation violation hearing. I’m manipulated badly and messed with almost constantly. if anybody can help me find what is there I would be eternaly greatful.
I live in portland oregon

By the way.
Jaw popping.? Yep. Portland Oregon ? Lived there in ending of 94, 95 and the beginning of 96. Beginning of 96? Probably while at Transitional Projects. Interesting on efforts of making a phone call. Good thing that I THINK and don’t talk much.
A destruction of your abilities, and of your being a person in society or just of your own self in life? Yep!
You have to surpass the bullies, because that is probably all that occurs. You are being held down and etc…
Oh sure try to be considerate, respectful, and caring to try and express of your having such of what you do….. You definitely are not having a social life…
You didn’t by chance start to excel at anything? Business? School? Accidentally go out on a platonic date with a woman who could have been dating a guy in the World Trade Center? Maybe a member of the CIA? Ever write a letter to the President?
I don’t know if you did any or none of. But, you have identical of location and occurrence.

This is happening to my friend i grew up with who lives in Texas. It is making her absolutely nuts trying to figure it all out while it is happening to her. Please help also. xoxoxox

Radio Frequency. I D. There are collars for your pets, where you can hear what is going on around your pet and even talk to your pet, even if over 2000 miles away. Your cordless phone can be snooped on by someone with the equipment, which is prevalent in society. Many persons drive around and monitor conversations due to phones and baby monitors, because of radio frequencies. Govern Mental? That one I would agree with. Govern Ment??? No clue, though definitely aware of, though is it illegal for them to intervene, like needing to file a police report before they an do anything. Loop holes.
5,629,628 Patent. Posted January of 2011 showing satelite and radio antenae. The person and at the far other end is the reception/sending base.
Your friend can’t handle it. X ray will show an RFID. That is your most difficult task. Getting X rays done. Firstly you have to pass the questionaire from the person who is asking questions of your/her sanity. You could be wearing RFIDs and if you seem to them as lacking of mental strength (A slice short of a full loaf) that there is belief of having an RFID, get ready to wear sleeves behind your back.
As well, my apologies for your friend riding a bicycle a week ago and falling, needing to go to a Chiropractor in order to see the damage to her neck. She has a friend as you. She is lucky. Better off than me.
Sorry about her bicycle accident and the fall. but she seems better although she is concerned with any misalignment with her spine. The X ray should show something… As well what side of her head did she hit near her ear? They might be nice enough with your being there to take a look. Her being alone might not prove the same results.

Patent posted on Rense.com in January of 2011. Patent started in 1997.
You would have to have Rense.com look for that patent. Oh and when you see the site. remember that you are looking for that patent… either that or you might Google that Patent and see the info from elsewhere.
Good thing for me I knew I understood Swedish and Finnish, as well as Hebrew. Otherwise I probably would not have made it I know what I know in order to speak from prior to this. I don’t have to mentally try to adapt and learn what I already know and understand.
Tack su Myket ( Swedish = thank you very much)

My neighbor, who is involved in the water scam, told me he was shown a computer program that keeps track of residents throughout Fresno – their every step is monitored; whereabouts known 24/7.

Not accusing, just mentioning how this reminded me of when JeffryC.W. (self proclaimed “People Watcher” / hidden cameras / monitoring of residents behind water scam) insisted upon massaging my feet one day – the pain was excruciating as he pushed and pushed near the arch of each foot. I tried pulling my feet away, he would not let go, telling me it was necessary for me to get beyond this portion of the massage for reasons that were of course, absurd.

Another time he used his heavy-duty electric hand massagers on me – imagine having 2 of these used on your HEAD!

Pic ===> Strap Massagers

I screamed to let me up. Once he let go I asked him what he did to me and who else was there – I saw the shadow of someone else come in. It was later implied it was his accomplice – the long-time masseuse at his resort. Behind my back, this is what was taking place to my home:

===> Beyond Burglary – Beyond Belief

Later reporting this man for verified forgeries of his earlier victim he claimed to “get rid of” to pull off the water scam was not allowed.

Click: ===> Rags-to-Riches

If it is true that the nationwide “water infrastructure upgrade” is a farce – it would explain why so many people are being monitored, implanted and tracked. People being killed; property & assets being taken over as cities rebuilt on top of this trash.

===> 50+ yr cover-up

===> My FaceBook main page

When you aren’t in the “IN” crowd, you worry, notice, maybe even become sensitive. But the “IN” crowd pulls the strings.
Homeless Vet, with no relatives in the area. Living in a Homeless shelter? Homeless shelters provide meals. Allow for showers and clothing. They also allow for a chance to get a job…… Maybe not so much for continuing college even part time but, it is possible to live in a demeaning area with like people being demeaned. No homeless shelter resident, be it for the night or on a longer term basis of security, should ever pan-handle. With respect of such; needing / will work for food is B.S. Must be someone who has a home, or at the least regardless, is someone wanting hand out – a bum – a user-, etc… I myself paid a sub-lease just to pay rent on a room and the shoe shine stand.
The Veteran’s Administration Hospital Emergency Room, would not give me an X-ray that I requested for the two lumps (left lower cerebellum/upper occipital, Right upper Trapezious being base of neck,..) and the almost non existent scar just above my left hip bone on my side. All of which have been since 1996 when I stayed at Transitional Projects Homeless Shelter in Portland Oregon.
There is a 1997 patent listed from the Rensen website that was posted in January or February of this year of 2011.
Granted, an address book with phone numbers disappeared for 2 weeks and reappeared in a small/old style bus locker system which that locker held my belongings, and that address book. I did search, that all contents were out and 2 weeks later was in the locker. I have been across this country 3 times and the laughs from persons, as well as the facial expressions of fear, as well as anger, bring me to very little worry of anyone else being subjected to an RFID. 15 years. Just like the dog collars… 15 years. Good thing I THINK, and as well that I have knowledge of Swedish and Finnish… And something / someone did not.
As well that it saved my mind knowing of a woman from the Netherlands who stated to me as if it was important, “I…. Don’t have A PHONE!!?!!. Which was before I returned to the USA and THEN finally found out what she was expressing concern about.
With the laughs and humiliation I went through… Yes… I hope someone states what was going on and still does, though seems to be regulated. NO!!! I don’t have much sympathy for a lot of people who will end up with worse. My apologies, but if you laugh at someone being tortured…. Go figure that there is a lack of concern for people who laughed.
Get an Xray. Oh my God you were working with metal or busted some glass. Do not mention anything about an RFID, and try to find an attorney who will assist you in your wanting to make sure that ALL of your medical records are dealt with by your attorney, so that if there is a chance for a law suit, then the attorney already has those records, so you don’t get screwed over.
I am not backing from my initial time of experience, of EVERYONE else should have it too.
Exhaustion and fatigue.. I was lucky I collapsed to my right, rather than my left at an on/off ramp on a New Jersey Highway traveling East before I lucked into a Carnival in order to eat and work for a few weeks. Otherwise I would have been a statistic in the obituaries.
Ask me how I feel about people after I get some X-rays. It just might be only a day or two in order to change my life and my thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Mafia technology to terrorise organized crime’s, HATE CRIME VICTIMS, to terrorise their MONEY GENERATOR SLAVE to GENERATE MORE MONEY FASTER. It is a major violation of one’s privacy and life to abuse, attack, bully, torture, torment, assault, gang-stalk, and conspire against to set them up for more abuse, take the fall for a crime, or STAGE other ACTS against them, like make them appear mentally ill to the rest of society when they are not, it’s real people in real time terrorising VICTIMS. It is electronic surveillence, spying through their victim’s eyes, ears, mind, to communicate with them remotely and privately so they can witness the Mafia ABUSING OTHER VICTIMS, like people you thought were dead.
Mafia STAGE people’s deaths to ABDUCT them underground and torture them for the rest of thier life, murdering them only to bring them back to life to suffer some more. TERRORISM!!! MAKES THEIR MONEY GENERATOR SLAVE (A FINANCIAL ANALYST WHO’S BEEN KIDNAPED AND REPLACED WITH AN IMPOSTOR) GENERATE MORE MONEY FASTER.
God, is the Mafia using criminal technology, enacting premeditated crimes, depicted symbolically in the ‘Book of Revelations’ in the Bible. Their intention is to wipe out our government and eliminalte the poor people off the earth. God is a terrorist. Think about our economy, where is all the MONEY going? The American Mafia is robbing the world!!!! The Bible is a CRIME.

high-tech nu cochlear implants with graphics chip and microphone- are being hidden in the auditory tube(cant be seen externally ) in certain people(me-etc..wales,swansea,uksa28ja.no 71.) only patly visible by x-ray etc.via the transmission they can see the occipital memories and also hear everything one speaks or hears

Question is.. What type of attorney and or what doctor who and where?

Where to go in order to have honesty ??? P.S. Glad you stated of and I did not have to.

What can i do about it,

It has took me a year to find this web site, Im dealing with the same thing. I have these bumps behind my ears. Unexplained marks on my body. My left leg vibrates sometimes like a cell phone. I dont know how it happen. But i say things about people on purpose. And when i see them they mad. I have had conversations repeated to me. I get stared at and see people laughing at me. And yes when you tell your doctor they look all mental hospital in they face at you. Im so tired. Someone called me a quilt one day. I dont know where they are but people can hear my conversations and see what i do. Can anyone help.

Yeah, I think my answers. Just recently started affixing magnets to a couple of bumps at a time…. You might want to try one of the 5 states that make it unlawful to implant such without your consent. Ohio, Wisconsin, Idaho, North Dakota, and California. I know that finances are not so easy to come by and when you make it to where you choose, you have to have a place to stay, or be subject to living in a homeless shelter. California might be your best bet with immediate medical. My finances are the major factor for me. In any other state? Someone might just rather put you in a white jacket with the sleaves in the back…. My fears and thoughts for my own self and I have seen the reactions. Think your thoughts and locate a place for an MRI.

this is laughable- they claim the implants are so small so you don’t get an MRI- the brain interface implants are much bigger than sand- c’mon people use your common sense- there is more disinformation on this topic that most!

Bite me! I have lived with this since 1996, not knowing what it was. So much of hogwash of my statement, that my eyes felt like they were being slit open with a knife in 1997 excrutiating pain. (In a NUTSHELL) My brain does not have a learning requirement or learning curve. I know what I think and I am not trying to null my own thoughts. I sang at first when the implants were being first to my knowledge, and I ended up just thinking. So, I wasn’t a person walking down the street yelling. Nuts? Being near a radio frequency jammer on a movie set should not affect a psychiatric, and probably won’t. It was quiet for me. As well of many things that I don’t talk about, nor discuss. An RFID is a non secure radio reciever and transmitter. My system that I have, which I was lucky in 2011 to see a posting of at “Rense.com”, showed the aparatus that I have. A 1997 patent, which falls into my having in 1996 or the end of 1995, and explains the cut on my side, when I woke up while residing at a homeless shelter.
Reading brain waves is elementry compared to the giving people sight and efforting toward thought ability with people having brain problems, as well as speech. Medical technology in research has far advanced and at the expense of people like myself being implanted with rfid an tracking devices without their knowldege and consent.
Far fetched? Love those microwaves that fried many of peoples brains during combat. Let alone a firefighter can see into your home without a sweat.
Problem is, that WE have to find proof, in order to get the truth. Mine is described by the Veteran’s Hospital as the bumps on my neck being sebecious hyperplasia and the cut showing a grey area on my left side is just gas.
It is real. C.B. radios transmit and recieve, as well as your phone and your computer, your car, etc. You might want to research technology first, before stating of people just being crazy.

I am a victim of this “experimentation” as well. Just looking for proof, but have been told “there’s nothing that can be done in a court of law”. All the stories above, I can identify with. THIS IS REAL. It is so hard to prove… But I have one in my back between my shoulder blades. Have been roofied, only to wake up with the lump increased and pain in my spine. I hear the radio,wh

my thoughts are being broadcasted to those around me and thoughts imported as well its been ten years please help me asap

I was incapable of thinking and had no ability of energy. I borrowed a neighbor’s taser and tap shocked my side. Either I damaged something or someone or group reacted and the ability to think and do things are massively better. I am not ready to TAZE myself to the point of damage to myself. Besides, I want proof of what these implants are doing to me.

I used a Tense unit to try and ease the strain on that side of my body that was affected. Also want proof so stopped at anything more drastic than the tense unit. But sleeping at LEAST 12 hours a day which is SO not my nature.

I used to sleep excessive. Planning on taking a chance in Wisconsin to be scanned sometime within October.


Ebay for less tnhan 100.00. An rfid hand held scanner . Used appropriately for NON HUMAN identification and even racing. Appropriate, because those of US who have rfid s and cannot get an easy scan for validating, due to mass usage all over the world of millions, if not Billions; of our having implanted in us, WE ARE NOT HUMAN.
“The only good Indian is a dead Indian”.
Well, I am Native blood of this land of thousands and more years.
Everyone ellse, wish me luck.

Hi All,

FYI – Just finished a Skype interview with Rachel Macy of Firecracker Films. Her and the producers are on board with us now. She is fully aware of the part that Ed Snowden plays in this and Rand Paul will keep the NSA in the current news. We have a plan to bust the first group in this country, SOON! I will keep you all in the loop.


You mean the first “legit group…too late… they’ve been here

To make your point…name one!


I tried to leave a detailed response, but my computer said it “incurred and error and wants to clean it”… won’t be the first hard drive to crash while trying to figure all this out. In brief, the Verichip was being tested in my town (which I discovered searching for answers) but I can’t prove it’s the brand name. My situation started in Dec 2005 and has been ongoing. I’ve started approaching it with a silent investigative approach to 1) save my sanity, and 2) stay out of harms way, as this little group of people are dangerous.

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