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Fresno’s insurance / estate planning fraud

Posted on: November 30, 2009

Fresno, CA

An investigation would reveal that Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC is having various clients and their family members administered unknown chemicals in order to create horrific situations as he carries out his “secret sideline” ~ conspiring in municipal fraud/corruption. In so doing, he creates the very situations he makes himself appear to heroically resolve. From family discrepancies to major renovations to property to reinvestment of death claim funds.

He gains access to his client’s properties with offers of “help with home repairs.” Sewage back spills and major repairs ensue. Before it is over, the property is no longer standing as it was when originally built. His trail is comprised of death, divorce, foreclosure, suspected homicides, forged / altered / fraudulent legal papers, fraudulent insurance policies.

The attorney he was “sharing clients” with does not appear to be legitimate. Look what they conspired in doing and how it was covered up. Click below.

Click Above

He refers the same home health employees who conspire in his “secret sideline” ~ some of whom may not be legitimate either.

He conspires in VIN altering (Eberwein Auto, Fresno)

He conspires in cancellation of property insurance coverage.

He conspires in forcing people into foreclosure. On one occasion he stepped in to pay cash, laughing, “Most people are 1 paycheck away from bankruptcy.”

He conspires in real estate fraud.

He conspires in running people off their property by raising the rent. After renovations are carried out and property lines altered, he has parcel maps altered at title companies. He presents these to neighbors as “proof” of their property overlapping and unless rectified, at THEIR expense, they will be SUED!

He has families annihilated.

For years, I was being administered unknown chemicals while being set up for what this heinous monster did to my family and me. I lost my family, our income properties, everything I owned. Robbed, raped, pets killed and more. I barely got away before he finished me off. MY SIBLINGS ARE STILL BEING POISONED ~ THIS IS HOW HE AND HIS MOB PITTED ENDS AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. SWIESO AND HIS GROUP DO NOT STOP UNTIL THEIR VICTIMS ARE ELIMINATED!

Look at the trail of his partner, who admits this!

Principal Insurance is aware of what Swieso is doing. They back him up!

For the bigger picture Click: Marla



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