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What is happening to those who conspire and/or become victims of Wilbert G. Swieso and the City of Fresno? Behind the secret replacement of the city’s water system. There is a trail of murder, suspected homicide. Verified forgeries of people never seen again. Real estate fraud. Illegally altered parcel maps used to threaten residents with lawsuits of property-line disputes. Reports of poisoning. Fraudulent insurance policies.

Wilbert Swieso was finally caught in action – conspiring with Dept. of Public Works in carrying out the very operation he boasts of masterminding 50 yrs ago. A city completely rebuilt (with virtually no enforcement of building regulations) on top of a new water system designed for upcoming water diversion where Swieso owns property. Public records altered to cover all of this up, as though things were always as they are now.

Upon being caught, Mr. Swieso sold his 2 parcels.

Mr. Swieso – a man who for decades, spent every spare minute offering his insurance clients “help with home repairs” – victimizing and annihilating as the secret replacement of the water system continued, parcel-by-parcel. A man who mentioned citywide chemicals to keep residents oblivious while comparing himself to “Hitler.” He has good reason – look what he has done – click on this link for the most incredible story of the century. Click: Marla

In the meantime, what happened to the attorney who conspired in fraudulent legal documents, appointing Mr. Swieso in charge of his victims’ properties? He and Mr. Swieso had offices next door to one another – they “shared” clients – including me. Only after narrowly getting away did I see how this same attorney also “serviced” my dead neighbors – behind more secret replacement of the city water system.

Upon being reported for fraud, the attorney fled, never to be seen again. Is he alive or did he follow the “rotation system?” Why hasn’t Mr. Swieso been investigated?

CA State Bar should be ashamed of how they handled reports of fraud. Click below.

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