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Former Mayor Alan Autry’s performances include:

Informing the public that until the State’s water-shortage issue is handled in a manner that met with his approval, he would not pay taxes! (He even mentions a “conspiracy!”)

Will Bad Bubba really refuse to pay his income taxes?

He carried on that he would not wear a coat and tie until a water deal in Sacramento was made!

Mayor Autry has new protest that’ll bring ’em to their knees

He is seen at the end of this U-Tube video carrying on with a grandiose performance of anger of the injustices taking place.

U-Tube: Obama promises 3.5 billion to African farmers so they can export food to America


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CA central valley water shortage is no accident. 50 yrs in the making – secret replacement of the water system, tied into the “infrastructure upgrade.”

Take a good look around – entire cities have been torn apart and rebuilt on top of this mess. Alan Autry’s group is LAUGHING at the public for being so stupid. LAUGHING HOW “OBLIVIOUS” WE ARE. LAUGHING THAT NO ONE WILL EVER FIGURE THIS OUT! Friends, we are SITTING on top of the evidence!


Innocent residents of Fresno are losing their property so this mob can take over and secretly replace the water system. Some people are being robbed, raped, KILLED. Reports are prohibited.

In my case, the City of Fresno conspired with Wilbert G. Swieso in annihilation of my family and neighbors to take our properties by fraud. My family and neighbors on 3 sides of me were left dead as this took place. Attempted murder of me. Properties were torn apart and haphazardly rebuilt on top of the new water system, which the public is not to know about. Property lines were changed; public records altered to line up to further deceive the public, as though things were always this way. Tied into the “infrastructure upgrade.”


Upon being caught, former Mayor Alan Autry had his risk analysts issue a Restraining Order against me – calling ME a “liar” followed by death threats and sexual harassment. The City’s own sewer layout verifies exactly what they did – it is being carried out throughout the cities.

Loss of income properties; my home stripped and left a shambles; insurance sabotaged so I could not file a claim for ANYTHING as the City has the audacity to call ME a “liar.” They are not done with me – stripped of human and civil rights, left unemployable, pinned into a corner – they do not stop until their victim are OUT. Evidenced by the threats and trail of this done to others.

Autry’s ringleader told me about this operation for 20 yrs but I did not believe it until personally being targeted / victimized. This explains the countless sewage back spills followed by deaths, forged deeds, fraudulent insurance policies, more. This is what Alan Autry promotes behind his so-called “concern” about our water shortage.

In reality, our water is being diverted.

See my page for more information. CLICK: Marla

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Fresno, CA Mayor Alan Autry 2000-2008
aka: Bubba Skinner “Heat of the Night” 1988-1995


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