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Toxic Drywall Invading America

Posted on: May 30, 2009

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According to “America’s Watchdog” this is the “worst environmental disaster in US history.” For the sake of your family members and yourself, have your home inspected. Prompt action is advised due to many builders and developers filing for bankruptcy protection or closing their doors.

Although this is taking place across the nation, CA Central Valley (listed in articles as one of the problem areas) will likely find this to be a double-whammy. Because in addition to new homes (built 2003-07), older homes throughout the central valley have been altered/reconstructed in-between sales or under the guise of “renovations” without permits or inspections, behind secret replacement of the water system. Using the cheapest of materials and workmanship, structures are now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines. Imagine this toxic Chinese drywall in conjunction with what you see below.

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With public records altered to cover up this operation, former Mayor Alan Autry had his risk analysts commit perjury to discredit my reports. Presenting a copy of this unaltered sewer layout, which verifies the truth, resulted in death threats if I continue to expose this.

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A few of the many results from a Google search:

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Wave of Construction Litigation

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Response To Toxic Drywall In 100,000’s Of US Homes

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