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City of Fresno, CA Sexual Harassment / Stalking / More

Posted on: March 5, 2009

City of Fresno, CA Sexual Harassment / Stalking / More




This follows suspected homicide of my family and neighbors who were set up for execution by the City of Fresno, so the city’s fake work crew could tear our properties apart for secret replacement of the sewer and water lines.  Properties taken by fraud; parcel maps altered to cover up the evidence of major reconstruction and changes in property lines, street widening, relocation of utility poles, etc.  Ongoing horrors have included having me robbed, raped, and left for dead – city personnel recently left this on my blog. 

The City of Fresno is behind the most ruthless and barbaric nightmare in history.  They finally got caught and as a result, have seen that my life is destroyed and will soon end.  There is no other way out of this – they do not leave witnesses behind; the trail speaks for itself.


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The crude comment by the City of Fresno follows a string of suspected homicides, unsolved murder cover-up, forged and fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance policies, poisoning and attempted murder of me in order to “clear the path” so they could secretly replace the city water system, followed by altered public records and aerial views to cover up the evidence of major alterations, street widening, relocation of utility poles, etc.

They committed perjury followed by death threats if I do not stop reporting the atrocities. Now this; this sexual harassment is their contribution.

After contacting the name that appears on # 2 shown above, I was informed that this could be traced to the department that posted this trash. I was then referred to another gentleman who has steadfastly refused to even acknowledge me. Nothing new. Other blogs explain the ongoing retaliation for me getting away before they finished what they intended. They have me pinned into a corner with no way out.

Another member of their group is stalking me on MySpace, making heinous accusations and trying to discredit the information posted. CLICK HERE: CLICK: My Stalker

The hell is never-ending – I have spent years living in terror as a result of what the City of Fresno did, behind their secret water diversion project. Robbed, raped, filmed with hidden cameras. Stripped of human and civil rights, now this.

More to follow ~ I am going to post some of the ongoing hell I endure as a result of the City of Fresno’s barbaric operation.

The City of Fresno’s sexual harassment / cyber stalking issue was reported to Fresno Police and combined with the cyber stalking report involving the person above. I am referring to my former neighbor, who is also involved in what took place. A licensed contactor who collects CA State disability, claiming a “bad back.” After the atrocities took place he fled to TX where he has been living for over 4 yrs, still using a CA address so he can continue collecting benefits, while carrying out major reconstruction in TX. (Says he has visited drs there in an attempt to convince them he is a disabled veteran, entitled to more benefits.) His online rants include accusing me of murdering my own family members with “barium” and having them cremated to cover up the evidence. He states I am stalking Wilbert Swieso (head of the city’s fake work crew) on a nightly basis and leaving things on his porch. He monitors what I post on various blogs and bulletin boards as well as MySpace, claiming that the information is false. CLICK HERE: Marla. He frantically continues his attempts to sabotage and discredit me; it would otherwise result in exposing his participation in the biggest and most corrupt operation in CA history – secret water diversion, which Swieso says is the continuation of “Bonadelle’s secret water operation.” Knowing of the death threats I receive as a result of being targeted by the City and their group, this man is distributing my full name, address and phone number, in an ongoing attempt to have me annihilated as my family and neighbors were. He has confessed to being the person who has reported me to Police, APS and other agencies as being “suicidal.” He threatens to have me sued and home taken from me. Then he turns around claiming to be my best friend, wanting to marry me. In reality, he wants me off the final property so the deed can be altered. No different than he does to me, one minute he claims to support the City of Fresno, then states that Fresno “has matastacized into a cesspool of debaucherous and leacherous persons. In fused with the worst of the worst of many foreign lands.” The man is another extreme danger to my life. In addition to all of this, I also endure ongoing death threats made by drive-by screaming and other horrors not mentioned here.

It is not likely I can survive this much longer. It has been implied that 2 of my 3 siblings have been eliminated, as I reported on numerous occasions that they were set up to be. They served their purpose. This group recruits the family members of their victims; severing ties makes it easy to eliminate (after paying them off), which Winslow indicated he did with his former wife and her family. See ID theft and who ended up owning all their property by FORGERY! CLICK HERE: Winslow Fraud, Forgeries, More Kerry Trost, Sr Risk Analyst simply laughed when I expressed the obvious danger my siblings were in – this is the same man who committed perjury after smirking that I “would never be able to prove” what was done to our properties. Hence, the ongoing hell and efforts to finish me off.

My family and I were not safe in our own homes. Never could we have been prepared for what the City of Fresno and their group did to us.


How does someone in TX claim to know what I am doing here in CA? Where does he come up with this? Keep in mind I have not seen or spoken to the Swiesos in several years. This is more evidence of how the City and their group lie and try to discredit their victim. (Not so easy when their victim is no longer being poisoned.) The odometer on my vehicle verifies that I rarely leave my house, let alone stalk Swieso or anyone else. Can you believe he has the audacity to distribute this garbage along with my full name, address and telephone number!

“She gets a major psychological thrill from tormenting Mr. Will Swieso who was her employer and her benefactor as her sugar daddy as she provided sexual service to and for him all the while feigning friendship and innocence to his wife of some 50 years. She conveniently fails to mention that Mr. Swieso is some 80 years old now or more. Yet she continues to torment he and his wife on a nightly basis by leaving things on his front porch as she does to others including her sister and brother whom have disowned her for what they know she did their mother, grandmother, father & uncle all in the same property that she still currently occupies at xxxxxxxxxxxxxFresno, California 937xx phone number 559 xxx xxxx or cell 559 xxx 2xxxx.”

Imagine ANYONE spreading heinous lies such as this. Is this what the City and their group are using to justify what was done to my family’s properties?!? It would certainly explain why everything is done behind the back – the truth is the last thing they allow, proven time and again.

“She is very adept in the art of cognitive dissonance and manipulation and is suspected of no less than an consensual involvement in the demises of her four closest relations.”
con’t ….
“This occurred over a number of years and was facilitated by her grandmother’s wealth and having secured crematory niches at the chapel of the light cemetery/mausoleum and crematory many years ago. If you have {which you could if the demise was construed as suicide or the body died in hospital} the body immediately transported to the crematoria for disposal and internment which since the demise of the last one the law has been change to require autopsies in all deaths including suicide and hospital if the patient has not been in hospital for 14 days prior to demise. {Poison – Barium} which for years has gone miss-diagnosed and un noticed as it looks like flour and is tasteless.”

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!? Thank you, Craig, for the opportunity to elaborate.
Local councilman’s (linked to Winslow) brother was the coroner who denied my father an autopsy, 1995. My handicapped uncle did not have an autopsy because of daily home health, 1999. My mother died in 1983; Swieso’s pal indicated it is on FILM! My grandmother died in 1973 – I did not meet Craig until 1994, so isn’t it interesting that he would stick his nose into another family’s business in such a barbaric manner as this. There is no doubt in my mind that my family was being poisoned – but not the way Craig tells it. Craig does not want the truth to be known – so he claims to have all the answers. Add it up.

Here, he is is telling the person on MySpace another incredible scenario. If this was true, MySpace would have immediately deleted my account as well as the person he is pointing a finger at. Once again, he is accusing me of what HE does!

“wow she has been pilfering my friends again. One of which Phished my page 3 time the other night wreaking havoc and admitting to having a PHD in Computer Science and Programming from Duke Univ. this person was a friend of hers first and asked me to be friends after he went and made friends with a few of my friends to show an association all of which are really new to him since his association with The Black Widow.”

Get real – someone actually informed Craig they had a degree in phishing accounts? From Duke University no less?!?

“I’m a straight up Man and I play no games and I don’t abide games nor do I allow any friend of mine to be friends with another whom has sworn an oath to be an enemy of mine. I don’t do that to any of my friends and I expect and demand that same courtesy form them as I afford all the days of my life time. Where you stand would be appreciated but if I notice you are gone then I will know that you too have been sucked into the self-professed Black Widows Web.”

There are pages upon pages of this garbage from Craig – he mentions Swieso as well as the City of Fresno, which will follow.


May 14, 2007

To: Miss Marla xxxxxxxxxxx

When the shit hits the fan and it is all over you remember that it was your LIES and your insanity that caused you to end this.

Like I said before “I’ll miss you in heaven” because you are not going to be there, this just proved it.

You Lied and anyone who knows how to read the blogs knows that you selectively deleted my comments to that you could babble and no one with sanity babbles on and an one reply after another to the same statement. Unless they are CRAZY or A LYING Female with ulterior motives. YOU.

You are luck I am not in Fresno at the moment other wise for this latest little stunt and the slanderous and libelous and defaming statements that you have chosen to publicly make about me I would have you served by tomorrow with a law suit that will cost you what ever you think you have left, your ruined home [destroyed by you and your dogs], and what ever else we could find in discovery.

You are not only insane but criminally insane. I can’t wait until my thing in Texas is finished I will return to Fresno just to do that Vengeance is Mine Sayeth the Lord but I am allowed a Reckoning. And I will bring it on the statute of limitations will not have expired on this crime of yours before I arrive in California.

I hope you and your freaking insane wingnut friends are happy now.

You brought this one to your own front door just like the rest only unlike Wil Swieso I’m not going to ignore this and let you go free. You need to be stopped and if it takes getting you locked up in a nut house and restricted for the rest of your natural life from access to a computer or the internet so be it. Insanity needs to be stopped.

Your little edit of the blog below, to suit you own demented and criminally insane agenda is what prompted the above notice. Your ranting about a class action suit against the City of Fresno has just backfired on you. It looks as thought it is time for all those that you have slandered, debased, maligned and verbally assaulted will be utilized on my behalf to finally bring you to as stop.

I attempted for years to get you to stop assaulting them with you lies now. Now you have turned on me as well.

My request to the court will be to have you institutionalized at Atascadero State Mental Hospital as you are not only threat to yourself but a malicious threat to everyone else.

This is not a joke do not take it lightly and your wingnut friend is not without his responsibility for his slanderous remark and his encouragement of you to assault me further. Thought you may have done it, it can be proven that he encouraged you and that is enough to make him/her liable to punishment for the same crime.

Enjoy your trip to hell for that is were you are destined. Liars, are not allowed into heaven.


Oh lest I forget [I seldom do] she had them cremated before an investigation of murder could be done on the bodies. Why? Cremation leaves on such evidence.

Even if it did there is no way to tell whose cremains are whose as the days cremains remains are all tossed into a rock crushing machine and pulverized together and then separated out and divided up amongst the survivors. The entire process I just shared with you is done behind closed doors and generally kept secret so as to nnot distress the survivors. For some would likely be exceedingly distraught to find out that they are in possession of some others remains and that others may be in possession of the remains of their loved ones.

A convenient way to cover up a MURDER.

Marla may have a very good reason for not having grieved and moved on with her life. What do you think?

I spent a great deal of time attempting to get her to start a new life and to stop harassing the City of Fresno, and Wilbert G. Swieso and the others that she regales against on a constant daily basis.

As well as to get her to cease fabricating a tale of an insane nature that she accuses these people of murdering her entire family to get what they worked their entire lives for [save for marla who inherited it all]. Of which Marla Sold for well over $250,000.00 per property. Where did the money go?

NOTE: Swieso conspired in fraudulent legal documents with intentions of me being eliminated as the others were. He then intercepted the realtor and saw that my family and I were cheated in excess of $1 million. From what I understand he conspired and paid off my siblings. My bookkeeping was stolen – every cent was accounted for. The attorney bailed. I was left appearing as the criminal, when in fact, I am still trying to have the TRUTH exposed. Unfortunately, Swieso, Craig and the City of Fresno took my life and my family’s properties and assets over. They overrode my family’s wishes and destroyed everything my family worked lifetimes for, distributed our assets among their group as I was being poisoned, robbed, raped, and left for dead. If I was guilty of any of the things Craig is accusing me of, I guarantee I would have run long ago. But the fact remains that my family was murdered in order to “clear the path” for the City of Fresno to secretly alter the water system. Properties torn apart and haphazardly rebuilt; parcel maps altered – the city’s own sewer layout verifies exactly what they did! It is not me who is lying or covering up anything! That is why they want/need me out of the picture. I saw them do the same thing to my neighbor – set up and wiped out, never to be seen again. Much, much more.
More of Craig – only 1 day earlier, with a salutation referring to himself as my best friend. Does it require a licensed psychiatrist to see the contradictions or how desperate this man is to keep the truth from being exposed? About MY FAMILY!?!? This is MY FAMILY’S business, not Craig’s. Yet he has spent night and day monitoring and doing all he can to prevent the truth from being found out while behind my back, wanting the public to believe I am a murderer! If that were true, why wasn’t any of this handled legitimately? Who is this man to step in and crucify me in such a manner while prohibiting justice for what took place. Perhaps a legitimate investigation would uncover a few more secrets this man has, pertaining to others who seem to have “vanished.” Instead, he keeps the focused misguided so no one looks at HIM or his trail. Keep in mind this is his “secret sideline.”

“Marla, You were in charge of the care of your daddy and Rolf. You! and a questionable finger was pointed at you back then.

I am not pointing it! If you will recall you cried to me about how cruel you were to Rolf and you blamed it on the alleged poisoning.

Dear this looks bad on you. Don’t go there with the murder thing! You can not prove that they murdered your dad or Rolf. Nor can anyone prove you may have acted inapropriately [because of the family practice of cremation].

You constantly claim that you are hacked and constantly monitored via hidden cameras and video equipment. If that is the case then those very monitorings can also serve to show that something other than what you rant and claim actually occured.

You are dicking around with something that could get very sticky for you or worse. It’s time to stop this tactic of yours now.

As for me I believe that your dad died [in due course] of natural causes as did Rolf. You need to leave it there and move on.

Often times when one points a finger so adamently at others it is to hide their own guilt or perceived guilt.

You Loved Rolf and he died too and as I recall you never grieved.

This Insane Activity that you have been chasing after for years now may be that you’re in denial and need to grieve.

Clinically speaking it can be termed repressed amnesia.

Marla You must stop this insanity and get a grip and take stock of yourself and get on with Living and stop obsessing on Death and Disaster.

Marla It’s time ot grow up and put your toys away and strat Living as a responsible woman.



Jeffry C. Winslow, linked to the City of Fresno and what was done to my family and our properties, has been leasing Mono Hot Springs resort. Mr. Winslow indicated that he and his entourage (City of Fresno inc) are setting up the Mono Indians in the same manner – they intend to take all property and assets by fraud, as done to others. Using the same technique in order to portray his victim/s as the criminal, Mr. Winslow said that his former wife disappeared after becoming involved with the Mono Indians. Once I uncovered the forgeries of his former wife, verified by a licensed handwriting expert, 3 different women claimed to be his former wife. Online links showing his former wife’s P.O. Box in, Friant, CA (which he said was linked to Table Mountain Casino) were immediately removed. Reporting Mr. Winslow for poisoning, attempted murder, suspected homicide, real estate fraud were dismissed because “there were no previous reports on record.” How could there be – where are his victims. Including his wife – not others using her ID – where is she! He told me I was going to join her, “IN ANOTHER WORLD!”

A closer look shows that after the City set my neighbor up to be eliminated, followed by unauthorized reconstruction and fraudulent documents, the new owner lives next door to Mr. Winslow. That person was involved in a lawsuit against the neighbor on the other side of Mr. Winslow – another nearby resort owner. Questions also remain pertaining to another nearby resort owner who died.

Mr. Winslow talks of robbing and raping, which ties right in with the trash posted by the City of Fresno. He talks of “giving” and “selling” of babies and children of his victims – even implying that his own grandson was stolen at birth, 12+/- yrs ago. (Blonde-haired, blue-eyed couple have 1/2-Indian or Mexican child.) Talk of child sex and dismemberment of older ones (adults too.)

The fact remains – no matter what this man is reported for, or the potential danger he poses to the public, the City and County of Fresno will not even address the issue. Reporting this is treated as the crime – Restraining Order and death threats against me.

Are those your hidden cameras, Bubba-delle?

I know you love the spot light, however, your wife would be mortified to know what your group was saying about her. I am referring to Wilbert Swieso and his fake work crew.

You hang out with some really raunchy and ruthless people, don’t you. Below is the result of you having a Restraining Order issued against me after the atrocities that took place to my family in order for your group to secretly replace the sewer and water lines. Suspected homicide, poisoning and attempted murder, unsolved murder, fraudulent and forged legal documents, fraudulent life insurance policies, burglaries, ID theft, VIN altering and more.

And of course this is the sewer layout that verifies exactly what took place. Including the altered parcel maps and aerial views that followed in order to cover up the truth so you could deny knowledge or responsibility for what ensued. Since most residents of Fresno will verify that Olive Ave. was widened, how does that make YOU look.

Especially with my former neighbor, the stalker being used to discredit me – not only claiming that Olive was not widened but I killed my own family members. Can you imagine what the public would do if they learned what is beneath those tree planters? No wonder you need me dead, Bubba – the lies are beginning to magnify the truth – everything I have been saying all along. You people used my behavior while being poisoned to justify what was done to my family and our properties and belongings. Just as the attorney did before he fled. Just as my stalker did before he fled. Just as my other neighbors did before they fled. And others before they were discarded after serving their purposes. Everything handled with lies and behind the back. What the f*ck did you do Bubba – set me up to appear as a murderer? Look at the trail – there surely were some murders, but how dare any of you imply that I am guilty of murdering ANYONE!

This would further explain why you had your lying risk analyst committing perjury, followed by death threats against me. I am referring to the risk analyst who lied to my neighbor and set him up to be eliminated – he was never seen again. His property was then torn apart as ours were; more fraudulent documents and altered parcel maps. And guess who I saw forging his wife’s name – Swieso.

I remember back in 1991 when Swieso said you were coming to Fresno to fulfill an elected position – while you were still in MS, filming “Heat of the Night.” It all comes around, doesn’t it Bubba. Including betrayal by the very man who said you were nothing more than another “puppet.”

Is Bubba planning a Katrina-like disaster?

It was in the early-mid 90’s when one of the people among Wilbert G. Swieso’s fake work crew, was installing lamp posts, which he said came directly from the infamous Bourbon St. in Louisiana. Another member of the group told me in the late 80s that he wanted to go back to New Orleans 1 more time, while it was still standing. (Which he did.)

Also ironic is that Mr. Swieso knew as far back as 1991 that Alan Autry aka: Bubba Skinner in “Heat of the Night” would be moving from Louisiana to Fresno, CA where he would come an elected official. Ironic because without any experience, not only did Bubba become our Mayor, he spent his entire 8-yr term lying to the public about our water system. Residents were being robbed and killed in order to seize property by fraud to alter the water system! Upon Public Works being caught, Bubba had them issue a Restraining Order against me – turning the tables and making me appear the criminal in order to cover up a string of suspected homicides, unsolved murder, poisoning and attempted murder, forged and fraudulent legal documents, real estate theft, fraudulent insurance policies, robbing, raping and more – all within a radius of 250′.

By now, the entire city has been pillaged while being turned inside out and haphazardly rebuilt on top of clamped sewer and water lines. No record, permits or inspections for any of that or the secret water line tie-ins to the main line during the so-called “infrastructure upgrade.” Only lies and altered parcel maps to make it appear that nothing has been changed.

Notice the increase in articles indicating an upcoming Katrina-like disaster for CA’s central valley. Weakening levee system. More money needed for repairs – what about all the money that has been invested into DESTROYING and WEAKING our water infrastructure!?! Not only will a Katrina-like disaster cover up the evidence of what has been done, Mr. Swieso laughs that no one will ever figure any of this out.

Mr. Swieso took me on a personal tour of where new development will commence, beyond Friant/Madera – he told me he has invested 50 yrs into this operation, which he claims is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret water operation.” Where the valley’s water is being redirected. That makes sense. Bubba and Bonadelle are linked to Governor Schwarzenegger who is planning the new development, dams, casinos, housing, golf courses in that same area and beyond. Imagine that, during a “water shortage” and “bankruptcy.”

This group does not leave witnesses – they are not done with me. The horrors have never ended and never will. So before my final departure, I will continue to expose their secret operation – how dare they get by with having innocent people murdered, destroying and taking what others worked lifetimes for to carry this out. Mr. Swieso’s motto: “You can’t live for the dead” as he alters his estate planning clients’ legal papers and wipes out their families. Principal Insurance merely states, “That does not affect our product or our service.”

Despite witnesses, photos and evidence, Public Works insisted that utility poles had not been relocated, reconnected or more poles added to the block. That way, reports of neighbors tying into the new lines are dismissed because instead of any record for these poles being relocated – MORE ALTERED RECORDS! (Since when did Public Works take PG&E’s poles over – when it accompanies their heinous operation! Monitored by the “people watchers” – HIDDEN CAMERAS!)

Also see how the City of Fresno discriminates against the disabled – not only CREATING ADA violations with poles now obstructing the sidewalks, forcing wheel chair users into the street, but having records altered to cover it up! That way, as with everything else, they deny knowledge or responsibility. Hence, a Restraining Order issued against me for reporting it! CLICK HERE: Sidewalks in Fresno – Serious Perils for Pedestrians

Linked to Autry’s violent crimes cover-up

Following the City risk analyst setting my family and neighbors up for annihilation (suspected homicide, burglary, properties seized by fraud – torn up to replace sewer/water lines, fraudulent and forged legal documents,etc.) former Fresno Mayor Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner on “Heat of the Night”) responded to pleas for help by having these same people issue a Restraining Order against me. Death threats followed.

The hell has never stopped – it is clear that I cannot survive Autry and/or his group. Human and civil rights taken; stripped of a means of survival; home left a shambles with insurance sabotaged; much, much more. Reports are refused; even the District Attorney’s office blocked 3 of my email addresses so I could not report the atrocities carried out to my family, neighbors, friends or me. Even though a reward is offered for information pertaining to the unsolved Polzin murder that took place across the street when this was done to his property, the information is not wanted or allowed, because the same people and motive intertwine.

With no reports on record, that allows these agencies to continue calling me a “liar” because nothing is on record. Same with the massive alterations throughout town – they go as far as to alter parcel maps and aerial views to deny knowledge or responsibility for what is taking place. They leave no witnesses behind – I am the first one to get away and it is clear that my days are coming to an end. That would be the only way for the City to get by with covering up the motive behind so many violent crimes as well as what has been done to structures from one end of town over the past 50 yrs in order to secretly add all the pipes necessary for water diversion aka: water shortage. Homes and offices are setting on top of the evidence – no doubt behind massive illness, asthma and sick-building syndrome. Done without permits, inspections or safety precautions – only altered records to deceive the public.

The trail continues – to more forgeries of people who were never seen again, more suspected homicide and real estate theft being covered up. Jason, of Fresno’s Secret Service, discarded the VERIFIED forgeries provided to him and demanded, “This did not happen!”

Residents of Fresno are being robbed and annihilated – talk of babies and small children being “sold” and “given” away; child sex and dismemberment of the older ones (adults too.)

Once targeted by the City of Fresno and their group – there is no way out. As I was informed some time ago, Even though I made it further than the rest of them, for me there is no way out.

My stalker, mentioned earlier, is among Autry’s fake work crew. Behind my back he has been informing people I killed my own family members with ‘barium’ and had them cremated to cover it up – even providing my full name, address, telephone numbers to people on the internet. He carries on that I made all of this up. Then why does he bother to continue monitoring and sabotaging me – why is it so important to HIM? Clue: He lived across the street from me as all this was taking place so isn’t it odd that although most of Fresno will verify Olive Ave. was widened – HE SAYS IT WASN’T. Because widening Olive Ave. entailed the massive destruction to street-lined properties as I have been describing all along. He returned to Fresno when more major alterations took place here as well as across the street – next door to where he lived for 12 yrs so isn’t it also interesting that he could not see how that house was altered either! To misguide the focus from what HE IS INVOLVED IN, he is obsessed in attempting to portray me as a deranged murderer who he says needs to be locked up in a mental institution – please continue to read some of his rantings and come to your own conclusion as to who needs to be locked up.

Local FBI agent, according to her father, is also involved in this barbaric nightmare. He says she is behind high-tech monitoring of residents without their knowledge, which allows him (self-proclaimed member of Aryan Brotherhood) to rob and kill. This man is linked to the fake work crew, as well as the estate people who cleared out the estate of Polzin’s deceased mother 3/4 yrs ago. Not only did he mention the “gassing through vents” technique linked to the person behind the above verified forgeries and suspected homicide, he left a medical book with me, telling me I would be needing it. The intertwining and networking behind this are immense. Believe me when I state that once they have targeted and/or latched onto a scape goat, they do not let go.


Click on the image below.

Note the dates on my stalker’s invitations to join him in …..

Oct. 15, 2008 “MyYearbook” web site
Aug. 10, 2007 “Yahoo Messenger”

While behind my back all this time he has invested countless hours in plotting, sabotaging, and preparing to finish me off. This is the technique – behind the back.
There are more …. to follow.

—– Original Message —– From: “Cyber Bully Report”


Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007 3:23 PM Subject:

RE: Report Abuse – Cyberbullying Hello, If the harassment is threatening, please file a complaint with your local police department. Please record all instances of harassment/threats for your records, and have the police contact us for more information.

Also be sure to block the user from sending you any further messages. To block a user, you must be logged into MySpace.com. Go to the MySpace.com profile page of the user you wish to block. Under the user’s picture, the option to ‘Block User’ is available as a choice below. Click on ‘Block User’ in order to prevent any further communication from this individual.

Thank you, MySpace.com


—–Original Message—–

Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 6:04 PM To: Cyber Bully Report Subject: Report Abuse – Cyberbullying


Subject: Report Abuse – Cyberbullying Body:

Inappropriate Content Link:

eContentID=206923626 Last month, I reported xxxxxxxxxxxxx for the horrible and ongoing slanderous bulletins and blogs regarding my entire family. I have never done anything to this man – his explosions began when I told him that someone was going to help me regarding the information posted on my page. In his panic, he has done everything possible to discredit me – from contacting the City of Fresno to reporting me to police as suicidal to reporting me as a mental case who needs to be locked up. He has threatened to sue me and take my home. He has added people from my page to his and sent out bulletins to all; he has contacted people individually to give them his “opinion” and instructions to ignore and stay clear of me. If you look at my page, you will see a plat map with a circle around one of the parcels. That is where Mr. Sxxxxxx lived.

10+/- yrs – right on top and next to the illegal alterations to the city water system taking place, which is what my page is about! There would be no other reason for anyone to react in such psychotic rages as he does. Going as far as to imply I murdered my family members! If Mr. Sxxxxxx does not approve or agree with what is on my page, he should not continue to monitor it as he does. There are literally millions of other pages and people he could busy himself with. The fact is that everything stated on my page is accompanied by evidence. Mr. Sxxxxxx is a licensed contractor – if he could dispute any of it, he would have done so long ago instead of stooping to such levels as he does. My life is in danger as a result of what I uncovered. Mr. Sxxxxxx is very aware of that, which is why he continues to further endanger my life with his ongoing tirades – making sure to add my full name and address. Even after everything he has done to me (not mentioned here) I did not ask that he be removed – I only requested that he be stopped from continuing the slander and posting of my name and address.

2 wks later his account was closed due to “cyber bullying.” Mr. Sxxxxxx already had 2 other accounts. I assumed he would refrain from making the same derogatory remarks and efforts to discredit/destroy me – I was wrong. Yesterday, my friend, “Exxxxxxx Jxxxxxx” posted a very nice bulletin, complimenting me on the help I gave her on one of her cases. She was shocked at the response left by Mr. Sxxxxxx. Not only did she delete it, she deleted him from her list and refuses any further contact. She saved a copy of his comment – see below.

Date: Oct 10, 2007 8:28 PM

Subject: Investigator Marla in Fresno, thanks to you!

Body: This bulletin goes out in thanks to my great friend Marla who has now convinced an investigator in Southern California to investigate the fraud committed by illegal aliens and a profiting cable subcontractor, a law office, ex-mayor, lawyers and education administrators Southern California who are in a network that profits from committing fraud against innocent citizens. Thank you so much Marla for your new illustrated comment. You should be a Fraud Investigator. Your hands on experience proves to be of more value than investigator could learn in college. I do now believe that the only way for people to fully understand these kinds of networking crimes is through personal experience. You have many years of experience dealing with this which enabled you to help me. I owe you.



I still like you.

This is intended to give you a little insight into marla I know her very very well. On a personal level.

10/10/2007 10:30:00 PM Looks like Dial “M” for murder has added a new dimension to her complex demonstration of “Cognitive Dissonance” on display. Miss “M” XXXXXXX of N. xxxxxxx Ave. in Fresno, Ca is no fool but it is not the truth she is espousing. For like all female predators of the insect family she is on the prowl for yet another male to victimize so that she may validify her existence within the confines of her maniacal mind. Save Yourselves for you may too fall prey to the “Evil Woman” and her wicked ways. Nothing Miss Marla offers is the truth save for the name she was given at birth all else is even though compelling, still an utter and outlandish LIE. }Oh what a tangled web Miss Marla Weaves.” Graciously, xxxxxxx; Presented solely for your edification and is my personal opinion based upon many years of personal investigation of Miss Marla!


What did that comment have to do with ANYTHING?!? Nontheless, isn’t it odd that I went from “crazy” to being “no fool.” (There is a reason for that – chemicals, not mentioned here.)

Once again I am requesting your help in stopping this man’s continuous rampages – he has gone far over the line. It is not that I want him removed from MySpace – he has no other outlets. I simply want him to stop stalking, harassing, slandering, discrediting, etc. I want him to disassociate himself from me. As a matter of interest, Mr. Sxxxxxx and I have not spoken in months. Yet he carries on and on and on about how horrible I am, at the same time he continues to send me jokes, etc. to my regular email address as though we are the best of friends. I cannot get this man to leave me alone! His obsession has gone far over the line and I am hoping that you will contact him with a “cease and desist” order of some kind. Will appreciate your help.

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