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Urgent for Fresno’s disabled / wheel chair users!

Posted on: January 6, 2009

After seeing more and more wheel chair users in the street, and reading about the lack of help or concern, I realized what was behind this.  I have evidence that plat/parcel maps and aerial view are being altered to cover up the evidence of streets being widened so much, without authorization, that utility poles, fire hydrants, signs, etc. are carelessly being placed in the middle of sidewalks, leaving absolutely no room for wheel chair users.  In some cases, there is no sidewalk at all. 
Since these alterations are being carried out behind secret altering of the city water system, great effort is put into covering all of this up.  Clearly, there is no concern for the welfare or safety of wheel chair users.  With no record of these alterations, others are blamed and cited for negligence when wheel chair users are hit or hurt by oncoming traffic – in many cases these victims are left without help or recourse.
I notified several agencies regarding the extreme violations against American Disability Acts (ADAs) with respect to wheel chair users.  Obstruction in sidewalks and the ensuing accidents and deaths taking place as a result of wheel chair users being forced into the streets.  I informed them of the cover-up, which most people are not aware of.
There is an agency that is very interested in pursuing this; they have requested more information. Names, dates, areas, etc.  Please help me provide them with enough information that will finally result in getting this exposed and dealt with appropriately.  It is important that this information is provided a.s.a.p. 
Earlier blog on this topic, with photographs, can be seen here ===>  http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/11/13/sidewalks-in-fresno-serious-perils-for-pedestrians/

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