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My stalker ….. (Fresno, CA)

Posted on: December 10, 2008

I have a stalker who has spent years monitoring, sabotaging and discrediting what I have been reporting on my page and blogs, at the same time he claims to be my ‘best friend.’  So let me describe my so-called, ‘best friend’ and all the wonderful things he has done for me:

He moved into a home across the street from me and for 13 yrs carried on about being in love with me.  Not only was I not interested in that type of relationship with him, I was sure he was linked to the group behind my nightmare.  Which he was.  That is why the constant stalking and monitoring, which STILL HASN’T STOPPED!  Regardless that he now lives in TX, my ‘best friend’ continues his efforts to have me annihilated.
While living across the street from me he insisted that my family’s rental property needed a new thermostat, which he promised would take 1-2 min.  Upon my return, 10 hrs later, the thermostat had not been touched.  He spent 10 hrs in the basement, digging dirt out of the crawl space which I had to pay someone to haul out.  Why?  He claimed he did that as a ‘favor’ to me.  When I refused to give him a ‘kiss on the cheek’ as payment, he then demanded I pay him several hundred dollars or he would take me to court.  I later realized that the purpose of his 10 hrs digging dirt was to clear the way for access to the sewer, water and gas lines in preparation for what was coming.  Quite a feat for someone who collects DI due to a ‘bad back.’ 
I used to point out details on aerial views that left no doubt of the alterations to street and properties that took place; aerial views were promptly altered.  My ‘best friend’ later told me how easy it is to alter aerial views – he said it was very common. 
He and his mother stopped by one evening and asked me to join them for dinner, down the street.  This was during the time I was packing, when I believed I could escape this nightmare.  Coincidence or not, upon my return, I saw that several boxes of belongings had been stolen.  My ‘best friend’ and his mother returned the following night, insisting that I dine with them again – his mother seeming angry when I declined.  Not accusing mind you …. simply no way in hell.   
This is the person who ‘introduced’ me to MySpace.  Once I began adding people, he began adding the same ones to his friends list.  I thought that was odd since he was then living in TX (where he showed up for a 2-day stay which has now totaled 4+ yrs.  Mysterious fire, which the insurance company paid HIM to single-handedly re-build the garage, as he continued collecting DI for his ‘bad back.’  Water line altering.  Followed by the flooring in the bathroom and kitchen needing to be torn up and replaced as done to my family’s properties.  He has since carried on with his usual performance of being cheated and owed thousands upon thousands of dollars, which is why he will not pay rent.)  Oops – I can go on and on with that story – the enemies he has made (inc Judges), police tailing him, etc.  Back to my story.  As soon as he acquired most everyone on my page, he sent out one of the most horrific bulletins imaginable.  Not only carrying on how ‘crazy’ I was and made all of this up (on my page Click: Marla), but how horrible and whacked my entire family was.  He went berserk with his claims that I was suicidal and intended to report me to the Police, Adult Protective Services as well as contact the City of Fresno to tell them I am ‘crazy’ and made all this up (described in the above link.)  The Police came out and immediately knew it was a crank call.  People on my friends list were more shocked at what a nightmare this man was than the crap he was spewing about me.  MySpace deleted his account.
He obtained another MySpace account and began blogging the same garbage.  MySpace made sure that my name was removed from his blogs and posts.  (Thank you, MySpace.)  

At the same he was out to destroy me, he continued carrying on about being my best friend, inviting me to join him on other social web sites.


He claims no knowledge of the major reconstruction or theft that took place on my family’s properties, yet told me that my neighbor across the street robbed and hauled my family’s belongings off in big rigs.  
For someone wanting recognition for being so wise while claiming that I made everything up, isn’t it odd that he didn’t even notice Olive Ave. was widened?!?  After all, he lived only 2 houses down.  How is it that many other people have verified that Olive Ave. was widened – what is it that makes HIS story more valuable than others.  The city’s own sewer layout verifies it was widened!  And since widening of Olive Ave. could not have been done without the destruction / reconstruction to my family’s store-front properties, who would be ‘crazy’ enough to deny it?!?  The fact that anyone would spend such great effort in monitoring, slandering and discrediting me should leave no doubt.  Here is another clue – copy of the parcel map below shows where my ‘best friend’ was living for 13 yrs. – in the midst of sewage back spills, unauthorized reconstruction and altered property lines, which he also claims no knowledge of.  Yet he claims to know all about my business and what was / was not done to our properties.  It appears that my ‘best friend’ was ‘planted’ there for a reason.

A few months ago he began getting more angry with me because I never talked about anything other than my nightmare.  (So why did he continue calling?)  Once again, out of the blue, he went berserk that if I did not stop this insanity he would see that I was put into a mental hospital.  Atascadero State Mental Hospital, to be exact.  He said he has seen it happen with others (who reported this same thing!)  He then took it upon himself to diagnosed me as qualifying for State Disability for being paranoid and agoraphobic.  He surely does take a lot of interest in my mental status, don’t you think?  I could be insane and it wouldn’t change the truth about what took place.   
Totally unexpected, he showed up at my door approx. 4 wks ago.  Said he came to town for his grandmother’s funeral.  This was during the time I was being set up by the 82-yr old.  Taking her to dr appts, labs, x-rays which left no one home all day on several occasions.  More major alterations took place to the walls as well as the sewer, water and gas lines now covered with new cement.  House across the street was also altered so isn’t it odd that my ‘best friend’ who lived next door to that other altered house for 13 yrs was not sure about what was done? 
During his visit to Fresno, he told me to my face that he could see what had been done to my house.  After he returned to TX, I asked him if he remembered the names of the  tenants during the time he was digging dirt.  He had the audacity to tell me that I hired him to repair the heater, which was why he dug the dirt.  Upon telling him that was a flat-out lie, he then said that I did not remember due to the poison/chemicals I was being administered back then.  I told him I may have been poisoned back then but I did not have amnesia and he was a f**king liar about any heater work – there was nothing wrong with the heater nor would I have hired HIM if there was.  He set me up by insisting that the thermostat needed to be changed.  He then wanted me to know that he kept the emails from then, as if that was supposed to scare me?  I have copies as well.  My story remains the same. Then then went on another of his rampages, calling me a liar about what was done to our properties and that my house became the shambles it is today, as a result of my 2 large dogs.  This, coming from a licensed contractor who estimated that my house had gone from being worth $200,000 to $45,000.  Yes, one of the dogs chewed the door and frame, but I swear he did not ‘gut’ and rebuild my house in order to replace sewer/water lines when I wasn’t looking.  I put up with this man’s crap long enough; I made it very clear that I wanted nothing further to do with him and slammed the phone.  He has since called numerous times, even leaving a message that he forgives me for becoming, as he calls it, ‘mentally irregular.’ 
Speaking of poison/unknown chemicals, during one of our earlier conversations I repeated my claims that my entire family had been poisoned for many years, which kept us from seeing what had been taking place around us.  I told him that we were not the only people – it was a big problem taking place.  The people behind it even ADMITTED IT!  My concern was about my siblings because it is obvious that we have ‘traded places.’  His comment was something to the affect – you know they are going to stay that way until they die.
Yes, I do know that.  Just as it was planned for me.  Unsolved murder to the west, when this was done to his property; suspected homicide to the east, after the city risk analyst lied and set him up; suspected homicide of my family members and friends, poisoning and attempted murder of me.  Whereas most ‘best friends’ show concern or help, while this one continues with his efforts in discrediting and severing ties to me with garbage obtained while I was being poisoned as he continues to profess being my ‘best friend’, I will continue with my efforts to expose the truth about what was done to my family, neighbors and friends. I cannot survive this otherwise, as this group is not done with me.  Behind the smokescreen is a massive operation that entails robbing and annihilating residents of Fresno in order to seize control of property to SECRETLY alter the city water system, explained in my blogs and on my page.  (And a cast who intertwine, ‘passing the torch’ throughout the years.  All so brave, when conspiring.)  The City of Fresno has already stooped to lies, threats, name-calling and a Restraining Order followed by death threats to stop this from being exposed – using people like this to override solid evidence is on the same level.  That is how witnesses and complaints are avoided – ‘planting’ people like this.
Why did I continue to speak to this man?  Once in a while he accidentally gave clues.  Additionally, after being severed from everyone I knew, I found myself so desperate for conversation that I spoke to the enemy.  But it isn’t all bad.  In time I learned the technique and reversed it – just as he was ready to strike again, it backfired.  So as my ‘best friend’ continues his efforts to have me deemed ‘crazy’, let me point out that not only was HE seeing a therapist while he lived in Fresno, he claims to have cursed her out and refuses to speak to her ever again because she would not help him draw more money by having him deemed ‘crazy.’  He said he even attempted it in TX to no avail.  If anyone needs to be locked up, it is this man, one of the so-called, ‘credible witnesses’ described in my blogs. 
Nothing but one nightmare after another.

Some previous ramblings from one who believes himself superior to all others ……
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 9:45 PM
Subject: I posted this on your lambasters site at tribe.
I posted this on your lambasters site at tribe. On the stroy about his barbar shop experience with his grandpa.
Great story with a modicum of typos. But like many a man Vain. For it is the character and the aura that it emits around the man that is improtant, not the shine on his heels. It is not the colthes that make the man look good it is the man that makes the clothes look good. I am suprised that a man born on the 14th of December would not know this.
You also being caught up in the retorical image of a man placed there by your well meaning grand dad took the time to lambast a very good frinde of mine, Marla. That was a juvenile as it gets. It is obvious that the Cognitive dissonance employed by the media at the behest of the ploiticos has worked on you as well.  I my self was a december baby only thing is I arrived under a different star the 13th. You likely won and watch a TV set on a daily basis. I do not.
Love your grand father and others, dislike some but never disrespect anyone. Real Men never do and never mislead even children into think it is alright to do so by the lame comment that your well meaning greand daddy meant.
Fresno is generally referred to a my home town lived there a good ly part of it too but has matastacized into a cesspool of debaucherous and leacherous persons. In fused with the worst of the worst of many foreign lands. I left.
May I suggest that you go to a block buster movie and rent ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ watch the whole thing and gleen the message from it.
Then post a blog appologizing to Miss Marla for your calousness like any real man would do.
On the flipside son,

 Slander, abuse and Assault by Marla xxxxxxx  on Me


14 May 2007





To: Miss Marla xxxxxxx


When the shit hits the fan and it is all over you remember that it was your LIES and your insanity that caused you to end this.

Like I said before ‘I’ll miss you in heaven’ because you are not going to be there, this just proved it.

You Lied and anyone who knows how to read the blogs knows that you selectively deleted my comments to that you could babble and no one with sanity babbles on and an one reply after another to the same statement. Unless they are CRAZY or A LYING Female with ulterior motives. YOU.

You are luck I am not in Fresno at the moment other wise for this latest little stunt and the slanderous and libelous and defaming statements that you have chosen to publicly make about me I would have you served by tomorrow with a law suit that will cost you what ever you think you have left, your ruined home [destroyed by you and your dogs], and what ever else we could find in discovery.

You are not only insane but criminally insane. I can’t wait until my thing in Texas is finished I will return to Fresno just to do that Vengeance is Mine Sayeth the Lord but I am allowed a Reckoning. And I will bring it on the statute of limitations will not have expired on this crime of yours before I arrive in ….California…..

I hope you and your freaking insane wingnut friends are happy now.

You brought this one to your own front door just like the rest only unlike Wil Swieso I’m not going to ignore this and let you go free. You need to be stopped and if it takes getting you locked up in a nut house and restricted for the rest of your natural life from access to a computer or the internet so be it. Insanity needs to be stopped.




Your little edit of the blog below, to suit you own demented and criminally insane agenda is what prompted the above notice. Your ranting about a class action suit against the City of ….Fresno…. has just backfired on you. It looks as thought it is time for all those that you have slandered, debased, maligned and verbally assaulted will be utilized on my behalf to finally bring you to as stop.

I attempted for years to get you to stop assaulting them with you lies now. Now you have turned on me as well.

My request to the court will be to have you institutionalized at ….Atascadero.. ..State.. ..Mental Hospital…. as you are not only threat to yourself but a malicious threat to everyone else.

This is not a joke do not take it lightly and your wingnut friend is not without his responsibility for his slanderous remark and his encouragement of you to assault me further. Thought you may have done it, it can be proven that he encouraged you and that is enough to make him/her liable to punishment for the same crime.


Enjoy your  trip to hell for that is were you are destined. Liars, are not allowed into heaven.


“D’Craig …..”  ~
 Levite Priest


Many more ….. from marriage proposals to threats to slander to accusing me of murdering my family, back to the ‘best friend’ routine.  You get the idea.

(He mentions me trying to cover up murder by having my family cremated.  Their arrangements were made BEFORE I WAS BORN.  The coroner refused an autopsy for my father – coincidence who the coroner was?  See earlier blogs.  Similar situation with my handicapped uncle due to him receiving “home health.”  More misguided focus – it never stops.)

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4 Responses to "My stalker ….. (Fresno, CA)"

Here’s another contribution from my stalker:

10/10/2007 10:30:00 PM Looks like Dial “M” for murder has added a new dimension to her complex demonstration of “Cognitive Dissonance” on display. Miss “M” XXXXXXX of N. xxxxxxx Ave. in Fresno, Ca is no fool but it is not the truth she is espousing. For like all female predators of the insect family she is on the prowl for yet another male to victimize so that she may validify her existence within the confines of her maniacal mind. Save Yourselves for you may too fall prey to the “Evil Woman” and her wicked ways. Nothing Miss Marla offers is the truth save for the name she was given at birth all else is even though compelling, still an utter and outlandish LIE. }Oh what a tangled web Miss Marla Weaves.
” Graciously, xxxxxxx; Presented solely for your edification and is my personal opinion based upon many years of personal investigation of Miss Marla!

The best one is gone ~ deleted, but not by me. It was a copy of what he wrote to someone on MySpace, carrying on about me murdering my family with barium and having them cremated to cover up the evidence; pulverizing bones; on and on. He carried on about my grandmother, my parents and our financial status. Removed from my hard drive as well. Since I sent copies of it, hopefully someone will still have it so I can repost.

COPY: More evidence of MURDER. My former neighbor, trying to frame me for WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG!!! MY FAMILY WAS MURDERED BEHIND THE SECRET WATER DIVERSION OPERATION! The fact he denies all the surrounding facts is enough to see through his attempts to misguide the focus. He is part of Swieso’s mob, “clearing the path.” Add fraudulent legal documents, lying risk anlayst and Autry’s cover-up.

CLICK: Can No One See Beyond the Smokescreen?!?

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