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The Truth Behind Fresno’s Urban Sprawl

Posted on: October 7, 2008

Year after year, Fresno’s urban sprawl continues to escalate.  So does the anger and disgust. 
This article, written by Bill Hatch, is brilliant.  But no matter how close anyone comes to describing the nightmare, they simply cannot put their finger on what or who could be behind such an ongoing mess.
This is another classic article, written by Scott Moore, “Fresno is a Royal Craphole.”  http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/Content?oid=114443&category=38037
This one was written last month:  http://www.ire.org/extraextra/car/urban-sprawl-remains-a-problem-in-fresno/  “Urban Sprawl Remains a Problem in Fresno.”  It lists everything from the sprawl, pollution, poverty, historic buildings, development, etc.  Lawsuits are being filed but still, no one has ever figured out what is behind all of this.
Another favorite – it not only describes the obvious problems but goes on to mention development, corruption, Operation Rezone, and more.  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/1999/09/01/MN51FRE.DTL  “Sprawl, Clutter Define Fresno – Civic corruption has splotched the city’s image.”
There are so many more articles pertaining to this problem.  Nearby cities use Fresno as an example of disgraceful urban sprawl that they vow will not take place in their cities.  Little do they know, there is nothing they can do to stop this from happening.  Because they still have not figured it out, nor could they possibly imagine that it is being carried out right under everyone’s noses. As brilliant as these writers may be, they are all missing the 1 important piece of the puzzle. 
50+ yrs of secret altering of the city water system, which entails turning the city inside out.  With properties reconstructed without permits or inspections, plat/parcel maps altered to cover up the changes to structures and property lines, no one sees or questions anything.  Not even why there are no older records of Fresno.  As a former friend, co-worker, client and employee of the ringleader who I have known for 25 yrs …. believe what I am saying.  Our water is about to be diverted – this has to do with development beyond Friant / Madera.  (Possibly further – this group has taken control of our sewer, water and power infrastructures.)  This man is a former employee of the City of Fresno – one of the “good old boys” from the late 50’s / early 60s.  Now in the insurance business, linked to developers including the late John Bonadelle, water agencies, etc.  He and Public Works were finally caught in action – their lies and altered records (including altered aerial views) are not enough to cover up the truth.

3 Responses to "The Truth Behind Fresno’s Urban Sprawl"

For the shock of a lifetime find an old, UNALTERED plat/parcel map book. Do not rely on anything from the County Library – old records and directories have been altered. This is a high-tech operation – this group has covered (almost) all their bases.

Why not just do directly to the source. That parcel map shown above is Olive Ave., west end of the historic Tower Dist. Specifically, 2 blks east of Fruit. As you can see, Olive Ave. was widened yet despite the evidence as well as most Fresnans who will verify that Olive Ave. was widened, the City of Fresno has the audacity to deny it! Because parcel maps and aerial views were altered to make it appear that things were always this way. New photos were taken and now being used as “vintage.”
For an even bigger shock, have one of the tree planters in the street pulled up – there, you will find the illegal and secret tie-ins. Follow the trail and you will see that every single parcel on these blocks were altered and now setting on top of all this – same as done throughout the entire city (and more.) Impossible – not at all.
Pssst …. how about pulling up the planter in front of the unsolved Polzin murder since the truth is not being allowed. Or 1 block east of that, where several more suspected homicides took place in order to pull this off. See the fraudulent and forged legal documents – this is a heinous and barbaric operation. (http://www.myspace.com/marlalk4)

John Bonadelle’s name is being used behind citywide reconstruction of private property without authorization, permits or inspections. Massive building, safety, environmental, health code violations. Property lines being changed; parcel maps and aerial views altered to cover up the evidence as property re-sold as “original” to unsuspecting buyers.

New water system is being secretly installed beneath the reconstruction, as well as new streets and sidewalks. More altered records to make it appear that streets were always this wide.

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