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Guaranteed STORY OF THE CENTURY! (California)

Posted on: September 24, 2008

Fresno, CA

Unsolved murder of William (“Bill”) Wyatt Polzin.  Shot/killed – no clues; no evidence.  Click here for information  ===>  https://missmarla.wordpress.com/2008/09/14/reward-for-info-re-polzin-murder-cover-up/

For a GUARANTEED Story of the Century, simply ask Mr. Polzin’s next-door-neighbors at the time, who moved around the corner, to take a polygraph stating they did not lie or cover up any facts surrounding Mr. Polzin’s death. 

Then ask them to take a polygraph regarding the death of their following next-door-neighbor.  And the death of the gentleman prior to that, in that same house.

Then ask them to take a polygraph regarding the “auction people” for all 3 of these deceased gentlemen.

Note: Be sure to obtain your own legitimate person to conduct the polygraph test.  Behind all of this lies the biggest and most shocking story in the history of CA.  Guaranteed.


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There is a pattern to this. Sneak preview …

The “auction people” were the same / intertwining for 2 of the deceased gentlemen as well as the deceased mother of Mr. Polzin. (I do not know about Mr. Polzin.)

The estate attorney for Mr. Polzin (not even listed in phone directories) was also the estate attorney for the deceased mother of one of the other deceased gentlemen. You won’t find the estate attorney – he secretly closed his office, never to be seen again. Disbarred; several cases pending against him.

BUT! You can find/contact his associate, WGS, who intertwines with the neighbors who lied about what was taking place during the time of Mr. Polzin’s murder. The estate attorney and WGS had offices next door to one another, sharing clients back and forth. They conspired in the preparation of fraudulent legal documents for 2 properties located 1 blk east of Mr. Polzin, appointing WGS in charge “should anything happen” to the Trustee. WGS even had a fraudulent life insurance policy prepared for the Trustee, appointing himself beneficiary! (Suspected homicide; poisoning; attempted murder on these properties.)

Then WGS targeted the next property directly east of the above 2 properties! Owner of that property was never seen again; new deed looks forged. New owner lives next door to WGS’s partner – JCW, who also intertwines with Mr. Polzin’s former neighbors! (Linked to more fraud and forgeries – verified by licensed handwriting expert.)

The point is that the same thing taking place on the 3 properties mentioned here, was taking place on Mr. Polzin’s property at the time of his murder. Once again, Mr. Polzin’s former neighbors lied about what was taking place – including suspected homicide and attempted murder. Because what was taking place is a massive 50+/- yr cover-up, which entails eliminating property owners.

Here are some diagrams, which make it easier to understand: CLICK HERE: ===> http://fresnorealestatefraudtheft.blogspot.com/2008/09/unsolved-murder-puzzle-fresno-ca.html

Lascia la mafia fuori di questo.

It never occurred to me why I was never asked if I knew or heard anything taking place during the Polzin murder – I lived right across the street. Only “planted” neighbors were asked. Same with the felony operation later reported – even with solid evidence i.e., photographs and the city’s OWN RECORDS, I was called a “liar.” The word of “planted” neighbors and “planted” tenants overrode the truth. At one point I offered to pay for the risk analyst to take a lie-detector test regarding her involvement. In retaliation, a Restraining Order was issued against ME – the city had the audacity to deem ME a “danger” to THEM! I am still on their “hit list.” Believe me when I say these people are ruthless.
The truth has always been the last thing allowed. The truth is that William Polzin was not only surrounded by “planted” neighbors, several more names intertwine. The fact that his neighbors lied about what was taking place BOTH TIMES speaks for itself. (As do their trails.) Just as it verifies the total lack of accountability in the Public Works Dept. Be sure that the City of Fresno is not about to expose a 50-yr cover up, regardless of how many people are killed. They need their hit men and “credible witnesses” to clear the path as this barbaric operation continues – THOSE are the people being protected, while the City of Fresno is teaching / serving as an example that there are no consequences for murder.


Within a radius of only a few yards from one another – including Bill Polzin are the deaths of:

Albert (vanished? forged deed)

SAME “CREDIBLE NEIGHBORS.” I have some information pertaining to ALL of these deaths that an investigation would prove, are linked.


Another attempt to provide the facts behind this resulted in the District Attorney’s office blocking another (3rd) of my email addresses.

This murder is linked to several suspected homicides across the street – same names and links intertwine. The evidence has been uncovered – evidence linked to the city’s secret altering of the city water system. That is why reporting this is not allowed – the criminals are being protected because they “clear the path” for the city to carry out their portion.

Copy of another blocked email address ===> http://www.imagecross.com/04/image-hosting-view-13.php?id=2828DA.jpg

Evidence of what took place on the Polzin property (which the city denies) ===> http://www.imagecross.com/04/image-hosting-view-13.php?id=6051belmont-158.JPG

Aerial view of where the Polzin murder took place as well as several suspected homicides, fraudulent and forged legal documents across the street. “Planted” neighbors and lying risk analyst set up the next group. Much more. ===> http://www.imagecross.com/04/image-hosting-view-13.php?id=1159oliSwie.jpg

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