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Insurance claim a “conspiracy?” (Fresno, CA)

Posted on: September 8, 2008

I have not had a broken pipe, yet my insurance carrier informed me 5 yrs ago that if I ever do, it will not be covered due to a “conspiracy.”     

Because in my frantic attempt to uncover what had caused such horrific damages to my home back then, all I could come up with was my suspicions that it was a conspiracy.  Obviously it had been carried out by more than 1 person – isn’t that what constitutes the term, “conspiracy?”  In addition to the damages, everything I owned had been switched with trash look-alike; my house had been gutted and patched back together – surely more than 1 person was behind it.  I later uncovered the cause – the City of Fresno and their fake work crew, who have been secretly altering the city water system. THEY DID THIS TO MY HOME WHILE LYING TO ME ABOUT THE CAUSE BEHIND SEWAGE BACK SPILLS!
Just recently, 5 years later, my central air/heating unit was torn out and replaced with trash.  This is VANDALISM.  Covered under my insurance policy.  Or so that is how it works for everyone else who pays premiums.  In my case, this is how things were handled:
I reported this to my insurance agent who told me he forwarded the information to the carrier.  I reported it AGAIN, and again he told me he forwarded the information to the carrier.  The THIRD time, he reported it to the insurance carrier.  The adjuster was sent out with an expert to determine whether or not my unit had been vandalized.  See below:


1 of several vents

1 of several vents

The expert never touched anything – he did nothing but carry on about the age of the unit and how much more efficient they were made today.  I was already aware of that.  My unit worked perfectly prior to being torn apart, metal switched with asbestos, taped back together so I suggested he at least remove the tape to see what was done.  Not a chance.  I told him dirt was blowing in through the vents, making me sick – had the ducts been removed?  His explanation was due to the filter being the wrong size.  I have lived in this house for over 30 yrs and I guarantee that until the vandalizing took place, the filter fit PERFECTLY.  He then said it was due to dirt in my basement, which was absurd.  The slot for the filter is only wide enough to slip the filter in, located 6′ from the ground, in a basement with a cement floor and brick walls.  No wind or hurricanes blowing dirt around, let alone into the filter.  Then came the other portion of this bi-level unit, the air conditioning portion.   Last year I had the Freon charged  – no leaks, no problems, everything worked beautifully.  It too, had been switched with trash. Beneath the dirt, was brand new duct tape holding the wiring together.  Copper line switched with rubber?  The “expert” determined that nothing was vandalized – all of this was the result of “age.”  I pointed out the brand new hose – the tiny print is still legible!  He agreed it was new.  When I asked how that was possible, he immediately said it was old – it had just held up well.  One minute the unit had no leaks – the next minute it did. 
I then received a notice of cancellation.  Then I received a refund for $525.  No reason, no explanation.   
In panic over being without insurance I contacted other agencies.  The first one contacted my insurance company to find out why I had been cancelled.  They said that regardless of never paying an insurance claim in the 15+ yrs I had been a client, I filed too many claims.  The agent said I needed to look elsewhere, I needed to locate a company that handled high-risk clients such as me – that I would pay an exorbitant premium due to my past history!  The next agent said I had 0 claims on record – he proceeded to give me rates much less than I am currently paying. 
I pursued this with the Dept. of Insurance – I was set up and the adjuster had conducted a phony inspection.  Suddenly I was reinstated.  Then I received a letter stating I had never been canceled nor had the claim been looked into.  Then I received a letter stating that the claim was denied to the earlier “conspiracy” mentioned above. 
What was done to my home has been done to every other structure throughout Fresno.  Why am I being singled out.  It is obvious that nothing will ever be covered under my policy – I have been set up for total annihilation, courtesy of the City of Fresno who first conspired with the insurance adjuster in saying the City would be responsible for earlier damages.  After having me sign a “release” for clean-up of the raw sewage, she used that “release” as her ticket of non-responsibility for what ensued – as she continued lying about the cause behind sewage back spills and denial of the city water system being altered.  She acted as if this piece of paper gave her the authority to have (and/or cover-up) my family being annihilated in order to rob and tear our properties apart and patch them back together with trash.  Clearly, it was not intended that I would still be here either.  While being administered unknown chemicals, fraudulent legal documents had been prepared, appointing her associate in charge should “something happen to me.”  Fraudulent insurance policy appointing him beneficiary as the other associate informed me I would be meeting the others, “in another world!”    
This is one method the City of Fresno and their fake work crew are wiping people out – evidenced by the trail I uncovered.  This was also done to the owner of the Laundromat across the alley – the risk anlayst was the last person seen speaking to him – lying and setting him up as she did to me.  His property was then stripped and gutted; rebuilt on top of new sewer/water lines.  This is how we lost our 2 income properties next door – with “planted” tenants, properties were stripped and gutted. Ringleader intercepted my property insurance coverage; conspired with the agent and I was without coverage, set up and unable to find replacement coverage as mold consumed one of the buildings.  (Loosening clamped lines – he had fraudulent legal documents appointing himself in charge “should something happen to me.”)  This is linked to Mayor Autry’s citywide “upgrade” – property located next to main streets are the ones where the illegal connections to the main line are being made.  They are not done with me – they need me OUT. 
Should it be surprising to learn that the head of the fake work crew has been in the insurance / estate planning field for 45+ yrs?  This is his “secret sideline.”  In addition to me, other/s reported being poisoned while violated by his group.  He forges insurance applications and alters legal documents while saying, “You can’t live for the dead.”  He is a former employee of the City of Fresno – he and his group are protected as their victims are annihilated.
I sent countless pleas for help from Mayor Alan Autry – why was this done to us?!?  He refused to even acknowledge me – he had the audacity to have these very people who lied and set us up to be annihilated, issue a Restraining Order against ME!  Deeming ME a “DANGER TO THEIR LIVES!”  Can you believe this?!? 
With no help or explanations for what was done to our properties, I inquired about the new water meter in the alley, which had been relocated 8′ south.  That is PUBLIC INFORMATION.  The response from Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst, “That is YOUR problem – it is on YOUR property!”  After reminding him that I do not own the alley nor maintain the city water meters, he then demanded, “THIS IS OVER!” 





Kerry Trost has since refused to acknowledge me.  In reality, that water meter is connected to the sewer vent in my back yard, which went from 2′ to 10′ from the fence – further evidence of what they did to these properties, verified on their own sewer layout.  Due to the lies, it was ME who got stuck paying a plumbing bill when that meter was moved, because it was done UNAUTHORIZED.  Same with the unauthorized relocation of PG&E’s utility pole – they demanded I not contact PG&E, which resulted in an additional $900 to my utility bill that month.  Despite witnesses to the relocated poles, PG&E has no record of their poles being relocated – more altered records and transferred numbers on the poles.  Common sense should indicate that the poles HAD to be relocated and reconnected to line back up to the altered structures – but with the city and their group carrying this out in secret, altering records as this continues, getting around the lies, fraud and corruption have been made next to impossible!  They finally got caught PRIOR to having the sewer layout altered to cover up what they did to these properties – so they stoop to name-calling and even commit perjury to discredit their own records, followed by death threats.  But which records are they discrediting – do they even know?  The sewer layout no longer lines up to the parcels that were altered – more evidence of what they are doing.  
Before and After

Before and After

Can you imagine living like this.  After my family was annihilated, they took control of our properties and belongings with intentions of eliminating me next – the horrors have never ended.  Left unemployed, in fear for my life.  Breathing mold, asbestos, filth – nasty, foul-smelling water coming from pipes replaced with trash that are now clamped together.  I no longer have air conditioning or heat.  Everything I owned was switched with trash – from personal belongings down to the doors/windows, fireplace flue, built-in cabinets, toilets, faucets (leaking mold), flooring, nothing was left as the damages continue to snowball.  Vehicles and trailer switched with trash (VIN altering verified.)  Pets harmed and/or killed.  Stripped of protection, no recourse for ANYTHING as the horrors continue, I live in terror of what they will do to me next. 
They simply call me a “liar” and slam the door.  I never lied about anything.  I invested countless hours into uncovering evidence that they are doing this to others – sure enough, a trail lined with ID theft, forged deeds of people never seen again (verified by licensed handwriting expert), illegal conversion of assets – exactly as I said they did to my family and planned to do to me next.  But even that was prohibited from being reported – the DA’s office blocked my email address so I could not report it.  Not even the evidence behind a real estate theft operation.  Or clues behind 2 unsolved murders; 1 of which was 1 block away.  Same lying neighbors covering up what was done.
It was an accident I got away before they finished what they began – look who is covering it up.  That is where you find the “CONSPIRACY!”  My family and I were set up for total annihilation – the City of Fresno PAYS their employee to blatantly lie and set up residents for total annihilation.  The fake work crew steps in and takes over.  It is not over until their victim is OUT and the deed has been altered to reflect the illegally altered property lines.  Therefore, no need to pay a claim or even acknowledge the atrocities committed against someone who is scheduled for their final departure.  From what I understand, these properties were/are going to be leveled – THEY WILL COLLECT THE INSURANCE CLAIM!  (Nothing new – I counted 18 fires within a 2 mi. stretch – we were on their path.)


 "New" floor in tool shedBeneath "new" floor in tool shed


3 Responses to "Insurance claim a “conspiracy?” (Fresno, CA)"

Wellington Energy, Inc., sub-contracted by PG&E, came to add a face plate to my gas meter today; meters will soon be read by satellite.
I told him someone else from PG&E came out approx 3 mos ago to do this. At least that is what he claimed to be doing. In reality, he changed the meter box. Why? He said I must have called PG&E to report trouble, possibly a gas leak. I did not report any trouble with the gas meter.
Approx. 7 mos ago I called PG&E to request that someone come out and look at a gas line – it did not seem to belong there; living in terror, was I being set up for a fire? They could not help me because they did not install it.
Due to the lack of help as the death threats and hell continue, I have been broadcasting these things in my blogs. Could the latest destruction and altering of gas/water lines behind my back be an attempt to correct what I posted? So that after I am gone, I can continue being called a “liar?” That new pipe goes beneath the air conditioning unit, with brand new cement on the other side, headed next door. Would this explain why my central air unit was ripped up and switched with trash? A legitimate inspection would have revealed the truth about that as well as much more. Unfortunately, the truth is the one thing that is not allowed by the City of Fresno and/or their fake work crew. They lie and call others, “liars.” They intercept and conspire with insurance agents/adjusters. They destroy, annihilate, and take what others worked lifetimes for. They have me pinned in, sabotaged, with no way out of this. That is why there is no help – only ongoing hell as I remain the one in the wrong. Remember – deemed a “danger to THEIR lives?!?” Not even allowed to file a claim because I used the word, “conspiracy?!?” Keep that in mind – how using that 1 word can cost you everything, including your life – should you make it that far to lose. Once targeted, there is no way out.
Note: When all of this initally took place, I reported the cross-connected water lines to Kerry Trost. My garage was no longer separate; half was connected to the house with the other half connected next door, a MAJOR health-code violation – especially because they were serving food to the public on that property. Trost called me a “liar” – case closed. Trost lies and uses name-calling to make his point. I provided evidence for everything I reported, which in turn shows who the “liar” was/is. It never mattered – I lost before I knew what hit.

I am being set up for annihilation. Walls; brand new cement around my home. Lawn torn up; water and gas pipes altered. This explains why my 82-yr old “friend” was having me take her to dr appts – one after another, sometimes gone 6-7 hrs a day.
This is like a re-run of how we lost our income properties next door. Destroying the property at the same time Swieso conspired in cancellation of insurance as mold took over from loosened water lines beneath the structure. This time, I have been set up in a manner that has left me unable to file a claim for any of this. I have no back-up, no recourse, no protection ….. they need me out of the way. And they need all the evidence covered up.
It is only a matter of time …. is there any help? Anywhere? Please? My computer is hacked – find me an attorney or an HONEST insurance agent?!?


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