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Keeping the new Highway litter-free.  This is where WGS, former appraiser for the City of Fresno, “volunteered” his services. 
While wanting recognition for all his “efforts” and “concern” over litter on the new Highway, no one ever saw beyond the smokescreen.  What’s new.
Recap:  Prior to building the new Highway, the City of Fresno had to clear the way.  They bought homes and had them demolished.  Then, as the new Highway was being built, WGS stepped into the picture.  Volunteering for Adopt-A-Highway, he specifically requested that the portion of the Highway assigned to him, be located near the heavy construction work.  Key words:  Near the HEAVY EQUIPMENT!
Near the time Mr. Swieso was situated, the City of Fresno began auctioning off vacant lots lining the new Highway.  Mr. Swieso bought some.  He and his crew spent their weekends excavating and secret replacement of the water system, without permits or inspections.  Property lines were changed.  All of this was then tied into the City’s main lines, followed by altered public records to make it appear that nothing took place.  (Just as he did to my family’s properties – when the road was torn up and the heavy equipment was there for the major work.  Who would ever suspect anything.)  Mr. Swieso then re-sold the vacant parcels. And resigned from Adopt-A-Highway.
So proud of his accomplishments, Mr. Swieso took me on a tour, showing me all the lots he altered and secretly connected without the City of Fresno’s knowledge or consent.  He even had a flag on the one next to Manchester Shopping Center, proud as could be.  And yet that property was not even his to have been “working” it over like he did.  But then, neither were ours.  That is how it works – hence, the trail of ID theft, forgeries, and suspected homicide. 
I later learned first hand how Mr. Swieso and his crew are annihilating targeted property owners in order to seize control of property and assets to pull this off.  Homes/offices are torn apart to alter the water system.  Once the property has been reconstructed (without permits or inspections), it is re-sold as “original” on deeds that have been altered to reflect the new property lines.  
Along our tour, Mr. Swieso stopped next to the sign on the Highway with his name on it, and took my picture:
Mr. Swieso told me lots of things in those days.  I was being poisoned and kept in a condition that left me oblivious to what he was taking about ~ in preparation for what he did to my family’s, neighbor’s and my property.  While exploiting me as “crazy” to all, never did he imagine me getting away before he finished what he started.  With fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent life insurance policy, and told I would soon be meeting the others, “IN ANOTHER WORLD”, he was so sure that I would not be alive long enough to repeat anything, he was telling me things that he would have otherwise never revealed.  Such as the illegal water diversion, for upcoming development where he owned property. 
Jeffry C. Winslow did the same thing to me – even having me filmed with hidden cameras and recording me.  From what I understand, he has many years (decades) of my entire family being filmed with hidden cameras.  (See blog re: Fresno’s “People Watchers” linked to the illegally swtiched / relocated / reconnected utility poles throughout town.)  Mr. Winslow also enjoyed telling me things he would have otherwise never revealed, such as what he did to people, with plans of doing the same to me.  Hint:  http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/from-rags-to-riches-real-estate-theft-in-fresno/  (There is more – gruesome.)  
I narrowly escaped, only to face the next nightmare – reporting these people (including the suspected homicides and attempted murder, destruction/reconstruction of our properties to pull this off), resulted in backfiring.  Mayor Autry had the risk analyst, who lied and set us up for total annihilation behind all of this, issue a Restraining Order issued against me – deeming ME the criminal, further prohibiting me from help or even filing a report for what took place.  (I feel like Jeffry Dahmer’s victim who briefly got away before being thrown back into the pit.)
Back to the Highway issue.  Even without being poisoned, I do not claim to be an expert at this “secret” water diversion taking place or who is responsible for what, or I would not still be wondering something.  If the City of Fresno wanted the sewer and water lines on nearby parcels connected, why didn’t they take care of that PRIOR to selling the various properties at auction.  Same for altering property lines!  Why would WGS’s services be needed for something like this.  Or perhaps a better question would be this – since the City of Fresno claims to know what this man is running, why do they nor Adopt-A-Highway have any idea of what WGS did during his tenure with Adopt-A-Highway.  Why do they call me a “liar” about what he is doing to CITY PROPERTY!  Put altered records in front of the office personnel and that is all they have to go by.  They are unknowingly supporting the fraudulently-altered records!
It is now clear that Mr. Swieso has tied in his own secret water operation into the City of Fresno’s secret water operation, which allows him to get by with gruesome crimes.  The City is so paranoid of their operation being exposed, they immediatley cover up any reports pertaining to Mr. Swieso’s actions /alterations.  There appears to be no accountability behind these departments, allowing anyone to step in and take over.

Surely, this is why Mr. Swieso and his entourage laugh at Mayor Alan Autry.  They have him protecting the very people who refer to him as “easy” and their “puppet.”  They also describe his wife in a manner that ….. eh …. let’s just say that the Mayor would be well advised to purchase a radio frequency detector. (Perhaps when he is through helping Mr. Swieso and the risk analysts in clearing out my family’s remaining property and wiping the remainder of us out.) 



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