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On record, it can easily be verified that I reported a local estate planner for a pattern that follows his offers to elderly clients of “help with home repairs” – sewage back spills (linked to his “secret sideline” explained in earlier blogs), illness/death, forgery of insurance applications, altering legal documents (while reciting his motto: “You can’t live for the dead”), suspected homicide.  Giving instruction on when to stop making rental payments to force property owner into foreclosure, followed by HIM stepping in to pay cash while laughing, “Most people are 1 paycheck away from bankruptcy.”  I also reported what he and his entourage did to my family members and me in order to seize control of our properties and assets.  I reported the fraudulent insurance policy, appointing himself beneficiary.  I reported how he conspired with an estate attorney in having fraudulent legal documents prepared for my signature as I was being administered unknown chemicals – appointing HIM, “Successor Trustee” to my family’s properties despite an IRREVOCABLE TRUST!  Using underhanded tricks and techniques to prevent me from handling my family’s estate as it was supposed to have been, while turning me into the criminal.  At one point he even hired someone to enter my home while I was at work, taking all my family’s personal and business files – having them copied!  His defense was that I am “crazy” and a “liar.”  Case closed.

On record, it can be verified that I reported the estate planner’s partner, nearby resort owner.  Poisoning, secretly filming and recording me, which served to sever ties and convince all that I was “crazy.”  That cleared the path for what he and the estate planner did to my family members as well as our properties.  I reported this man’s boasting of filming guests of his resort; the pattern of their homes being robbed and sometimes burned, followed by employees showing up with belongings they claimed were “given” to them.  I reported forged legal documents – verified by a licensed handwriting expert.  I reported how he, the estate planner and attorney conspired in taking my family’s properties.  I reported the resort owner also boasting that he would own the Laundromat across the alley from our properties as well.  Sure enough, by the time it was over, not only had we lost our 2 income properties, the owner of the Laundromat was never seen again – signature on new deed looks like the one I saw the estate planner forge (trace) on an insurance application (same misspelling as well.)  I later learned of his connections that intertwine with this Laundromat – a secret he kept from me the entire 25 yrs I knew him.  Had he not repeatedly set the closed file on my desk toward the end as a hint, I would not have recognized the name.  Note the earlier signature of the owner to the Laundromat back in the 80s, which does not match.  Another “turnover? i.e., real estate theft / ID theft?  No investigation. 
Coincidence?  The new owner of the Laundromat lives next door to the resort owner! The very person who said HE would be taking it over!  This resort owner used to carry on about how horrible my handicapped uncle looked prior to his death – telling me it was “time for him to die.”  He talked about removing gold-filled teeth from victims – I am sickened at the thought that he was likely referring to my uncle’s teeth.  I was my handicapped uncle’s care provider – NEVER did I introduce this man to my handicapped uncle; magnifying my suspicions of more than mentioned here.  Aerial views verify that people were entering the premises without my knowledge or consent while my uncle was still alive.  Hospitalization coincided with sewage back spills; his death coincided with the citywide upgrade that took place in front of our properties, which is when the estate planner rehired me, leaving no one home during the days; he immediately took me to WI for 10 days as the major alterations took place.  I reported the resort owner for poisoning me as he said I would be meeting the others, including his former wife,  “IN ANOTHER WORLD!”  Clearly, he and the estate planner set out to take my family’s properties by fraud as evidence indicates has been done to others.  All the resort owner had to do was show clips of me while being poisoned to assure anyone that I was “crazy” and a “liar.”  The opinion of a licensed expert was insignificant.   Case closed. 
On record with the CA State BAR Association are complaints filed against the estate attorney, for preparation of fraudulent legal documents, wrongful information regarding bookkeeping, and suspected involvement in a massive real estate theft operation.  Most of my bookkeeping then “vanished” – hard drives erased.  My bookkeeping may have been a mess due to the condition I was kept in, but every cent was accounted for.  Not only did this attorney deliberately lie and set me up for some heinous and barbaric crimes, I reported my concern over his partnership with the estate planner – they were attending Estate Planning Council meetings, soliciting elderly clients, sharing them back and forth.  What they did to me could easily be an example of what they were doing to other clients they shared.  
No investigation.  (The attorney later closed his office without notifying his clients, never to be seen or heard from again.  Disbarred with several cases pending against him.
On record are reports of the horrendous damages caused to our properties as the sewer and water lines were replaced in the alley without notice or authorization.  Instead, the city risk analyst lied about the cause of recurring sewage back spills, followed by ongoing illness, respiratory, cellulitis; hospitalization of my handicapped uncle; illness, amputation and death of my next-door neighbor, where sewage flooded their back yard.  The risk analyst merely said, “Not my problem.”  As for annihilating property owners in order to seize control of property to carry this out, including forged and fraudulent legal documents, etc., I was called a “liar” and “crazy.”  I made this up? 
I then asked the senior risk analyst about the new / relocated water meter in the alley (connected to the sewer vent in my yard that went from 2′ to 10′ from the fence) – he demanded that it was MY problem since it was on MY property.  (I don’t own the alley or maintain the city water meters.) 
As for the unauthorized relocation and reconnection of the utility pole behind the Laundromat, by an unauthorized / unlicensed group (I have names), which resulted in an additional $900 to my utility bill that month, I was called “crazy” and “liar.”  Despite other witnesses to this, with PG&E’s records altered and numbers on the poles transferred, they remain oblivious.
Called “liar” and “crazy” about the altered property lines.  Structures removed as others expanded or shifted down in a “ripple effect” over the course of many years – properties along main roads the last to be altered – Olive Ave. was a dangerous street to own property.  The deaths, fraud, fires (min. 18 fires in a 2-mi. stretch) – whatever it took to vacate the properties, then lined with “planted” occupants who would not complain or “witness” what was coming or what took place.  Destruction and haphazard patching of Fresno’s Historic Tower Dist. (When the middle lane miraculously appeared.)
Before and After
As for the unauthorized street widening, storm drain relocation, fire hydrant relocation, I was called a “liar” and “crazy.” 
My family and our properties were targeted years earlier.  Recruting my siblings makes this group appear legitimate, however, this operation works on a “rotation basis.”  It has already been implied that 2 of my 3 siblings are dead – if that is correct, I would have no way of knowing.  Severing ties is all part of how this is carried out – no one knows about the other; no one knows about fraudulent or forged documents.  These are the 2 siblings whose names are linked to others among this group – they believe these people are their “friends.”  With so many “credible witnesses” ID theft has never been easier.  Below – see how we were located on this group’s trail – they would have to recruit or eliminate in order to get by with widening the road and replacing sewer/water lines:

Olive Ave.

Olive Ave.

 One nighmare after another – no help in sight.  Not only are neighbors and tenants (and others) linked, they have trails of the same horrors taking place throughout town.  The intertwining and rotation is incredible as innocent residents are being annihilated in order to rob and vacate property to alter the water system.  These people serve as “credible witnesses” that nothing took place.  Their “word” far surpasses anything said from a “crazy liar” who got away before they finished what they began.  Their “word” is given more value than official city records and/or photographs of the TRUTH!  If you can destroy your victim’s credibility and make them look horrible enough, no one will ever question YOU or look into YOUR trail.  The so-called “experts” will even assist in the annihilation of your victim/s.  Once they do that, their only concern is in not being caught – the truth becomes their enemy as well.  Needless to say, the hell and attempts to have me annihilated have increased.   

So how will they cover up or deny my next discovery.  The very people I was reporting from the very beginning for suspected homicide and attempted murder are not only linked and behind what was done to owner of the Laundromat, who was never seen again, as well as his property (stripped, gutted and rebuilt without permits or inspections) – they are linked to the unsolved murder that took place on the other side of me.  Same motive; same unauthorized altering of city and private property; no permits or inspections – only altered plat/parcel maps to cover up the evidence.  Same estate attorney.  Same “credible witnesses” who said that nothing was taking place at the time of the tragedy, nor did they have any idea of a motive.  Same “auction people” intertwining in the unsolved murder as well as more deaths right around the corner, next door to the “credible witnesses.”  
What happened to the so-called concern over this unsolved murder.  Fresno Police detectives offered a reward for information yet the information does not appear to be wanted or allowed.  The District Attorney’s office first blocked my email address when I tried to report a real estate theft operation; I got a new address to provide information regarding the unsolved William Polzin murder, however, they refuse to acknowledge me!
With little effort, one can easily see I never lied about any of this.  I was set up and have since been used as a scape goat for what this group is running – it will never matter what I report; they simply call me a “liar” and “crazy” and slam the door. 
Is name-calling really all it takes to get by with suspected homicide, attempted murder, cover-up of an unsolved murder, forged deeds, altered legal documents, ID theft, etc?  Can the same scape goat continue to be used (called “crazy” and “liar”) when uncovering forgeries of previous victims?  Even after the forgeries have been verified by an expert handwriting analyst?  In this case, forgeries of the very woman who the resort owner said I would be meeting, “IN ANOTHER WORLD?!?”  (And more.)  Here is a hint:

Not one thing I reported was ever looked into. – I was made the criminal.  To this day, the focus remains on discrediting and silencing me.  As one person informed me some time ago, “You may have made it further than the rest of them, but there is no way out.”   Another one told me I better stop this or I will be locked up in the “nut house” as others have been – then I will lose my home.  Wasn’t that the intent from the beginning!  Would having me locked up be similar to how another neighbor down the street was locked up – then died when he was released, as this group was already in the process of distributing his assets among themselves?!?  Believe me – they need me OUT!  They need these properties leveled to cover up the evidence of what was done; they need a new deed with revised property lines.  Turn my back and run?  Where – I have been stripped of a means of survival; left unemployable.  Severed from everyone.  Kept isolated and pinned into a corner.  Run, as one of the resort owner’s earlier victims did after getting away, pleading for help, saying she was poisoned with intent to kill?!?  Due to her credibility being destroyed while being poisoned, no one believed her either.  Dead – age 39.  Another victim was targeted by one of my “planted” tenants – a single woman who moved to Fresno to begin a “new life” was met by my former tenant who had become a realtor.  Believing she met her first new friend, she allowed the realtor use of an extra room.  Then the hell began; property being torn apart – walls down, burglary, as this woman pled for help, unable to get the realtor and her husband out.  She said the they wanted her to add their names to the deed “in case something happened to her” – she was in fear for her life.  Knowing the danger she was in, I reported this to the senior risk analyst who ignored me.  I faxed and emailed her attorney – no answer.  There is no help.  I can no longer find this woman; online records show the people she reported now using this woman’s last name and address as their own!  Other names have been added, which make it appear that they are a large family.  It is true – once targeted, there is no way out.  Computer hacked; phones tapped; every move monitored; attempts to seek help sabotaged.  Evidence altered / eliminated – followed my more name calling.  As if I made all of this up?  If a certain 2 members of this group were connected to a polygraph, I GUARANTEE I would expose 60 deaths / poisonings / disappearances (ID theft) linked to them.  As you can imagine, my days are numbered.  These are the so-called “victims.”  These are the so-called “credible witnesses.”  These are the people being protected. For anyone who may be wondering why Mayor Alan Autry would turn his back and give instructions to have that Restraining Order issued against me (according to the senior risk analyst, he was “tired” of receiving my reports and pleas for help) – let me mention that there may be a close connection to the estate planner that has not yet been exposed.  It was 1991 when I was working part-time for the estate planner; he and his office manager already knew that Alan Autry was coming to Fresno to fill an elected position – they were ecstatic as the office manager repeatedly asked me what would be done with my family’s properties.  Figure that out.   (Everything sneaky and done behind the back.)

After 14 yrs spent as a caregiver to my family members, this is only a portion of the hell I have endured over the next 10 yrs. This is behind a 50+ yr cover-up; be sure that they have no intention of letting me out of their grip again.


Fresno, CA

Unsolved murder of William (“Bill”) Wyatt Polzin.  Shot/killed – no clues; no evidence.  Click here for information  ===>  https://missmarla.wordpress.com/2008/09/14/reward-for-info-re-polzin-murder-cover-up/

For a GUARANTEED Story of the Century, simply ask Mr. Polzin’s next-door-neighbors at the time, who moved around the corner, to take a polygraph stating they did not lie or cover up any facts surrounding Mr. Polzin’s death. 

Then ask them to take a polygraph regarding the death of their following next-door-neighbor.  And the death of the gentleman prior to that, in that same house.

Then ask them to take a polygraph regarding the “auction people” for all 3 of these deceased gentlemen.

Note: Be sure to obtain your own legitimate person to conduct the polygraph test.  Behind all of this lies the biggest and most shocking story in the history of CA.  Guaranteed.

KERRY TROST, SENIOR RISK MANAGER FOR CITY OF FRESNO COMMITTED PERJURY TO COVER UP THE ATROCITIES THAT TOOK PLACE ON MY FAMILY’S AND NEIGHBOR’S PROPERTIES – including suspected homicide, attempted murder and facts behind an unsolved murder.  The nightmare has never ended.


I made countless reports about my entire family being set up for elimination/annihilation by the fake work crew that accompanies Public Works.  The City’s risk analyst conspired with them in having us wiped out.  I reported suspected homicide of my family members and attempted murder of me; suspected homicide of my neighbor (Perez) to the east as this was done to him.  https://missmarla.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/was-my-neighbor-executed-too-fresno-ca/  I reported never-before-known facts behind an unsolved murder across the street when this took place on his property.  http://fresnorealestatefraudtheft.blogspot.com/2008/09/unsolved-murder-puzzle-fresno-ca.html  I reported the links, motive, and people who intertwined throughout all of this – the same people I was reporting from the very beginning!  All reports were disregarded.  
My family’s properties were located along the trail this group was clearing out in order to secretly widen the street and alter overhead and underground utilities. We were lied to and set up for annihilation.   

I was prohibited from ever filing a report for anything that was done to us – from suspected homicide, poisoning and attempted murder, being run off our properties as Public Works and their fake work crew tore them apart to install/alter overhead and underground utilities, insurance fraud, real estate fraud, poisoning, burglary, VIN altering, to killing pets, and more.  It was ME who was deemed the criminal – a “danger” to the very risk analyst who lied and set us up.  She was the last person seen speaking to my neighbor (Perez) – lying and setting him up as well.  His property was then torn apart and rebuilt as ours were.  Reporting this woman as a “danger to the public” resulted in a threatening reminder from the City of Fresno that I am not allowed to report her to anyone other than the senior risk analyst who committed perjury to cover up what she did to us.  Despite the city’s own sewer layout, which verifies exactly what took place, the senior risk analyst had the audacity to call ME a “liar” about the UNAUTHORIZED replacement of sewer and water lines, which destroyed our properties and MORE!  Death threats followed the Restraining Order.    

Olive Ave.

Olive Ave.



Before and After

Before and After

No one knows the horrible effects of the chemicals this group administers to their victims better than I do.  Or the sneaky and ruthless methods used to carry it out.  I KNOW THAT MY SIBLINGS WERE/ARE BEING POISONED!  Turned against me in a manner that is no less dangerous than those at the core of this – similar to my behavior while being poisoned.  Like I was, my siblings are too far gone to understand what was done to our family – they are filled with hate and revenge.  They are being poisoned just like others were.  Such as Dee, who got away and pleaded for help, saying she had been poisoned with intent to kill – deceased at age 39.  There are others.  Believe me when I say, MY SIBLINGS ARE/WERE BEING POISONED!  I use the term “were” because I don’t know if they are still alive.   
It was recently implied that 1 of my 2 sisters is dead.  In the past I read online that rats were eating my dead brother’s body.  I don’t know if this is true but I do know that these are the 2 of my 3 siblings whose names can be linked to members among the group who set out to annihilate ALL OF US – my siblings are so far gone that they believe/d these people to be their “friends.” 
Severing ties is how this works – that way, one does not know if the other is alive or dead. They do not know of the fraudulent documents or forged signatures. Jeffry Winslow told me about the technique – it was used on his former wife, Lora.  Check this out – look at ALL the signatures:  http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/from-rags-to-riches-real-estate-theft-in-fresno/ 
Same cast, same technique, same motive.  In fact, it was Mr. Winslow who boldly announced that HE would be taking over my family’s properties as well as the Perez’s Laundromat across the alley.  Fraudulent legal documents had already been prepared for my family’s properties, appointing his associate Wilbert G. Swieso, “Successor Trustee” – despite an Irrevocable Trust.  A fraudulent life insurance policy prepared – appointing Swieso “beneficiary.”  Winslow told me that I would be meeting the others, including his former wife, “IN ANOTHER WORLD!”  Perez was never seen again; signature on the deed looks like the one I saw Swieso forge (trace) on an insurance application – same misspelling that he laughed no one would ever notice.  New owner to the Perez Laundromat lives NEXT DOOR TO WINSLOW!  When does it become obvious that MY SIBLINGS ARE/WERE IN NO LESS DANGER THAN I AM?!?  Our entire family was targeted to be wiped out.  With ID theft rampant behind this operation, no one would know if they were dead or alive – they have spent years surrounded by the same mob that I was.  For instance, in my search for Lora, I found 3 different women claiming to be her.  There is no help – killing and taking property and ID has never been easier!
Winslow is the owner of a nearby resort.  In fact, that is where he met his former wife, who has not been seen in years.  He refers to himself as a “predator” who films with hidden cameras and burglarizes guests.  Can you imagine that he is allowed to continue without any kind of investigation?!?  Once again, reporting him turned out to be no less of a crime than reporting what was done to my family, our properties and me.  
I need help.  How am I going to find out if my siblings are dead or alive?  How much longer do any of us have?  Our own Mayor Alan Autry, who claims to have compassion and family values, turned his back and slammed the door.  Odd, since what I reported, accompanies the citywide upgrade he wants recognition for.  Clearly, he does not give a damn about anyone, dead or alive.  Help me.  Please. 
February 17, 1994

Fresno police say they have no explanation for the shooting death of antique store owner William Polzin, whose body was found behind his Olive Avenue shop Wednesday morning.



March 30, 1994

Fresno Area Crime Stoppers is seeking information on a homicide Feb. 15 of William “Bill” Polzin, an antique dealer and gun shop proprietor. 


March 4, 1996
The murder of an antique furniture store owner gunned down in an alley two years ago continues to baffle authorities.

After chasing dead-end leads and minimal telephone tips, Fresno Police detectives are retracing their investigation in hopes of picking up new clues to the Feb. 15, 1994, murder of Bill Polzin. The case was odd from the very beginning, Fresno Police detective Solomon Wells said.

“It wasn’t one of the regular, run-of-the-mill cases because there [con’t]


This murder has remained unsolved because of the motive and people behind it.  Including the CITY OF FRESNO!  THEY WON’T ALLOW THE FACTS BEHIND THIS MURDER TO BE EXPOSED! 

The City has a fake work crew run by WGS (former employee of the City of Fresno) comprised of self-proclaimed murderers (I have names and trail of ID theft, forged deeds of people never seen again, more.)  They do the “vacating” of various properties so Public Works can continue their “secret” altering of the city water system and in this case – WIDENING OF OLIVE AVE.  The City even PAYS their employee/s to conspire with this group in lying to residents and setting them up for annihilation.  Property is then torn apart so Public Works can carry out the major work on city property – fake work crew steps back in to reconstruct the property, which is then re-sold as “original.”  Hence, the trail of altered legal documents, forged deeds of people never seen again, illegal conversion of assets, bank fraud, insurance fraud, suspected arson, VIN altering, more.  Plat/parcel maps altered to cover up the evidence of these alterations. 

After this was done to my neighbor on the east of me, same neighbors who claim that nothing like this took place on the Polzin property, said the same thing about my neighbor’s property.  Because it was also being done on THEIR property.  Check out the signatures of my neighbor who was never seen after being targeted: 

How do I know all of this?  My family’s properties were in-between these properties.  My family was annihilated; properties torn apart and haphazardly patched back together; loss of our properties; poisoning and attempted murder of me; fraudulent legal documents; fraudulent insurance policy; told I would be meeting the others “in another world.”  Polzin’s neighbors moved around the corner and said that nothing took place on our 3 properties either – because once again, it was taking place on THEIRS!   They have trails of this – public records show the intertwining as this operation is carried out.  The City is using “planted” tenants and neighbors as the “credible witnesses” that nothing took place because their own UNALTERED records verify the TRUTH.  And the TRUTH is the one thing not allowed – just ask Mayor Alan Autry, who had the very person who set my family and me up for annihilation, issue a Restraining Order against ME!  Turning the tables, deeming ME the criminal – I am considered a “danger to THEIR lives.”  With all the other fraudulent lawsuits and Restraining Order issued by “planted” tenants involved in this operation – to an outsider I could not appear worse. Once a person’s credibility is destroyed ….  

Olive Ave.

Olive Ave.

It was an accident I got away before they finished me off.  Without being poisoned, I was finally able to put the pieces together – I have much more information pertaining to this operation.  In the meantime, old, unaltered plat/parcel maps would verify the alterations to the Polzin property after his murder – no record for any of it.  Residential street on the east was also widened – front lawns cut back; alley narrowed to compensate.  Or tear up the sidewalk and find the sewer/water line alterations – connected to the neighbors who claimed that nothing took place.  Or tear up the street median and take a look – that is where it was all headed.  Or look at the sewer layout below to see the massive alterations along Olive Ave., which the City of Fresno has the audacity to deny.  (Their altered plat/parcel maps verify that things no longer line up.)  Or simply ask WGS or JCW to take a lie-detector test stating they are not involved in foul play – or look into the forgeries behind their “secret sideline” and investigate those.  My neighbor, Perez, would be the ideal place to start – forgeries on property entailing felony alterations, leading to the next property where more fraud and felony alterations took place, etc.  Look at the earlier signatures of Perez – they don’t match.  WGS was the insurance agent at that time – another clue?  Possibly linked to another nearby tragedy?  It seems to all come full circle.


Before and After

Before and After

The alterations down Olive Ave. were not carried out at one time.  In Polzin’s case, it was 1994 when street work was being carried out in front of his property.  Storm drains and fire hydrant on that block were relocated.  (I remember because they damaged our water lines.)  Fire hydrant used to be on Olive – it was moved around the corner.  City of Fresno, City Fire Dept. nor Fresno Flood Control have any record for ANY of these alterations.  Carried out without authorization, permits or inspections – secret altering of the city water system.  According to WGS and his associate – water diversion. 

Interesting facts that tie even more together:
 – The estate attorney for Bill Polzin is linked to WGS; his office was located next door to WGS!  Not only did they “share” clients, they conspired in the preparation of fraudulent legal documents for my family’s properties – appointing WGS in charge “should something happen to me.”   
 – Coincidence or not, when this operation began to be uncovered, the attorney secretly closed his office, never to be seen again.  Since disbarred with several cases pending against him. 
 – When Bill’s mother died 3 yrs ago, one of the self-proclaimed murderers was helping the “auction people” go through her belongings – smirking that no one ever figured out who murdered Bill Polzin.
 – “Auction people” are linked to WGS and the neighbors who lied about the facts behind the Polzin murder.
 – The last signature of Jennie Perez (above) looks like the one I saw WGS forge (trace) on an insurance application – he laughed when I pointed out the misspelling of “Jennei.”  He said no one would ever notice.
 – In addition to other surrounding neighbors being used as “credible witnesses”, Polzin’s neighbors are linked to others involved in this operation i.e., former property owners and roommates – 1 roommate, an “auction person.”

The City of Fresno PAYS their employee/s to have various residents lied to and set up for annihilation.  Using a fake work crew to accompany Public Works allows the City to deny all knowledge and responsibility for the heinous and barbaric crimes committed in order to vacate property so the “secret” replacement of the city water system can be carried out. 
Naturally, Public Works carries out the major alterations on city property. After the private property has been “vacated”, their fake work crew, run by Wilbert G. Swieso, handles the alterations on private property, which is tied into the city’s portion. The property is quickly reconstructed with virtually no enforcement of building regulations, on top of clamped sewer and water lines. Title companies illegally alter the parcel maps to line up to the new property lines, leaving no evidence of what took place. With no permits or inspections for any of this, property is then re-sold as “original.”
My family, neighbors and I were targeted for elimination in order for the City and their group to take our properties by fraud and carry this out without leaving witnesses or complaints.

The secret replacement of the water system began in the alley portion at a time. Each time sections were replaced, it resulted in recurring sewage back spills. The City of Fresno sent their risk analyst to lie to us about the cause of these events. Each time she took countless photographs of personal belongings while demanding a “release for clean-up” be signed or NO CLEAN UP. She further insisted that under NO circumstances, was anyone other than HER to be contacted with questions. My question was how she determined the cause of these sewage back spills when there had been no investigation. No answer. I asked why the entire alley was flooded with raw sewage if she claimed the problem was due to “negligence in sewer maintenance” at the other end. Her response, “Don’t worry about it.” By the time it was over, there was illness, death, poisoning, suspected homicide and attempted murder, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent life insurance policy, insurance fraud, pets killed and/or harmed, loss of properties, everything stolen/replaced with trash. Properties torn apart and haphazardly reconstructed without permits or inspections; re-sold by more fraud. The risk analyst, claiming no knowledge about any of this, then used her “release” as her ticket of non-responsibility. Out of 250+/- photographs, she had 0 of the reason she claimed to be coming out. Nor did she have pictures of damages. The entire ordeal was a set-up with intent to rob, eliminate, and replace the water system.  Mission accomplished.

Albert and Jennie Perez were the owners of the Laundromat across the alley, where this also took place. After 15+/- yrs of being there daily, the risk analyst was the last person seen speaking to Albert. She was blatantly lying to him about the cause behind these sewage back spills, exactly as done to me. The Laundromat was also torn apart and rebuilt on top of the secretly replaced water system; more altered records as though things had always been as they are now. Note the final signature of Jennie:span>
Final signature of Jennie / “Jennei” looks like the one I saw WGS forge (trace) on an insurance application.  (Same misspelling.)  I saw him forge countless insurance applications and alter legal documents – his motto:  “You can’t live for the dead.”  I later learned of WGS’s links/connections during the time of that 1st signature that does not appear to match up.  More names and links in public records show evidence of WGS’s intentions of taking my family’s properties over long before the atrocities actually took place.  Another coincidence – new owner of the Laundromat lives next door to JCW!  So before going any further, check out how JCW “acquired” the home he is living in:  http://tinyurl.com/5h3dh7 

The utility pole behind the Laundromat was relocated from the easement, into the alley. WGS and his mob tried to swindle me of $2,000 to reconnect all the lines/cables that were on the ground. Upon mentioning PG&E he had it taken care of, which resulted in an additional $900+/- to my utility bill that month. With PG&E’s records altered, they insisted the pole had always been where it is now. The risk analyst also claimed the pole had not been moved (since when did she take over PG&E’s poles.) Witnesses as well as city records verify all the poles down the alley were relocated; they are now standing where the garbage dumpsters once did. The alley went from 20′ to 14′ to compensate for what was cut off front lawns.

WGS had fraudulent legal documents appointing himself, “Successor Trustee” to my family’s properties.  He enrolled me in a fraudulent life insurance policy – in his own handwriting he stated that I was employed by one of the pension groups (WATER DISTRICT) he services, and appointed himself, “beneficiary.”  JCW told me I would be meeting the others, including his former wife (whose name is being forged – verified by a licensed handwriting expert) “in another world.”  Never, did these 2 men expect me to get away before they finished what they began.  Copy of deed reversing 2 fraudulent deeds by WGS:
We still lost our properties – unclamping of water lines to create a mold situation while WGS conspired in cancellation and non-renewal of property insurance behind my back (my mail being intercepted with copies being sent to HIS OFFICE!)  This is how things were going to switch hands, however, I got away.  Buyer was the “planted” tenant.  More interception by WGS resulted in more lies, fraud, and my family being cheated in excess of $1 million.  New deeds not only entail illegally revised property lines, but fraudulent financing information (verified 3 x) – the buyer never qualified to purchase 1 of the properties, let alone both; more evidence of a massive set-up and how they intended on taking these properties.  
In panic, desperation and need of help, I pleaded for Mayor Alan Autry to acknowledge me.  He refused.  Instead, he had the very people who lied and set us up, issue a Restraining Order against me – turning the tables by deeming ME a danger to THEM!  Death threats followed.  And so have the horrors.   
Neighbor across the street was shot/killed when this was done to his property.  With the same “planted” neighbors who lied about what was taking place, the murder has remained unsolved.  What about the owner of the Laundromat – was he executed too?  Surely these same neighbors cannot get by with stating that nothing took place again.  Because by now, another mystery has been solved.  The same alterations were taking place at the duplex they were living in during the murder.  They moved around the corner and repeated the process – more alterations and construction, while saying that nothing took place at the Laundromat or my family’s properties.  Pubic records show the rotation pattern of “planted” neighbors and tenants as this operation takes place – that is why there are never any witnesses or complaints.  This is how they got by with the unauthorized widening Olive Ave., which could not have been done without the major destruction and patching, leaving the Tower Dist. in such a shambles – the street was first lined with people linked to WGS.  Rather than use legitimate evidence to discredit my reports, the City of Fresno is using “planted” tenants and neighbors as their “credible witnesses.”  Altered parcel maps and aerial views are not enough to change the truth – in this case, the unaltered sewer layout verifies exactly what was done to these properties.  It also shows that the parcel maps no longer line up to the sewer layout.  And the unauthorized relocation of PG&E’s utility poles; street lights, storm drains, fire hydrants – there is no record of these alterations!            

I tried to report this to the District Attorney’s office – they blocked my email address.  Like I said – there is no way out of this; it has been one nightmare after another.  There is no help – various residents of Fresno are being annihilated in order to “secretly” alter the water system.  Belongings, property, IDs are being taken over by others.  Talk of “giving” and “selling” the babies and small children of victims – child sex and dismemberment of older ones.  
Bravo to Mayor Autry – how he carries on with speeches about the city upgrade he is so proud of, having the audacity to tell the public how it has helped to slow down the crime rate.  Telling folks how it has inspired others to landscape (excavation to reconnect underground utilities) and new roofs (after entire structure has been gutted and rebuilt differently.)  He wants credit for the new sidewalks (repaired after the destruction takes place.) 


Because the street widening included narrowing of sidewalks, cutting back lawns, reconstruction of private property without permits or inspections, creating code violations that are endangering the public. Major increase in in ADA violations.

To avoid admitting knowledge or taking responsibility for the municipal fraud / corruption – public records were then altered to make it appear that things were always this way!

Mayor Autry had his Senior Risk Analyst, Kerry Trost, commit perjury to have a Restraining Order issued against me – calling me a “liar” about all the above. He demonstrated how insignificant residents of Fresno are – dead or alive.  The protection and loyalty are to the the people carrying out the gruesome crimes.  This is cold-blooded abuse of power – and much, much worse. 

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Insurance claim a “conspiracy?” (Fresno, CA)

Posted on: September 8, 2008

I have not had a broken pipe, yet my insurance carrier informed me 5 yrs ago that if I ever do, it will not be covered due to a “conspiracy.”     

Because in my frantic attempt to uncover what had caused such horrific damages to my home back then, all I could come up with was my suspicions that it was a conspiracy.  Obviously it had been carried out by more than 1 person – isn’t that what constitutes the term, “conspiracy?”  In addition to the damages, everything I owned had been switched with trash look-alike; my house had been gutted and patched back together – surely more than 1 person was behind it.  I later uncovered the cause – the City of Fresno and their fake work crew, who have been secretly altering the city water system. THEY DID THIS TO MY HOME WHILE LYING TO ME ABOUT THE CAUSE BEHIND SEWAGE BACK SPILLS!
Just recently, 5 years later, my central air/heating unit was torn out and replaced with trash.  This is VANDALISM.  Covered under my insurance policy.  Or so that is how it works for everyone else who pays premiums.  In my case, this is how things were handled:
I reported this to my insurance agent who told me he forwarded the information to the carrier.  I reported it AGAIN, and again he told me he forwarded the information to the carrier.  The THIRD time, he reported it to the insurance carrier.  The adjuster was sent out with an expert to determine whether or not my unit had been vandalized.  See below:


1 of several vents

1 of several vents

The expert never touched anything – he did nothing but carry on about the age of the unit and how much more efficient they were made today.  I was already aware of that.  My unit worked perfectly prior to being torn apart, metal switched with asbestos, taped back together so I suggested he at least remove the tape to see what was done.  Not a chance.  I told him dirt was blowing in through the vents, making me sick – had the ducts been removed?  His explanation was due to the filter being the wrong size.  I have lived in this house for over 30 yrs and I guarantee that until the vandalizing took place, the filter fit PERFECTLY.  He then said it was due to dirt in my basement, which was absurd.  The slot for the filter is only wide enough to slip the filter in, located 6′ from the ground, in a basement with a cement floor and brick walls.  No wind or hurricanes blowing dirt around, let alone into the filter.  Then came the other portion of this bi-level unit, the air conditioning portion.   Last year I had the Freon charged  – no leaks, no problems, everything worked beautifully.  It too, had been switched with trash. Beneath the dirt, was brand new duct tape holding the wiring together.  Copper line switched with rubber?  The “expert” determined that nothing was vandalized – all of this was the result of “age.”  I pointed out the brand new hose – the tiny print is still legible!  He agreed it was new.  When I asked how that was possible, he immediately said it was old – it had just held up well.  One minute the unit had no leaks – the next minute it did. 
I then received a notice of cancellation.  Then I received a refund for $525.  No reason, no explanation.   
In panic over being without insurance I contacted other agencies.  The first one contacted my insurance company to find out why I had been cancelled.  They said that regardless of never paying an insurance claim in the 15+ yrs I had been a client, I filed too many claims.  The agent said I needed to look elsewhere, I needed to locate a company that handled high-risk clients such as me – that I would pay an exorbitant premium due to my past history!  The next agent said I had 0 claims on record – he proceeded to give me rates much less than I am currently paying. 
I pursued this with the Dept. of Insurance – I was set up and the adjuster had conducted a phony inspection.  Suddenly I was reinstated.  Then I received a letter stating I had never been canceled nor had the claim been looked into.  Then I received a letter stating that the claim was denied to the earlier “conspiracy” mentioned above. 
What was done to my home has been done to every other structure throughout Fresno.  Why am I being singled out.  It is obvious that nothing will ever be covered under my policy – I have been set up for total annihilation, courtesy of the City of Fresno who first conspired with the insurance adjuster in saying the City would be responsible for earlier damages.  After having me sign a “release” for clean-up of the raw sewage, she used that “release” as her ticket of non-responsibility for what ensued – as she continued lying about the cause behind sewage back spills and denial of the city water system being altered.  She acted as if this piece of paper gave her the authority to have (and/or cover-up) my family being annihilated in order to rob and tear our properties apart and patch them back together with trash.  Clearly, it was not intended that I would still be here either.  While being administered unknown chemicals, fraudulent legal documents had been prepared, appointing her associate in charge should “something happen to me.”  Fraudulent insurance policy appointing him beneficiary as the other associate informed me I would be meeting the others, “in another world!”    
This is one method the City of Fresno and their fake work crew are wiping people out – evidenced by the trail I uncovered.  This was also done to the owner of the Laundromat across the alley – the risk anlayst was the last person seen speaking to him – lying and setting him up as she did to me.  His property was then stripped and gutted; rebuilt on top of new sewer/water lines.  This is how we lost our 2 income properties next door – with “planted” tenants, properties were stripped and gutted. Ringleader intercepted my property insurance coverage; conspired with the agent and I was without coverage, set up and unable to find replacement coverage as mold consumed one of the buildings.  (Loosening clamped lines – he had fraudulent legal documents appointing himself in charge “should something happen to me.”)  This is linked to Mayor Autry’s citywide “upgrade” – property located next to main streets are the ones where the illegal connections to the main line are being made.  They are not done with me – they need me OUT. 
Should it be surprising to learn that the head of the fake work crew has been in the insurance / estate planning field for 45+ yrs?  This is his “secret sideline.”  In addition to me, other/s reported being poisoned while violated by his group.  He forges insurance applications and alters legal documents while saying, “You can’t live for the dead.”  He is a former employee of the City of Fresno – he and his group are protected as their victims are annihilated.
I sent countless pleas for help from Mayor Alan Autry – why was this done to us?!?  He refused to even acknowledge me – he had the audacity to have these very people who lied and set us up to be annihilated, issue a Restraining Order against ME!  Deeming ME a “DANGER TO THEIR LIVES!”  Can you believe this?!? 
With no help or explanations for what was done to our properties, I inquired about the new water meter in the alley, which had been relocated 8′ south.  That is PUBLIC INFORMATION.  The response from Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst, “That is YOUR problem – it is on YOUR property!”  After reminding him that I do not own the alley nor maintain the city water meters, he then demanded, “THIS IS OVER!” 





Kerry Trost has since refused to acknowledge me.  In reality, that water meter is connected to the sewer vent in my back yard, which went from 2′ to 10′ from the fence – further evidence of what they did to these properties, verified on their own sewer layout.  Due to the lies, it was ME who got stuck paying a plumbing bill when that meter was moved, because it was done UNAUTHORIZED.  Same with the unauthorized relocation of PG&E’s utility pole – they demanded I not contact PG&E, which resulted in an additional $900 to my utility bill that month.  Despite witnesses to the relocated poles, PG&E has no record of their poles being relocated – more altered records and transferred numbers on the poles.  Common sense should indicate that the poles HAD to be relocated and reconnected to line back up to the altered structures – but with the city and their group carrying this out in secret, altering records as this continues, getting around the lies, fraud and corruption have been made next to impossible!  They finally got caught PRIOR to having the sewer layout altered to cover up what they did to these properties – so they stoop to name-calling and even commit perjury to discredit their own records, followed by death threats.  But which records are they discrediting – do they even know?  The sewer layout no longer lines up to the parcels that were altered – more evidence of what they are doing.  
Before and After

Before and After

Can you imagine living like this.  After my family was annihilated, they took control of our properties and belongings with intentions of eliminating me next – the horrors have never ended.  Left unemployed, in fear for my life.  Breathing mold, asbestos, filth – nasty, foul-smelling water coming from pipes replaced with trash that are now clamped together.  I no longer have air conditioning or heat.  Everything I owned was switched with trash – from personal belongings down to the doors/windows, fireplace flue, built-in cabinets, toilets, faucets (leaking mold), flooring, nothing was left as the damages continue to snowball.  Vehicles and trailer switched with trash (VIN altering verified.)  Pets harmed and/or killed.  Stripped of protection, no recourse for ANYTHING as the horrors continue, I live in terror of what they will do to me next. 
They simply call me a “liar” and slam the door.  I never lied about anything.  I invested countless hours into uncovering evidence that they are doing this to others – sure enough, a trail lined with ID theft, forged deeds of people never seen again (verified by licensed handwriting expert), illegal conversion of assets – exactly as I said they did to my family and planned to do to me next.  But even that was prohibited from being reported – the DA’s office blocked my email address so I could not report it.  Not even the evidence behind a real estate theft operation.  Or clues behind 2 unsolved murders; 1 of which was 1 block away.  Same lying neighbors covering up what was done.
It was an accident I got away before they finished what they began – look who is covering it up.  That is where you find the “CONSPIRACY!”  My family and I were set up for total annihilation – the City of Fresno PAYS their employee to blatantly lie and set up residents for total annihilation.  The fake work crew steps in and takes over.  It is not over until their victim is OUT and the deed has been altered to reflect the illegally altered property lines.  Therefore, no need to pay a claim or even acknowledge the atrocities committed against someone who is scheduled for their final departure.  From what I understand, these properties were/are going to be leveled – THEY WILL COLLECT THE INSURANCE CLAIM!  (Nothing new – I counted 18 fires within a 2 mi. stretch – we were on their path.)


 "New" floor in tool shedBeneath "new" floor in tool shed

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Fresno, CA: Adopt-A-Highway (from Hell)

Posted on: September 6, 2008

Keeping the new Highway litter-free.  This is where WGS, former appraiser for the City of Fresno, “volunteered” his services. 
While wanting recognition for all his “efforts” and “concern” over litter on the new Highway, no one ever saw beyond the smokescreen.  What’s new.
Recap:  Prior to building the new Highway, the City of Fresno had to clear the way.  They bought homes and had them demolished.  Then, as the new Highway was being built, WGS stepped into the picture.  Volunteering for Adopt-A-Highway, he specifically requested that the portion of the Highway assigned to him, be located near the heavy construction work.  Key words:  Near the HEAVY EQUIPMENT!
Near the time Mr. Swieso was situated, the City of Fresno began auctioning off vacant lots lining the new Highway.  Mr. Swieso bought some.  He and his crew spent their weekends excavating and secret replacement of the water system, without permits or inspections.  Property lines were changed.  All of this was then tied into the City’s main lines, followed by altered public records to make it appear that nothing took place.  (Just as he did to my family’s properties – when the road was torn up and the heavy equipment was there for the major work.  Who would ever suspect anything.)  Mr. Swieso then re-sold the vacant parcels. And resigned from Adopt-A-Highway.
So proud of his accomplishments, Mr. Swieso took me on a tour, showing me all the lots he altered and secretly connected without the City of Fresno’s knowledge or consent.  He even had a flag on the one next to Manchester Shopping Center, proud as could be.  And yet that property was not even his to have been “working” it over like he did.  But then, neither were ours.  That is how it works – hence, the trail of ID theft, forgeries, and suspected homicide. 
I later learned first hand how Mr. Swieso and his crew are annihilating targeted property owners in order to seize control of property and assets to pull this off.  Homes/offices are torn apart to alter the water system.  Once the property has been reconstructed (without permits or inspections), it is re-sold as “original” on deeds that have been altered to reflect the new property lines.  
Along our tour, Mr. Swieso stopped next to the sign on the Highway with his name on it, and took my picture:
Mr. Swieso told me lots of things in those days.  I was being poisoned and kept in a condition that left me oblivious to what he was taking about ~ in preparation for what he did to my family’s, neighbor’s and my property.  While exploiting me as “crazy” to all, never did he imagine me getting away before he finished what he started.  With fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent life insurance policy, and told I would soon be meeting the others, “IN ANOTHER WORLD”, he was so sure that I would not be alive long enough to repeat anything, he was telling me things that he would have otherwise never revealed.  Such as the illegal water diversion, for upcoming development where he owned property. 
Jeffry C. Winslow did the same thing to me – even having me filmed with hidden cameras and recording me.  From what I understand, he has many years (decades) of my entire family being filmed with hidden cameras.  (See blog re: Fresno’s “People Watchers” linked to the illegally swtiched / relocated / reconnected utility poles throughout town.)  Mr. Winslow also enjoyed telling me things he would have otherwise never revealed, such as what he did to people, with plans of doing the same to me.  Hint:  http://marlalk.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/from-rags-to-riches-real-estate-theft-in-fresno/  (There is more – gruesome.)  
I narrowly escaped, only to face the next nightmare – reporting these people (including the suspected homicides and attempted murder, destruction/reconstruction of our properties to pull this off), resulted in backfiring.  Mayor Autry had the risk analyst, who lied and set us up for total annihilation behind all of this, issue a Restraining Order issued against me – deeming ME the criminal, further prohibiting me from help or even filing a report for what took place.  (I feel like Jeffry Dahmer’s victim who briefly got away before being thrown back into the pit.)
Back to the Highway issue.  Even without being poisoned, I do not claim to be an expert at this “secret” water diversion taking place or who is responsible for what, or I would not still be wondering something.  If the City of Fresno wanted the sewer and water lines on nearby parcels connected, why didn’t they take care of that PRIOR to selling the various properties at auction.  Same for altering property lines!  Why would WGS’s services be needed for something like this.  Or perhaps a better question would be this – since the City of Fresno claims to know what this man is running, why do they nor Adopt-A-Highway have any idea of what WGS did during his tenure with Adopt-A-Highway.  Why do they call me a “liar” about what he is doing to CITY PROPERTY!  Put altered records in front of the office personnel and that is all they have to go by.  They are unknowingly supporting the fraudulently-altered records!
It is now clear that Mr. Swieso has tied in his own secret water operation into the City of Fresno’s secret water operation, which allows him to get by with gruesome crimes.  The City is so paranoid of their operation being exposed, they immediatley cover up any reports pertaining to Mr. Swieso’s actions /alterations.  There appears to be no accountability behind these departments, allowing anyone to step in and take over.

Surely, this is why Mr. Swieso and his entourage laugh at Mayor Alan Autry.  They have him protecting the very people who refer to him as “easy” and their “puppet.”  They also describe his wife in a manner that ….. eh …. let’s just say that the Mayor would be well advised to purchase a radio frequency detector. (Perhaps when he is through helping Mr. Swieso and the risk analysts in clearing out my family’s remaining property and wiping the remainder of us out.) 


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